Gleim CPA 2021: Is Gleim CPA Prep Good? [Info + Exclusive Discount]

Gleim CPA Review 2021: My Exclusive Gleim CPA Coupon

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Gleim CPA Review is the best CPA review course for candidates who prefer self-study and are looking for lots of MCQs and TBSs.

Number of MCQs: 10,000+ | Number of TBSs: 1,300+ | Access Length: Unlimited/Access Until You Pass (with the Gleim Premium package) | Gleim CPA Cost: Full review packages range from $1,599 to $1,999 before our exclusive discounts; the Gleim Mega Test Bank is $999 before discounts

Why You Should Pick Gleim

If you are wondering, “Is Gleim CPA Review good?”, I’m here to answer your questions.

Gleim CPA Review is one of the original CPA Exam review courses. For that reason, it is also one of the courses college professors most often recommend. However, these days, the CPA Exam review market is full of options. So, is the Gleim CPA Review course still one of the best?


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Gleim CPA Discount

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gleim cpa review

Background of Gleim CPA Review

Gleim Exam Prep is a long-standing, reputable business that creates study materials for accountants. Each Gleim review course is carefully developed to maximize your study time. Their mission is simple: help professionals effectively study for industry exams while sharpening analysis, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

Today, Gleim publishes leading study and review materials for CPA, CMA, CIA, and EA accounting professions. Gleim also has curriculum specifically designed for professors and accounting students. You may even have used the Gleim CPA books in your college classes!

Gleim’s Founders

Dr. Irvin Gleim is an accomplished accounting Professor Emeritus from the University of Florida. He is a CPA, CMA/CFM, CIA, and a Ph.D.! Clearly, his knowledge of every aspect of accounting is vast. In the early 1970s, he realized that CPA candidates needed an affordable but effective way to study for the CPA Exam. So in 1974, Irvin and his wife wrote their first edition of the Gleim CPA Review book. Their study materials were a huge hit, and Dr. Gleim’s new company soon became the industry standard in prep materials for accounting exams.

By 1980, Dr. Gleim’s reviews were so popular that John Wiley, a major academic publishing house, began publishing the Gleim CPA Examination Review. Over the next several decades, Gleim added other materials that were innovative for their time. Irvin developed his “Knowledge Transfer Systems” to speed the learning process, help students grasp complicated concepts, and apply those concepts in the real world.

Gleim CPA Courses

Gleim has developed a system of personalized learning that allows CPA candidates – especially those who already have strong self-study skills – to maximize their study time. We all know that time is money, so Gleim helps CPA candidates keep their overall costs relatively low by offering affordable study materials that work and will help you pass the exam the first time. Gleim is one of the most affordable CPA courses available.

Features of Gleim’s Courses

Gleim’s courses integrate digital and/or printed study books, audio lectures, task-based simulations, real-world examples, and SIMs with exhibits. Gleim’s “SmartAdapt” technology pinpoints deficiencies in your content knowledge to focus your studies. Personal coaching, an exam rehearsal mode, and an incredible bank of test questions really add to the overall value of their packages.

Plus, their Premium Review System also comes with access to additional personal support from accounting experts, the Gleim Instruct Video Series, digital flashcards, and their Access Until You Pass guarantee.

Mega Test Bank

Gleim is practically famous among CPAs for its Mega Test Bank. Gleim has the biggest collection of realistic test questions on the market. In fact, the Gleim CPA test bank has more than 2,000 questions per section for a total of 10,000+ questions! Plus – and I really like this feature – when you take a practice quiz, Gleim explains the right AND wrong answers. This technique deepens your understanding of important concepts.

SmartAdapt Adaptive Courses

Both the Gleim Premium Review System and the Traditional Review System use their innovative SmartAdapt technology. As you work through sample quizzes, the system actually learns what you know and what you don’t know. The platform recognizes where you need help and guides your studies in the right direction. This way, you’re not spending hours reviewing material you already know. (And if you’ve read my book, you know I’m a fan of efficient studying!)

Task-Based Simulations

Some CPAs will tell you that the TBSs are the hardest part of the CPA Exam. I did pretty well on the exam (I’ve posted my scores if you’re curious), but I’ll admit the TBSs are tough if you aren’t prepared. Gleim gives you over 1,300 sample TBSs, more than twice what other competitors offer! They also provide thorough explanations of the solutions that help you grasp these complex exercises.


Due to popular demand, digital flashcards were rolled out in 2020! I’m excited about this because it means that Gleim is listening to their customers who really wanted flashcards to help them study.

