Wiley CPAexcel 2021: Exclusive Info + HUGE Wiley CPA Discount!

Wiley CPA Review is a CPA review course that has been on the market for a long time and has lots of practice questions and plenty of video lectures. It’s also a good value.

Number of MCQs: 12,000+ | Number of TBSs: 500+ | Access Length: Unlimited/Until You Pass | Cost: Full-course options range from $2,199 to $2,499 before our exclusive discounts.

Why You Should Pick Wiley CPA Review

I’m here to provide you with an unbiased review of Wiley CPAexcel so that you can make a well-informed decision about this course’s worthiness for your studies. In addition to reviewing Wiley’s CPA study materials, I’ll also cover the Wiley CPA pass rate vs. other big companies, like the Becker pass rate.

And because Becker is another very popular course, I recommend that you read my Becker CPA vs. Wiley CPAexcel analysis, too. It gives a good look at the course differences, including the pass rate for the CPA Exam with Becker compared to Wiley.


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Background of Wiley CPA

Wiley’s Founders

Wiley began as a publishing house over 200 years ago. Today, Wiley partners with the research community to publish dozens of academic journals that report the most cutting-edge research available.

In addition to their academic publications, they also develop digital learning and assessment tools for the accounting, scientific, technical, and medical fields. Wiley has developed a strong reputation for some of the most innovative CPA, CMA, CFA, and CIA test prep available. In 2012, Wiley bought Efficient Learning Systems, Inc. and CPAexcel to provide its customers with the best possible learning tools.

Wiley CPA Courses

Wiley creates and delivers exam prep materials for 9 different disciplines in the finance and business fields. Furthermore, they offer a range of study materials to fit your learning style and your budget. Two levels of full courses—Platinum and Pro CPA Courses—means that you can pick the depth of study you need.

You can also purchase single components like the Wiley CPA Test Bank 2021 to supplement your current studies.

Wiley’s CPA 2021 courses give you plenty of content to review! In addition to the Wiley CPA books (hard-copy and/or eBooks, depending on your package), you’ll also get access to:

  • 2,200+ pages of online study text
  • 140+ hours of instructional videos plus 60+ deep dive video lectures on specific topics
  • 6,000 multiple-choice questions (12,000 MCQs in the Platinum and Ultimate courses)
  • Over 500 sample task-based simulations, many with video explanations
  • 40+ written communications
  • 4,000 digital flashcards and 1,000 printed ones
  • 5,000 “knowledge checks” to keep you on your toes.

I think the CPA Platinum Review Course 2021 is the most comprehensive. In addition to all of the products I just mentioned, the Platinum course also features professional mentoring with actual professors who are experts in their fields. The Virtual Classroom Series delivers live instruction via an online platform and makes you feel like you are actually sitting in a classroom. You can even ask the course professor questions in real-time. Plus, you can take the 11th Hour Final Review Course (a last-minute cram).

Background of Wiley CPA

Let’s take a few minutes to review some of my favorite parts of the Wiley CPAexcel Review. If you’ve read my book, you already know how much I value efficient study tools, and Wiley offers some decent ones. They have broken down difficult content into “Bite-Sized Lessons,” which are 30-minute sessions that combine text, video, and multimedia elements to teach you specific information. These short modules break down complicated concepts and teach you the most important topics that you need to understand for the exam and your career. Each lesson ends with a mini-quiz that pinpoints your weak areas.

Wiley’s Efficient Learning Platform makes studying for the CPA Exam less painful. This innovative content delivery method has proven itself in the exam prep market. The system helps you track your progress and suggests study materials to get you caught up where needed. Thanks to Wiley’s system, you won’t have to spend hours and hours studying content you already know.

Wiley also offers a no-gimmick “Partner Until You Pass Guarantee.” So no worries: Wiley will be there for you until you pass all sections of the CPA Exam. Even when the AICPA updates the exam (they usually tweak the content about twice a year), Wiley gives you free access to the updated content.

Overview of Wiley CPA Review

1. 140+ Video Lecture Hours

Wiley CPAexcel has included 140+ video lecture hours in its top course. Plus, the videos are bite-sized, so you can watch them in short bursts (most are 30 minutes or less). You don’t have to firmly plant yourself in one spot for hours simply to watch CPA lectures.

