NINJA CPA Review 2024: Affordable Supplemental & Whole Course Options

NINJA CPA Review can be a stand-alone CPA Exam study course. However, its price is so reasonable that you can easily use it as a supplement as well. Pricing and access are monthly, so you can use it as long as you need it and cancel anytime.

Number of MCQs: Almost 7K | Number of TBSs: 240 | Access Length: Unlimited with continued payment | Cost: $67 per month

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NINJA CPA Review is a product by Jeff Elliott at Another71. Originally, Jeff started as a CPA Exam blogger back in 2008 (you can read his story on his website). In 2012, Jeff launched his own NINJA CPA Review notes, which included audio reviews and flashcards. Then he followed it up with NINJA CPA MCQs in 2014.

Today, NINJA CPA Review is a complete review course offering, and candidates can use it as a full course or as a supplement. The NINJA materials are very popular and are some of the most affordable CPA review options available. The NINJA CPA price starts at $67 per month with no upfront costs or commitments beyond the first month.

Plus, NINJA has earned the respect of the accounting industry, too. In fact, NINJA CPA Review has received accolades from users and other industry leaders alike. For instance, Investopedia ranks NINJA as a Top-5 CPA review course (and we do, too).

NINJA also offers the friendliest return policy in the CPA review industry with a risk-free, 30-day, money-back guarantee if you don’t like their materials for any reason – or for no reason at all. Additionally, NINJA will let you keep what you’ve downloaded as a gesture of goodwill.

Disclosure: NINJA CPA Review is a partner of I Pass the CPA Exam. However, the opinions of NINJA CPA Review are truly our own.

NINJA CPA Review: An Overview

NINJA CPA Review includes:

  • Software dashboard for MCQ and TBS bank
  • NINJA Book
  • NINJA Notes (these notes allow room for you to add some of your own content)
  • Flashcard app
  • Audio reviews (both study notes and MCQ explanations)
  • CRAM course
  • Virtual group tutoring (called Sparring Sessions)
  • Study planner
  • Private study groups
  • Private social network

Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the course!

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What’s special about NINJA CPA Review questions? The system “learns” about your stronger and weaker areas, and once identified, the test bank will feed you more questions from weaker areas for more efficient studying. To do that, you need to complete 35% of the questions before hitting the adaptive phase.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features of the course!


NINJA’s software dashboard, which you can log into from the website, is called the NINJA CPA Dojo. From there, you’ll find the MCQ dashboard.

ninja cpa dashboard

Here’s what you’ll see when you log into the online NINJA dashboard.

The NINJA CPA Review bank includes almost 7,000 AICPA-released questions. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 6,921 MCQs
  • 240 TBSs

What’s special about NINJA CPA Review questions? The adaptive software “learns” about your stronger and weaker areas, and once identified, the test bank will feed you more questions from weaker areas for more efficient studying. To do that, you need to complete at least 35% of the questions before hitting the adaptive phase.

ninja cpa test bank

The image above showcases how MCQs appear in the NINJA CPA test bank.


detailed explanations from ninja cpa review

An example of NINJA CPA’s detailed answer explanations.


NINJA task based simulation cpa exam

The above image is a sample of a task-based simulation in NINJA CPA.

As I mentioned above, the NINJA CPA questions include AICPA-licensed content (a.k.a. actual retired CPA Exam questions). You’ll also get access to the authoritative literature for the research questions. Moreover, the test bank includes adaptive learning technology so you can focus on improving your weak areas.


Taking notes in NINJA CPA is remarkably easy. The study planner walks you through the Cornell Method for notetaking, and the downloadable notes are ready to print.

ninja cpa notes

The NINJA CPA notes feature memory aids and white space for you to add your own notes.


NINJA’s digital textbook contains the most important information for passing the CPA Exam. Embedded in the text are example MCQs on the relevant material.

ninja cpa book

The NINJA CPA books provide the relevant information and then immediately test your knowledge with application questions.


NINJA’s audio downloads are portable, listenable versions of the study notes. They’re meant to be listened to repeatedly for maximum retention. You’ll also be able to download files of Jeff Elliot walking you through explanations for some important MCQs.

NINJA CPA Sparring Sessions

Finally, and unusually for a self-study course, NINJA’s CPA review package comes with weekly one- to two-hour group videoconferencing review sessions. There’s one day of the week for each exam section, with a makeup day on Friday. Additionally, you’ll have access to a back catalog of recorded sessions.

CRAM Course from NINJA

NINJA has a CRAM course, too. And it’s legit. That is, NINJA now includes a CRAM course with your other CPA review materials. More specifically, the CRAM course has video content spanning the 4 CPA Exam sections to give you plenty of hours for CPA review. And in this final CRAM session, you can brush up on the exam’s topics to make sure you’re 100% ready to pass the CPA Exam.

NINJA CPA Review Cost

How much does NINJA CPA cost? Well, NINJA CPA Review is a pay-as-you-go subscription CPA review course. Thus, you simply pay $67 each month for as long as you want access to the NINJA materials. The NINJA CPA monthly materials include:

  1. MCQs + SIMS (TBSs)
  2. Notes
  3. Flashcards
  4. Audio review
  5. Book
  6. CRAM course
  7. MCQ Audios
  8. Weekly group tutoring
  9. Study planner
  10. Access to private study groups
  11. Access to a private social network

If they were sold separately, the value of these materials ranges from $188-$497, so you get a great deal with this subscription.