Thoughtful Design

I like the design of the Gleim courses. For example, the Gleim CPA practice tests look just like the real CPA Exam. When you take the “real” exam, you’ll already be familiar with the exam’s format. It will feel like you’re just taking another Gleim practice exam, and that means less stress on the big exam day!

Customer Support and Personal Counselors

Gleim is known for their great customer support. Plus, you’ll have access to an entire team of Personal Counselors who can answer questions about preparing for the exam. These mentors can help show you how to study and pass the CPA Exam using Gleim.

Gleim CPA Review Course Options

Gleim offers two review courses based on your needs and budget. (Furthermore, there is also a supplemental test bank if you already have a review course.) The Gleim Premium CPA Review System and the Traditional CPA Review System both come with a digital and/or hard-copy book, thousands of sample questions and task-based simulations, over 350 simulations with exhibits, audio lectures, and plenty of quizzes. Plus, you can talk to their Personal Counselors when you need advice about how to prepare with Gleim CPA. Both packages use Gleim’s SmartAdapt platform that recognizes your gaps in knowledge and develops a personalized learning path, saving you precious study time.

Do you just need to study for one section of the CPA Exam? In that case, you can purchase AUD, BEC, FAR, and/or REG separately. However, it is less expensive to purchase all four sections at once if you choose Gleim.

The premium package includes the Gleim Access Until You Pass guarantee, which means that you have access to all of the system’s features until you the CPA Exam. That guarantee alone is worth every penny you will spend on this review course. Part of the Gleim Premium Guarantee also allows you to return your course for a refund, and it’s basically hassle-free. In contrast, while many other courses provide guarantees, you’ll find that many of them include lots of red tape, whereas Gleim does not.

The premium CPA option also comes with the Gleim Instruct Video Series with college professors who visually reinforce the concepts you’ll study.

And, of course, there is the Gleim CPA Mega Test Bank! Access to the test bank comes with the Gleim Premium CPA Review System and the Traditional CPA Review System. However, if you just want the questions, you can purchase the test bank by itself.

Gleim CPA Cost

Here’s a quick reference to the costs of Gleim’s products. (These prices are before Gleim CPA discounts, of course.)

Complete review systems:

4-Section Gleim Premium CPA Review System: $1,999
4-Section Traditional CPA Review System: $1,599

Auditing and Attestation (AUD) section only: $599-$459
Business Environment and Concepts section (BEC) only: $599-$459
Regulation section (REG) only: $599-$459
Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) section only: $599-$459

Test Bank

CPA Mega Test Bank Questions: $999
REG: $250
AUD: $250
FAR: $250
BEC: $250

Gleim has a reputation for being a great value. When I read CPA Review reviews from clients, Gleim’s affordability is consistently mentioned.

Best Parts of Gleim

How good is Gleim CPA review? If you’re studying to be a CPA, Gleim can definitely help. Here’s what I like about the 2021 edition of Gleim CPA.

1. A Strong Team

gleim cpa dr. gleim

We’re throwing it back to the 1970s (?) with this photo of Dr. Gleim.

Look at this throwback photo of Dr. Gleim! Did you know that Dr. Gleim originally wrote the original Wiley CPA Review book? Yes, Dr. Irvin Gleim and his wife wrote their first CPA review book in 1974, and Wiley took over the publishing in 1980. Dr. Gleim then stayed on as a co-author (with Delaney) for 10 years, until 1990.

Today, Gleim’s co-authors and video instructors teach at some of the country’s most prestigious accounting programs, including the University of Mississippi, Louisiana State University, Florida State University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2. Highly-Recommended Test Prep

Gleim CPA Review has a vast test bank with thousands of sample exam multiple-choice questions. In fact, the Gleim test bank is the largest on the market. For that reason alone, it’s a great resource to help you prep for the CPA Exam.

Gleim contains quite a few tricky and “out-of-the-blue” questions to make sure you are well prepared for anything the CPA Exam may throw at you.

Gleim Premium also includes an instructor-led video lecture series called Gleim Instruct. These videos feature lectures given by experienced professional educators who are currently teaching at accredited universities across the United States. Moreover, the Gleim Instruct professors cover the most important topics and lead candidates step-by-step through multiple-choice questions and comprehensive examples.

3. A Learning Tool that Teaches You How to Self-Study

I can see that Gleim put a lot of thought into the premium course. Also, I appreciate the detailed instructions and specific guidelines, such as the study tactics, recommended number of study hours, and sub-unit sections (micro study units).

Not only will this level of detail help you achieve your goal of passing the CPA Exam, but it will also give you invaluable career skills.

