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Pass the CPA Exam with ​FREE CPA Exam Information, Tips & Study Advice!

CPA exam guide by Stephanie

This free CPA course tells you everything you need to know about the CPA Exam. With my e-course, you can prepare to pass the CPA Exam on your first attempt!

International CPA candidates: I've also created an e-course specifically for you. Learn more about my international e-course and sign up for it today!

What Exactly Is This Course? 

This free CPA course is a series of emails you will receive over a period of 14 days. There are no strings attached, and you can unsubscribe at any time. In these emails, my goal is to tell you everything you need to know ​about becoming a CPA.

Why Do I Provide This Free Course?

I've created this course so you can get all of the CPA Exam information you need in the most convenient way. 

Most of the content you'll see in my e-course is on this site. However, this site has a lot of pages (hundreds, in fact). So, because I don't want you to miss anything, I've compiled the most vital details about the exam process into this quick and easy course.

Basically, this e-course guarantees that you read all the critical articles on this site in an efficient, effective, and coherent manner.

What Do I Cover in This E-Course?

In this free course, you will learn:

  • Why you want to become a CPA now
  • How hard the CPA Exam can be & why that's good news for you
  • The secret to increasing your chance of success from 49% to 88%
  • How much time you need to study 
  • The best way to overcome your fear of simulations
  • ​CPA Exam Pass Rates
  • ​CPA Scheduling
  • ​CPA Exam Windows
  • The critical reason why you should take FAR first
  • The #1 study tactic you need to pass AUD
  • 3 great & proven strategies to beat the REG beast
  • Why BEC can be a nasty surprise & how to avoid others' BEC mistakes
  • Tips about exam updates and testing strategies
  • ​CPA Requirements
  • ​​Info about AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG (the CPA Exam sections)
  • ​What to Do If You Fail the CPA Exam

How Can You Sign Up for This Free E-Course?

To get all of this extremely important information and essential advice, you just need to enter your first name (no need for full name to ensure your privacy) and your email address below:

What Are Other Candidates Saying About My Free Course?

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you very much for the 10 days mini course. It helped me a lot in the following way;

it provided insight into CPA exam structure, what is the requirement to get eligibility, which state is most friendly for international student etc. I thought it is just like CA where to submit the documents to the institute for joining the course. but it is entirely different that we need to go through evaluation agency, pay fees, then apply and last may get rejected

Moreover, it gave me confidence that I can pass the exam within one year with a planned approach and which study material should be used etc.

I want to write more but just want to summarise that it is amazing.


Thank you, Stephanie, your mini course are so helpful which will assist me in my journey toward CPA, you discuss and send many useful advice in how studying and pass FAR, AUD, REG and BEC.
Again, I appreciate all your precious feedback and I hope all the best to your future career.

Maged Medhat

Hi Stephanie and team, You people are doing a great job!
I’ve personally found many answers to my preparations to the CPA exam and licensing through your 10 day mini course which otherwise would have been a very difficult and confusing process.
Your quick responses to each individual requirements and needs is appreciated.
I would recommend your forum to anybody who is thinking of the CPA exam and Licensing, especially to those from other countries.

Kishore Kumar

Hi Stephanie,
Thanks so much for all our wonderful tips and tricks on how to take the CPA Exam by section. I appreciate and value all the information you provide both on your site and in your mini course. I will continue to check in for updates and tips as I have not taken any part of the exam yet but just signed up to take FAR. i am taking that one first based on your recommendations. Thanks again.


Hi Stephanie:

Thank you for taking the time to research all the relevant information one would need to know before sitting for the CPA and provide to us your results. Your mini course shows the subject and percentage of each tested area and study tactics. The study tactics give a bright view of hidden or not thought of topics that are normally underestimated by us and may be the subject area that could be the cause of our passing or failing. It is good to have that nudge in the right direction, and you provide that nudge to us.

Thank you.


Thank you very much, Stephanie, for this mini-course.
You have really boosted my confidence for the CPA exam.
The course is not only a summary of the papers to be written in the exam but also a useful guide in the whole process, from the evaluation of credentials to obtaining the NTS to scheduling the exam and the application proper.
Please keep up with the good work and more grease to your elbow.

Peter Ndukuba

Dear Stephanie!
Your website is very interesting and useful. with 10 days of your mini course give me a basic knowledge of CPA certificate. I highly appreciate your help and assistance.
Once again thanks for your guide and attention to my case.
I wish you will have a good health and lucks in your life.

Mai Nguyen

Ms. Stephanie,

I really appreciate your kindness for offering your mini course of how to pass the CPA Exam. I was for years in the dark not knowing what to study. After your guidance, I hitting the right direction to study for my CPA Exam. Thank you again for time and dedication for people like me that really need help.


Thank you so much, Stephanie. Your web site is rich in information about CPA examination. The mini course on CPA examination is also worth of its kind and no other web site has offered such a help and support for CPA aspiring candidates.

Continue your good work and keep us posted with any developments.


Hi Stephanie,
Thank you for all your hard work in making the CPA process easier for all of us! A classmate pointed me to your website and it has been so helpful. I especially want to thank you for your comparisons on test prep material, and the mini course. I’ve now picked a test prep course and will be studying to take my first test in November. Thanks so much!

Shaila Shankar

Free CPA Course for International Candidates

Again, if you live outside the U.S., are a non-U.S. citizen/resident, or obtained a degree from a university outside the U.S., please check out my e-course for international candidates.