New Jersey CPA Requirements (Rules on Exam and Licensing)

New Jersey CPA requirementsNew Jersey state board allows candidate to sit for the exam with 120 credit hours, but ultimately, in order to get the license, you need the standard 150 credit hours to complete your CPA journey.

Please note that social security number is strictly required in the license application form.

New Jersey CPA Requirements

1. Education Requirements to Sit for the Exam

In the two options presented below, candidates are required to fulfill the 150 credit hours at the end. I suggest that you aim for “option 2” but you can choose to take the exam before you complete the full requirements.

(a) Option 1 (<150 credit hours)

  • 60 credit hours selected from courses in English, history, foreign languages, mathematics, general psychology, philosophy, biological sciences, physical sciences, economics, sociology, religion, government, political science, geography, fine arts and music; and
  • a minimum of 60 credit hours in professional courses including:
    • Accounting including municipal and government accounting: 24 hours
    • Business law: 6 hours
    • Finance: 6 hours
    • Economics: 6 hours
    • Related business subjects: 18 hours
  • Must complete what is required below (i.e. 150 credit hours ) to obtain the license.

(b) Option 2 (150 credit hours)

150 credit hours plus one of the following:

1. Graduate degree in accounting from schools accredited by AACSB or ACBSP:

  • Automatically qualified

2. Graduate degree in business from schools accredited by AACSB or ACBSP:

  • 24 hours (undergrad level) or 15 hours (graduate level) of accounting
  • An equivalent combination of undergrad/grad coursework can be done based upon a 3:2 ratio
  • Should include financial accounting, auditing, taxation and management accounting

3. Undergrad degree in accounting or business from schools accredited by AACSB or ACBSP:

  • 24 hours in accounting courses including financial accounting, auditing, taxation and management accounting
  • 24 hours in business courses

4. Undergrad degree in general:

  • 30 hours in accounting courses including financial accounting, auditing, taxation and management accounting
  • 24 hours in business courses

2. Additional New Jersey CPA Requirements to Get the License


  • No additional requirement.

Work Experience

  • 1 year of public accounting experience (or equivalent) supervised and verified by a licensed CPA in New Jersey and possibly other states within the US. Please check with NJ state board for details (refer to p. 10 of NJ Accountancy Regulations).
  • Part-time work is acceptable as long as applicant can accumulate 1,750 hours within 2 years.

*Launched in Apr 2016* The NASBA Experience Verification service is now available to those who do not have access to an active U.S. CPA for verification.

Ethics Qualification

  • You don’t need to take the CPA Ethics Exam by AICPA. Instead, you’ll need to take an ethics course offered by these providers.

3. New Jersey CPA Requirements Residency & Age

  • US citizenship not required.
  • NJ residency not required.
  • Minimum age: 18.

4. Fees

  • First-timers: $774 + application fee

5. Continuing Education

CPE is required for license holders. Please click here for New Jersey CPA CPE requirements.

6. Other Useful Information

7. Contact

New Jersey State Board of Accountancy
PO Box 45000
Newark, NJ 07101

Physical address
124 Halsey Street, 6th Floor
Newark, New Jersey 07102

  • Email:,
  • Phone: (973) 504-6380
  • Fax: (973) 648-2855

What if the New Jersey CPA Requirements Don’t Work for Me?

Check out these pages to learn about the educational and experience requirements, with my recommendation at the end of the posts:

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  • Lina says:

    Hi, I have searched every possible place and can’t seem to find any support to verity that there is an experience requirement to take the CPA exam in NJ or to receive the license. Please clarify its need and the source. thank you

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Lina,
      There isn’t a requirement to just sit for the exam, but you do need to accumulate the experience in order to get the license. Simply click on the link above “NJ CPA licensing application information” under “5. Other Useful Information” and scroll towards the end — you should be able to see a subheading called experience erquirements.


      1. An applicant for certification, having passed the examination, must provide satisfactory evidence of:

      One year of experience in the practice of public accounting or its equivalent, under the direction of a licensee; and
      The experience includes evidence of intensive and diversified experience in auditing or accounting.

      You can also call up the State Board to confirm.

      Hope it helps! stephanie

  • Siva says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have passed all 4 sections of the CPA exam (Oct/Nov 2010) (I was a CA candidate), but I am a resident of NJ, I am working in NY (Reinsurance – Finance)

    My Questions
    1. If I just want to keep my certification (not going to public practice for some time), which state I should apply for license

    2. I have more than 6 Years experience (Including Canada – under Chartered Accountant 1 yr), in US 2Yr at UN, 2 Yrs as Consultant various places (including current AIG, H&R Block – more than 5 Employers) – Could you please advise me which experience I should submit if I elected to choose state you would suggest for my question 1.