In addition to these 140+ hours of lectures, you also get 60+ deep dive video lessons that focus on specific topics. In essence, these videos are especially helpful for international CPA candidates or those without a particularly strong accounting background. Basically, you’ll be fully immersed in topics at the granular level. If you have weak content areas, you’ll be able to improve your level of understanding by watching both the regular video lectures and deep dive videos.

Furthermore, Wiley CPA’s video instructors are leading educators in their own right from major academic institutions like Arizona University, the University of Kentucky, Northern Illinois University, and Middle Tennessee State University. You no longer have to sit in a university classroom to gain a high-quality education.

2. 12,000+ Practice Multiple-Choice Questions and Task-Based Simulations

With over 6,000+ MCQs in the Wiley CPA Test Bank and another 6,000+ MCQs and 500+ TBSs in the Platinum Course itself, you won’t find more practice questions available anywhere. The only other review course to come close to this is Gleim CPA Review (<—this course is also more affordable, in case budget is a concern). The MCQs are from previous exams, so you know they are relevant.

At first glance, it may seem unnecessary to have access to so many CPA Exam practice questions. But as someone who passed the exam on my first try, I think that practice questions are critical to your success.

When a review course has a relatively small test bank, you might not have enough opportunities to test your weak areas. What’s more, if a topic area is relatively small, there is a chance that a smaller test bank won’t have a single question on that subject. Therefore, it’s best to equip yourself with more practice questions than may be necessary.

3. No Time Frame Restrictions/Access Until You Pass

You can access your Wiley CPAexcel course for as long as it takes you to pass the CPA Exam. So, if it takes you 3 years to pass all 4 parts, you won’t have to pay again during that time period.

Even better, you’ll also receive free updates during that time. The AICPA usually makes changes to the CPA Exam twice a year, and Wiley provides you with course updates to stay up-to-date with those changes.

4. Virtual Classroom Videos

Wiley’s Platinum Course videos have a mix of pre-recorded and live formats. Professors cover the most difficult concepts while in real classroom environments.

You can ask the professors questions, in real-time, when viewing the live format videos. The professors will cover practice problems in-depth so you can see each individual step to find the solution.

Also, the professors will teach you how to avoid incorrect answers on the exam just by navigating away from distractors (incorrect answer options that appear correct).

5. CPA Study Guides, Flashcards, and Focus Notes

Your Platinum course will also include digital and/or hard-copy CPA books—you can choose to receive just the eBook or get both for a little more. Moreover, you’ll receive printed CPA flashcards (250 per section) and 4,000 digital flashcards, which you can use online or via the Wiley CPA app.

Lastly, you’ll be supplied with Wiley CPA Focus Notes, which are like more detailed flashcards. These printed spiral-bound note cards drill down key concepts. They also include mnemonic devices and other memory tricks to focus your learning. Wherever you are, you can use these easy-to-carry notes to master strategies on-the-go.

6. Mobile App

Not only has Wiley created excellent study materials, but they’ve also made it mobile! Through Wiley’s app, you can access content with your Android or iOS device. Plus, their bite-sized lessons mean that you can take a short study break anywhere at any time.

Wiley CPA Review Course Options

Wiley CPAexcel has 2 full review courses. However, the best-selling Wiley CPAexcel Platinum Course 2021 provides the most value. (And if you’re looking for a value, don’t forget to check out all the CPA review courses).

You can purchase the Platinum or Pro courses as a 4-section set or as these individual sections:

  • Auditing & Attestation (AUD)
  • Business Environment & Concepts (BEC)
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)
  • Regulation (REG)

Note that you’ll generally receive the best discounts if you purchase the 4 sections together rather than separately.

Wiley CPA Cost

How much does the Wiley CPA Review cost? Well, Wiley CPAexcel offers 2 different course packages at the following prices (and these prices include the option to get both the eBooks and the printed Wiley CPA books):


  • Includes the 11th Hour Final Review Session
  • $2,499
  • Or, $699 per section (AUD, BEC, FAR, or REG)


  • Doesn’t include the 11th Hour Final Review or access to expert mentors
  • $2,199
  • Also available per section (AUD, BEC, FAR, or REG) for $599

Best Parts of Wiley CPA Review

1. Good Overall Value

Although it doesn’t include some extras like tutoring, Wiley’s Platinum course is a pretty good value. The price point comes in lower than some of the other CPA review courses out there.

