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I passed the CPA Exam. You can too.

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Hi! I'm Stephanie Ng, CPA*.

My CPA Exam Guide contains all the information you need to know to pass the CPA Exam on the first try!

There are over 100 colorful pages with detailed tricks and info!

free cpa exam guide

*Stephanie Ng is a licensed CPA, not in public practice.

This Free CPA Exam Guide PDF Download includes over 100 pages of detailed information that covers:

  • Why you want to become a CPA now
  • How hard the CPA Exam can be & why that's good news for you
  • The secret to increasing your chance of success from 49% to 88%
  • How much time you need to study 
  • The best way to overcome your fear of simulations
  • CPA Exam Pass Rates
  • CPA Scheduling
  • CPA Exam Windows
  • The critical reason why you should take FAR first
  • The #1 study tactic you need to pass AUD
  • 3 great & proven strategies to beat the REG beast
  • Why BEC can be a nasty surprise & how to avoid others' BEC mistakes
  • Tips about exam updates and testing strategies
  • CPA Requirements
  • Info about AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG (the CPA Exam sections)
  • What to Do If You Fail the CPA Exam

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