4. Very Affordable Price

Gleim’s Premium CPA Review System retails for $1,999 (but you can save with the discount offer on this site — see below). This course is definitely one of the most affordable integrated review courses from a major CPA review provider.

5. Access Until You Pass and Money-Back Guarantee

In my opinion, the Gleim guarantee is a no-gimmick, truly generous offer. If you do not pass the CPA Exam sections for which you have purchased the Gleim Premium Review System, you will receive Access Until You Pass.

6. Respect from CPA Candidates

gleim cpa reviews

How do customers rate Gleim CPA study review? As you can see from this image, Gleim is highly rated on third-party sites. Furthermore, if you check Another71, you’ll find plenty of positive reviews of Gleim (but don’t forget to come back to my website –bookmark it!– for your CPA discounts).

The other day, I read through some of the Gleim reviews from CPAs who used the Gleim system to pass the CPA Exam. Gleim has been a big hit with its users. People who follow the system and study diligently can pass all four sections of the CPA Exam the first time. The test bank and explanations to answers really help people prep for exam day. Plus, users love the relative affordability of the Gleim Premium Review System.

I’ll note one thing I’ve heard from my readers and read in other reviews: candidates may find that some of the sample questions are harder than the questions on the actual exam. Don’t let hard questions de-rail your confidence! Use them as an opportunity to improve your overall knowledge!

Worst Parts About Gleim CPA

1. Overwhelming Books

The Gleim CPA Review books have a reputation for being a little intense; consequently, the Gleim CPA books for 2021 live up to that reputation. And while I appreciate the very detailed discussion on every topic, I can see that some candidates may find all of this information hard to read or too much to read. I personally prefer a bulleted format with more white space on each page.

Having said that, the Gleim CPA books for 2021 are still outstanding resources. If you follow the study guide in your Gleim review system, you will see that students are not required to read the whole thing. Rather, Gleim recommends that candidates just focus on the parts they’re not familiar with. This approach makes the book much less tedious to read.

2. Designed for the Disciplined

Gleim tries hard to show you how to self-study. But then, no one is going to push you to follow through. Whether you can stay disciplined throughout the next few months of studying will make or break your success with Gleim CPA.

Gleim CPA FAQs

How does the course work?

Your main study tool with Gleim is the SmartAdapt platform that recommends review materials in response to your content weaknesses. So, you’ll follow your interactive study plan and take practice quizzes to test your knowledge.

Gleim gives you a range of study materials. In addition to your digital and/or hard-copy book, you’ll use audio lectures, TBSs, digital flashcards, and professor-led videos (if you sign up for the premium package) to reinforce your learning. (The digital flashcards are new – they weren’t included in the Gleim CPA 2019 materials.)

Which Gleim course is best?

If you can swing it, I would opt for the premium package. You get more bang for your buck, and the Access Until You Pass guarantee is worth the extra investment. Plus, Gleim’s premium course is still less expensive than other review providers’ basic packages.

How do I study for the CPA Exam using Gleim?

Gleim’s team of accounting experts have been developing CPA study guides for years. I mean, Dr. Gleim and his wife literally wrote the first book about reviewing for the CPA Exam. Trust their guidance and follow your interactive study planner. Take the practice quizzes and let Gleim’s SmartAdapt platform identify your weaknesses. Follow up with audio and video lectures and use the digital flashcards to reinforce concepts.

Fortunately, Gleim has a robust support system. So if you need to find out how to download a Gleim CPA PDF or how to access Gleim’s CPA videos from the Premium review system, simply visit the Help Center page and ask. Alternatively, you can call the toll-free support line from anywhere in the world.

And finally, take a deep breath and know that if you diligently follow your personalized learning path outlined by the Gleim CPA reviews, you’ll be ready on exam day.

How much is the Gleim CPA review course?

How much is the complete Gleim CPA Review with video? Well, Gleim’s Premium CPA Review Course, which includes all video lectures, costs $1,999 without discounts. However, the test prep package without video, the Traditional CPA Review Course, is $1,599.

Gleim also sells their CPA Mega Test bank set for $999.

Individual parts of the Premium course cost $599, while individual parts for the Traditional course come in at $459. And you’ll have to pay $250 for just one section of the test bank. Gleim also offers financed monthly payments to help spread out the overall cost.

However, when you use my Gleim discount, you can save big on your purchase of complete Gleim CPA Review courses and the test bank.

Are there Gleim CPA discounts?

Of course – and you know I have them! It’s like your very own Gleim Black Friday sale without the crowds!