But if you’re budget-conscience, remember that some companies give such deep discounts that their courses are comparable to Wiley in terms of price. Take Becker, for example. With my Becker discounts, you could score a comprehensive course with many personalized learning tools for a great price.

2. With Wiley 9 out of 10 pass the CPA Exam

According to its website, the Wiley CPAexcel pass rates for its users who take the CPA Exam is roughly 90%. And when you think about it, 9 out of 10 is pretty encouraging. Most review providers don’t even publish their pass rates, by the way. So the fact that Wiley makes their pass rates public demonstrates that they have confidence in their products.

Still, does Wiley CPA have a higher pass rate than some other companies like Becker? No—although the number of Wiley users passing the CPA Exam is good, the Becker passing rate is stronger. (Keep reading for more info on the Wiley vs. Becker CPA Exam pass rates.)

3. Big 4 Recommendation

Besides the Wiley CPA passing rate, Wiley CPAexcel has also received an endorsement from one of the Big 4 firms. While I don’t think a Big 4 endorsement should be the deciding factor, it comforts candidates who may not be familiar with the brand name.

4. No-Gimmick Unlimited Access Until You Pass Guarantee

Most of the major CPA Exam providers offer a variety of “promises” to those who may not be able to pass the CPA Exam on their first attempt. Some offer a discount if you reach a certain attendance rate, while others may offer you continued access within a limited time frame.

Additionally, some of the other CPA review courses charge extra for updates after a specified date. When you realize that more than 50% of candidates fail to pass the CPA Exam each year, this is a crucial point to consider. In case you fail the CPA Exam, you’re going to need a course that will be available to you, without any additional fees, for as long as you need it.

5. More Digestible with Effective Bite-Sized Lessons

Wiley CPAexcel’s online capability allows candidates to study at their own pace with bite-sized lessons.

Wiley’s lessons typically take 30 minutes to complete, which many of us can do during lunchtime — and assuming you have a one-hour break, you’ll still have another half hour to digest the materials and work on a few multiple-choice questions.

And frankly, even if you have the time, accounting isn’t too much fun, and I would much rather learn from short online videos vs. a 4-hour long lecture. Also, accomplishing a little at a time is more motivating.

6. Impressive Analytical Tools to Keep You On Track

One of the reasons why candidates fail the CPA Exam is time management. Candidates may not set aside enough time for final review. Additionally, some candidates do not finish studying all the materials. Wiley CPAexcel can provide an excellent solution for these candidates.

The Wiley CPAexcel course includes personalized exam planning with every course, and I’ll tell you how it works.

When you enter the study planner, you will be asked to enter your exam date and the number of hours you plan to devote to studying each week.

Once you enter this information, the system supplies you with a detailed list of assignments (the actual coursework) and a specific due date and number of hours required. You click off checkboxes every time you complete each assignment.

If you’re someone who needs help keeping track of your study progress, this computerized study planner can help.

The Wiley CPAexcel Efficient Learning Platform is very high-tech in that it allows you to track your progress in real-time and also generates lots of cool charts for you. If you are analytical, you will find it helpful.

7. 11th Hour Final Review

If you pick the Platinum course, you’ll also get access to Wiley’s 11th Hour Final Review. This cram session is meant to be taken about a week before your CPA Exam date. It includes a full-length mock exam with new questions that you’ve never seen before. Plus, the review also has short videos covering the topics most likely to appear on the exam.

Worst Parts of Wiley CPA Review

1. It’s Great for the Digital Learner, But…

Wiley CPAexcel uses a technology-based approach. I understand that students learn best in different mediums. If you are NOT someone who can live in front of a monitor or mobile device and stare at a screen for a long time, this may not be the best course for you.

Plus, I think the online platform is a little clunky to use.