And NINJA doesn’t make you pay any other upfront costs. You also don’t have to enter into a contract or engage in financing. Finally, you pay the same amount every month to prepare for all four CPA Exam sections. When you’re ready to switch to another exam section, you simply contact NINJA from within the course. You’ll then receive access to the materials you need for your next section.

NINJA CPA Pros and Cons

Like any CPA review course, there are benefits and drawbacks to using NINJA. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind.


  • Price. You simply can’t beat NINJA CPA’s price, particularly if it’s your main review course. If you use it for a full year, it’s still half the cost of most other CPA Exam review courses.
  • Adaptive learning software. NINJA’s large test bank and adaptive software will help you shore up your areas of weakness. It’s helpful to note this feature is available in other CPA courses that cost substantially more than NINJA.
  • The NINJA study method. The NINJA CPA study planner will introduce you to the ELL (Early, Lunch, Late) method of including the greatest possible amount of studying into your weekdays. This method takes you through each exam section in seven weeks at 25 hours of studying per week.
  • Audio review material. Not only do you get audio note reviews, but you can also download full-answer explanations of some MCQs to listen to on the go.
  • Weekly group tutoring. Amazingly, you also get the ability to ask questions of CPA Exam experts included in the cost of the program.
  • Money-back guarantee. Cancel any time in the first 30 days for any reason, and you can not only get your money back but also keep any materials you’ve already downloaded.


  • Self-study plan. Although the NINJA study planner helps you block out your time, you don’t get a progress tracker or study coach. This course requires some self-discipline.

Who Should Use NINJA CPA Review?

Anyone can use NINJA CPA products. It doesn’t matter if you already have a course because NINJA CPA is a great supplement. In fact, it’s one of the best-selling supplements out there. That said, it can also be used as your main study material.

However, you should note that the NINJA CPA course really strives to deliver an efficient learning format. As a result, some study materials cover everything on the CPA Exam syllabus, but others don’t to save you time. For instance, the NINJA CPA book and the sparring sessions go over all of the exam topics for a truly comprehensive review. In contrast, other materials like the NINJA notes, the audio lectures, and the CRAM course just hit the highlights. So in this way, you can choose the level of detail that you need on particular topics.

But the good news is that there are NINJA CPA Review free downloads, so you can see if the course will work for you before you make a commitment.

NINJA CPA Free Downloads

Since I recommend reviewing each course you consider, I highly recommend checking out the NINJA CPA (it’s free). Unfortunately, not all of the components work in the trial, but you can see most of what you’ll get when buying NINJA CPA Review. You’ll receive a NINJA notes CPA download as well as samples of the AUD book, audio review, and test bank software.

Check Out NINJA CPA Free Downloads!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NINJA CPA Review good?

Yes, NINJA CPA is a good resource to study for the CPA Exam. However, it may be more useful to some candidates than others. For example, self-studiers are more likely to get more out of this review course than candidates who need more specific guidance or person-to-person interaction. Therefore, it may work better as a supplementary course for those people.

Where can I find a NINJA CPA coupon code?

NINJA CPA’s course prices are so low that the company doesn’t offer discount codes. If that seems unfair, compare prices with other companies. For example, for the full price of Becker’s Pro Course ($3,799), you could study for more than 52 months with CPA NINJA. Even Becker’s lowest-price course ($2,499), which gives you access for 24 months, is the equivalent of nearly 36 months of NINJA.

What’s the NINJA CPA review pass rate?

Unfortunately, NINJA CPA doesn’t publish the pass rates of students who use it. However, to read the experience of real students who have used the course, you can always search for NINJA CPA on Reddit.

How does Becker and NINJA CPA compare?

When comparing NINJA CPA vs. Becker, it’s important to remember that they may appeal to different types of users. Becker is more video-intensive, and its course materials are more voluminous. Of course, it’s also a bit less efficient and much more expensive than NINJA CPA. Here’s a comparison of some of the courses’ features.

Becker CPA Review


Price $2,499-$3,799 $67 a month
Access 24 months – unlimited Unlimited while paying
Audio lectures No Review of notes and MCQ
Video content Bite-sized lectures and TBSs Hundreds of hours of videos
MCQs + TBSs 7,400 (plus another 1,000 with the highest-price course) + 475 Almost 7K + 240
Textbook Print and digital Digital
Full-length mock exams 12 1
Practice quizzes Unlimited Unlimited
App Yes Flashcards
Study planner Yes Yes
Final review course Yes Yes
1-on-1 academic support Yes Yes; live sessions 5x/week
Online/in-person live courses Yes No
1-on-1 tutoring available Yes Yes


How about other popular CPA Exam courses?

For a full look at NINJA CPA vs. Gleim vs. Wiley vs. Surgent and others, check out our pick for the best CPA Exam review course.

How do I cancel NINJA CPA?

When you’re done using NINJA CPA, you can cancel through your online dashboard. Although NINJA doesn’t offer the option to pause a subscription – if you want to take some time off between exam sections, for example – it’s easy to cancel and renew.

Where can I find the NINJA CPA Review Dojo?

The Dojo portal is only for NINJA CPA Review users. Basically, through the Dojo, you can access all of your NINJA videos and other study materials. Simply go to the NINJA Dojo login page and enter your username and password to start studying.

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