Does Gleim CPA review expire?

If you go with the Gleim Premium CPA Review System, then no – your access to the review materials does not expire until you pass all 4 sections of the CPA Exam.

What is the Gleim CPA guarantee?

Gleim’s Access Until You Pass guarantee means that you can study as long as you need to before you take the CPA Exam. I love this guarantee because it takes the pressure off you to pass all four sections within a certain time period.

Additionally, you can receive a refund if you purchase the premium version, and there aren’t endless hoops to jump through if you’d like your money back. But you do need to request your refund within 18 months of purchasing the course.

Is Gleim enough to pass the CPA Exam?

Absolutely. According to Gleim, their review courses have led to over 1 million successful CPA Exams! Wow. And it’s all because of their carefully planned system and features like SmartAdapt Technology that help you study better and faster than with other systems.

What is the Gleim CPA pass rate?

Gleim doesn’t make their pass rate public, unfortunately. Moreover, most other CPA courses don’t provide pass rates, but a few do, and you can compare CPA pass rates and CPA review courses too.

Does Gleim CPA Have an App?

Right now, no – Gleim does not have an app. However, the materials are available online, so you can still easily access it on your mobile device through your browser.

Gleim vs. Becker: which is better?

Lots of CPA candidates ask me to compare Gleim’s review system to the Becker’s, so I’ll break it down for you. Just so we compare apples to apples, let’s talk about the Gleim Premium CPA Review System and the Becker Pro CPA Exam Review package. Both offer textbooks, adaptive study planners, video lectures, sample questions and TBSs, simulated exams, and access to personal coaches. Becker has developed live online courses, though, and that’s a big plus if you learn best in an online classroom environment.

However, Gleim’s top tier review is much more affordable than Becker’s ($1,999 compared to $3,499, before discounts). If you are someone who excels with self-study, Gleim is a better value.

How similar are Gleim’s free CPA questions to the actual test?

On its website, Gleim offers free access to 276 MCQs and 28 TBSs from all four parts of the exam. While these are questions generated by the company rather than actual questions from former exams, Gleim states that they “are representative of questions you may see on the actual CPA Exam.”

Is Gleim’s CPA book recommended?

Yes, Gleim’s CPA Exam review books are highly regarded in the industry for their comprehensiveness. In fact, many accounting professors use them as references in their classrooms.

What are Gleim CPA’s suggested steps?

When you begin using Gleim’s software, the program will create a list of suggested steps for you to follow based on your answers to some introductory quizzes. These steps will create a recommended study plan for the concepts you need to learn. Moreover, with the Premium package, you can also discuss these steps with your Personal Counselor.

Does Gleim CPA have an exam simulation?

Gleim’s exam simulator is one of the best. It allows you to take practice exams that look nearly identical to the real CPA Exam created by AICPA. After you finish, the software will return your results with detailed explanations for all answers.

How can I make a test from the mistakes in Gleim test bank CPA?

Gleim’s exam simulator allows you to create your own quizzes for self-study purposes. For example, you could choose to create a quiz only covering the concepts in chapters 3 and 8.

Does Gleim CPA have flashcards?

Yes, as of 2020, Gleim’s Premium CPA review course comes complete with digital flashcards.

Who are the Gleim video lecturers for the CPA course?

Gleim doesn’t list the names of the individual lecturers in their CPA videos. However, all of them are professional educators with strong backgrounds in accounting.

How long does it take to pass the CPA exam with Gleim?

Unfortunately, there is no standard answer to this question. It will vary by person, depending on how much time you have to devote to studying. Of course, you will need to pass all four sections within an 18-month rolling window to pass the CPA Exam as a whole.

Summary of What Gleim CPA Offers

Strengths Limitations
  • Dr. Gleim and his highly qualified team
  • The largest database of exam-emulating practice questions
  • A platform that replicates the actual testing environment
  • Tools to teach you how to self-study
  • A dedicated exam mentor and expert support for each customer
  • Money-back Premium guarantee
  • Quite intense textbooks
  • Self-studying can be challenging for some CPA candidates

My Conclusion: Great Choice for Disciplined Candidates

So bottom line: is Gleim CPA Review good? I think so. In fact, it is my professional opinion that the Gleim CPA Review System is a unique and effective learning tool. I highly recommend it if you:

  • Don’t need to watch engaging video lectures or ask questions in real-time;
  • Are prepared to read a lot of condensed text when you need to dig deeper into a topic;
  • Need good supplementary practice test materials because you understand the concepts but require more practice to get those extra 5-10 points.

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