I also understand that many students are accustomed to underlining, highlighting, and taking notes on actual books to facilitate their learning. CPAexcel does include textbooks, but if you are a textbook learner, you aren’t taking full advantage of what Wiley CPAexcel is offering.

2. Some Find the Lectures Too Summarized

One of my readers had this to say about the Wiley CPAexcel lectures:

Their lectures, although short and sweet, are very general and usually do not touch upon the specifics of the topics at hand. For example, I had to get my old intermediate accounting book and do research on how accruals and deferrals work, and now I am having to go back to that same intermediate book in order to refresh my memory on the single and multiple-step statement because the lecture just touched upon their purpose but no exercises were shown.
Anyway, I am committed, but it seems to me I will have to put in a lot more time than the ½ hour they advertise. ~ Maria

In short, if you are a fresh grad, then this might not be a problem at all. But if you need more guidance because you are a non-accounting major or have been out of school for years, then take note of this.

For example, a course like Becker gives you video walk-throughs of every task-based simulation and many of the multiple-choice questions in the test bank. When you see how to solve complicated problems, especially like the simulations, you learn better. (That might be one of the reasons why the Becker pass rates are so high.)

3. We don’t know how the Wiley CPAexcel pass rate is calculated

Let’s talk for a few moments about CPA Exam pass rates. First, when you take the exam, the AICPA doesn’t collect information about how you studied. Therefore, it’s up to each individual review company to collect data regarding how many of their users passed the CPA Exam and how many failed.

For example, Becker CPA Review has a rigorous pass rate creation process and publishes its annual rates every year. (The Becker CPA pass rate is 94%, by the way.) Here’s how it works, in short. Becker maintains records of users who are “Exam Day Ready.” Basically, Becker has realized (from 60 years of experience helping 1 million CPAs!) that successful CPA candidates have a few things in common. That is, they watch about 80% of the videos in their Becker course, successfully answer about 80% of the MCQs, and score at least a 50% on practice exams. These candidates are Exam Day Ready. So among these candidates, Becker flat out asks them if they passed the CPA Exam or not, and calculates the Becker CPA pass rates from that information.

Then, Becker had an outside company—actually, a top-10 public accounting firm—to examine the process they use to calculate their pass rates. And do you know what that top-tier firm found? They said that Becker’s approach is “fairly stated in all material respects.”

When a company is so open about how they calculate their pass rates, it makes me feel confident that the information is valid and reliable. But in comparing the CPA Exam passing rate between Becker and Wiley, when a company hasn’t ensured that any third-party assurance has happened, then their pass rates are a weaker claim. And frankly, I haven’t seen any sort of assurance from Wiley.

4. Many users have reported errors and typos

Several I Pass readers have told me that they found errors and typos in the Wiley materials. Although a few typos can be overlooked, such errors need to be corrected in the Wiley courses.

5. Personalized tutoring is limited and expensive

Wiley gives CPA candidates the option of purchasing an add-on tutoring and mentorship package. However, Wiley’s personalized tutoring and mentorship is actually provided by an outside CPA instructor. Plus, the “tutoring” offered isn’t anything like the traditional tutoring you’re used to. Instead, you simply receive personalized videos that answer your questions, and that just isn’t the same experience as sitting down (even virtually) with a real expert face-to-face in real-time. And what’s more, you have to pay extra for it after you’ve already put down a few thousand dollars for your Wiley Platinum package.

So if personalized tutoring is important to you, check out my review of Becker, a company that offers a lot more one-on-one support.

Wiley CPA Review FAQs

How does the Wiley CPA course work?

Once you sign up, you’ll receive your hard-copy textbooks or eBooks plus access to the online multimedia tools I’ve already mentioned. In the Efficient Learning Platform, each topic has its own learning module that includes video lectures and practice questions. As you work through the material, the platform figures out what topics trip you up and directs your studies to help you fill those content gaps.

Which Wiley CPA course is best?

If you go with Wiley, then the CPA Platinum Review Course is definitely the best package they offer. It gives you the most CPA study materials for the best value.

How much is Wiley CPA Review?

The full courses range from $2,199 to $2,499 before my exclusive discounts. Plus, financing is available.

Are there Wiley CPA discounts?

Yes, there is a Wiley CPA discount code! And you can find it here!

