What is a Gleim Study Unit? How to Study with Gleim CPA

Gleim courses divide content into modules, which are called Gleim Study Units. These bite-sized sections help you learn better by maximizing your material retention. If you still need a Gleim discount code, I have many available.

gleim cpa reviewGleim Study Unit

Studying for professional exams can be a little daunting. They cover a lot of material that test-takers must be able to recall in a matter of moments. However, research has shown that most people learn better when tackling small content chunks. That is, most exam candidates benefit from separating their learning into segments that can be attempted one at a time. This little-by-little method works better than trying to absorb a large amount of material at once. And an incremental approach to learning is certainly better than trying to cram in all your studying in a short time period.

What does SU mean in Gleim?

Therefore, in a Gleim course, the material is split into SUs or study units. Each Gleim SU separates the content into multiple sub-topics. Then, these sub-topics are accompanied by a content outline and focus questions. Plus, the Gleim chapters have lists of videos to watch, audio lectures, and flashcards. Each Gleim unit also has practice quizzes to verify your mastery of the material.

How to Study with a Gleim SU

Gleim users start by developing a study plan. This plan will consider how many hours you can study each week and when you plan to take your exam. Next, the interactive study planner will calculate how many study units you should complete each week.

A typical candidate spends 4 to 5 hours finishing a Gleim study unit. So, if you have about 12-15 hours to study each week, you can probably complete 3 units.

In each study unit, you should review all content suggested by the e-learning platform, SmartAdapt. For example, you should read all the book chapters and watch or listen to all the unit lectures. As you work through the Gleim test bank, you can go back and review selected material in that unit if you answered some questions incorrectly.

Using a Gleim Study Unit

You can also use the Gleim units to your advantage when you just need to review a particular topic. For example, if you repeatedly miss certain content in a practice quiz, you can find that sub-topic in your Gleim chapter. Then, you can re-review that topic and skip the other material you’ve already grasped.

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Are All of Gleim’s Courses Segmented into Study Units or SUs?

Yes! In all of the Gleim courses, the Gleim method of studying doesn’t really vary; only the content itself does! Therefore, whether you’re studying for the CPA, CMA, CIA, or EA exam using Gleim, you can utilize their bite-sized learning approach.

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