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Do You Need a CPA Tutor?

Anyone who wants to be a Certified Public Accountant must pass the Uniform CPA Examination, commonly known as the CPA Exam. However, this test is notoriously difficult, and only about 50% of people who take it pass on their first attempt. Therefore, many candidates hire a tutor to pass the CPA Exam. Although working with a […]

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CPA Exam Simulations, Job Tips & More

Now that the long holiday weekend is over, it’s time to get back to studying! Here are recently published CPA Exam resources, future CPA: 7 Mistakes CPA Candidates Make on Simulations How to Secure a Public Accounting Internship 5 Reasons Why CPA Candidates Fail the Exam Also, you can access the best discounts available now […]

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FIFO Method — First In, First Out

fifo accounting

If you’re studying to pass the CPA Exam or a college- or university-level accounting class, you’ll be required to have a fairly in-depth understanding of FIFO. We’re here to explain the FIFO method, and if you have further questions, leave a comment below! What is an inventory cost flow assumption? A cost flow assumption refers […]

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AnalystPrep CFA Review

analystprep cfa exam

The path to becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst is much smoother when you have the right CFA study material, like AnalystPrep CFA. With a CFA course, you can make studying more efficient and potentially reduce your study time. Plus, with the right CFA prep, you can increase your chances of passing the exam on the […]

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5 Types of Tax Preparers

The business world needs the specialized expertise of tax preparers. But did you know that based on their credentials, tax preparers fall into 5 categories? In this article, I’ll review each type and explain their differences. I’ll also discuss the pros and cons of pursuing each according to your career goals.  Categories of Tax Preparers […]

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CPA Exam Changes & Credit Extensions

Hello, future CPA! Please head over to my fully updated article about the CPA Exam Changes (those happening this year and in future years) and credit extensions. If you’ve been impacted by exam site closures this year, it might be particularly essential to read the credit extension information. Also, here’s a recap of all the […]

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AFSP IRS: Annual Filing Season Program

Welcome to your ultimate guide to understanding the IRS Annual Filing Season Program. The IRS loves acronyms, and so do we. Therefore, we’ll happily use AFSP interchangeably with the Annual Filing Season Program from now on to make life just a little bit easier. (And we’ll learn some new acronyms along the way.)   And what could […]

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Perpetual Inventory Systems

perpetual inventory system

Whether you’re studying to become a CPA or in an introductory accounting class, understanding the perpetual inventory system is essential. However, it’s not a difficult concept once you review the information contained within this article and practice the journal entries. If you need further assistance with this topic after reading the article, please drop a […]

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Lambers EA Review Course

Lambers EA Review offers training products to help you self-study for the Special Enrollment Examination for the Enrolled Agent (EA) credential. In this article, I’ll go over some of the strengths and weaknesses of this review program to help you decide if Lambers is right for you. Background of Lambers Vincent W. Lambers started Lambers […]

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CPA Exam News for July

July is almost over, but here is some information you may have missed: Essential information about Big 4 Leadership Conferences 5 ways your firm can help you pass the CPA Exam Expiring July Offers: Surgent CPA $1,100 discount Save $1,100 on Becker CPA, but grab this code and save $50 more! (Total savings of $1,150). […]

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