    3. I do have more than 170 credits, out of which 164 for credit evaluation supplemented for Board of Accountancy by World Education Services – (but all of them are under graduate level – not master degree), Do I still need to take 30 credits from master level if I choose NJ/NY)

    Thank you and Happy Holidays


  • ravi says:

    Hi Siva,
    Happy holidays to you too!

    Answer to your questions:
    1. If it doesn’t hurt getting the full license, I will recommend you get it. For long term planning it might make sense to get the license from either CA or NY if you can. But then if you are interested in one of those 2-tier states (e.g. Illinois) you can get a certificate. Illinois for example does not requirement experience if you are getting the CPA certificate only.

    2. Any experience that can be verified by your (ex) supervisor who is an active CPA licensee during that time.

    3. I don’t think so, but it also depends on which state you plan to get the CPA certificate/license for.

    Hope it helps!

  • Bharati says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I have done my B.Com(Accounting) and M.Com (Finance) from India. I reside in NJ and plan to appear for CPA in NJ. I got my marksheets evaluated from ECE. I have a total of 154.50 sem hours and 22.50 in Accounting, 51 in Electives in Business, 4.50 in Business Law.
    1) Am I eligible to sit for CPA exam in NJ?
    2) Can you please help me with the process after clearing the exam? Once I have cleared all the exam, do I need to staisfy the min. semester hours requirement for Accounting and Law to get the license?
    3) What is Certification/License? Are they both different?

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi Bharati,

    Looks like you have fulfilled the 150 credit hours… What did ECE tell you?

    You can read this article on what to do after the CPA exam.

    And here is an article on CPA certificate vs license.

    Hope it helps!

  • Stephanie says:

    Dear all,
    I have set up a new comment box powered by Facebook to let me answer your questions more efficiently. It can be found right after each article. Thanks! Stephanie

  • Jeanie says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in Science with 120 credits hours without any accounting courses. Is it true that I have to do make up extra 30 credit hours in Accounting in order to be able to sit for the exam?

    Thanks for your time!

  • Connie Fernandes says:

    My name is Connie from New Jersey and I have a Bachelor’s degree, passed in the year 1998, in Financial Accounting and Auditing having 122 semester credits. Just wants to know if I am eligible to sit for the CPA exam?

  • Sanmati says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    i have question regarding what i need to do next because i have passed all sections of CPA and i have more than 150 hrs of credit.
    i have a question regarding from where i have to get experience certificate? is it necessary to get one year experience from only public accounting firm or i can work for any private accounting firm? Also, i want to know that do i have to work in NJ to get that experience or i can work in any state?

  • Bobby says:

    Hi Stephanie

    I have reviewed your comments and answers here on this website and are of great help, specially for me or any new bie like me. Still have one question… I am going to have my degree evaluated by ECE, do I need Specific type of the report made by them? means course by course or comprehensive report? There are different types of report each creadential co. gives us with different cost. I want to make the degree evaluation report, that will work throught out my entire CPA carrier in USA. I have checked with the state NJ, they accept ECE reports. But I don’t know which kind/type of the report i should Ask for.


  • Karan Shah says:

    I have done Graduation from India which is of 3 years and i have cleared CA Inter so can you tell me whether i am qualified for NJ CPA requirements. Plz do the needful and reply as early as possible.

  • Kecia Brown says:

    I attend University of Phoenix and Im planning to do both Bachelors and Masters program in accounting and I was wondering are their credits accepted along with the other requirements to qualify me to sit for the exam?

  • Sudha says:

    I have passed my B.Com with financial accounting & Auditing from Mumbai university about 27 years ago.
    I have been working in this country for the past 12 years starting out as a Bookkeeper and am currently the Finance Manager of an IT consulting firm.
    I wish to appear for the CPA exam and am wondering if I can qualify for the 150credits required by NJ state.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Sudha, generally B.Com would only give you a 3-year bachelor equivalent but the CPA exam requirements is asking for 5 years. Having said that, some state may allow those with years of experience to waive the educational requirements. I think New York has it but unsure whether it’s 10-15 years… but you can go check with the New York State Board. It’s ok for you to register in New York and then sit for the exam in NJ. Hope it helps, Stephanie

  • Stephanie says:

    Dear all,
    In order to answer your questions more efficiently, I am now directing all questions to my Facebook page. Please click below and ask any questions that you may have. Thanks! Stephanie

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