Does Wiley CPA expire?

Your access to Wiley’s online and mobile study materials does not expire until you pass your CPA Exam section.

What is the Wiley CPA guarantee?

Unlike other review providers who might take away your access after a certain time period, Wiley’s Partner Until You Pass Guarantee lets you review the materials as often as needed until you pass the CPA Exam.

How do I study for the CPA Exam using Wiley?

Wiley gives you plenty of materials to help you study. Follow your personalized study planner, put in the study time, and trust that Wiley’s Efficient Learning Platform is taking you in the right direction. Use the app and the Wiley CPA Focus Notes to review topics whenever you have a few moments to spare.

Once you feel like you’ve studied as much as you can handle, you can take a practice exam. The Wiley CPAexcel exam simulator is laid out just like the real exam. You can even take an entire practice exam with questions and task-based simulations. By sitting through a few practice exams, you’ll have a better understanding of the pace and time of the “real exam.”

Can I pass only using Wiley?

Is Wiley enough to pass the CPA Exam? That is, can you pass the CPA Exam with just Wiley? If you don’t need a lot of personalized support and you can look past the errors in the text, then yes—Wiley CPAexcel provides all of the study materials you may need to pass the CPA Exam.

Still, although a good percentage of CPAs pass after Wiley, some other companies seem to have stronger results. For example, the Becker CPA passing rate is higher than Wiley’s. Plus, Becker’s platform is better and the company is just an all-around better brand. Besides, I have some great Becker discounts, too. Check out my comparison of the CPA Exam pass rate between Becker and Wiley and overall course quality.

What is the Wiley CPA Review pass rate?

9 out of 10 Wiley users pass the CPA Exam, according to the company. And just why do 9 out of 10 pass with Wiley? I really think their pass rate is due to the Efficient Learning Platform and the Partner Until You Pass Guarantee.

Not all review providers publish their pass rate, but I wish Wiley would explain how their pass rate is calculated. (Becker, on the other hand, outlines the pass rate for Becker CPA users on its website.)

CPA Exam passing rate between Becker and Wiley

What are the Wiley vs. Becker CPA pass rate statistics? Well, since so many CPA candidates ask me about the Becker vs. Wiley pass rates, I’ll leave a few notes. (And if you’re interested, check out this entire article about Becker vs. Wiley.)

According to Wiley’s website, 9 out of 10 users pass the CPA Exam. Still, that isn’t very specific, and the company doesn’t explain how the Wiley pass rate is calculated.

The Becker CPA Review pass rate, however, is higher. About 94% of Becker’s Exam Day Ready users pass the CPA Exam. Not only that, but the list of Becker CPA Elijah Watt Sells Award past winners is quite long. This award goes to the top exam performers, and there are more Becker CPA EWS winners than any other review provider on the market. Therefore, based on user performance, Becker is the better choice. In addition to the high CPA pass rate with Becker, Becker has a better platform with fewer errors and is an overall better brand.

Summary of What Wiley CPAexcel Offers

Strengths Limitations
  • A good value
  • 9/10 pass rate
  • Unlimited online access until you pass
  • Effective and flexible bite-sized lectures
  • State-of-the-art study planner and analytical tools
  • Primarily for digital users
  • Lectures are a bit too summarized
  • Many users have reported errors

My Wiley CPA Conclusion: For Busy Professionals on the Go

So what’s the bottom line? Consider Wiley CPAexcel if:

  • You need a lot of lectures and appreciate a variety of learning materials.
  • You appreciate a highly customized course that tracks your progress and weaker areas.
  • Getting no-gimmick, free trials, and unlimited access until you pass the exam appeals to you.

About the Author Stephanie Ng

I am the author of How to Pass The CPA Exam (published by Wiley), and I also passed all 4 sections of the CPA Exam on my first try. Additionally, I have led webinars, such as for the Institute of Management Accountants, authored featured articles on websites like Going Concern and AccountingWeb, and I'm also the CFO for the charity New Sight. Finally, I have created other accounting certification websites to help mentor non-CPA candidates. I have already mentored thousands of CPA, CMA, CIA, EA, and CFA candidates, and I can help you too!

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