Surgent CPA Review 2024: Free Trial and Huge Surgent Discount!

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Surgent CPA Review is one of the best CPA review courses for reducing study hours and preparing you to pass the CPA Exam. Plus, find an exclusive Surgent CPA discount code.

Number of MCQs: 7,700+ | Number of TBSs: 417 | Access Length: Unlimited/Until You Pass | Cost: Options range from $1,599 to $2,999 before our exclusive discounts.

Why You Should Pick Surgent CPA Review:

  • Surgent CPA Review is one of the only CPA review courses tailored specifically to your strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, Surgent’s adaptive technology can save you 400+ hours of studying.
  • It is also the only course to provide you with an indicator called ReadySCORE that accurately predicts (within 4 points, on average) your actual CPA Exam score.
  • Surgent CPA’s lectures are taught by dedicated professors who don’t read to you from a book or slides. They teach you what you need to know so you can pass.

To further facilitate your decision about Surgent, get answers to your Surgent CPA FAQs. And to save big on your Surgent course, use these Surgent CPA Review discounts.


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Background of Surgent CPA Review

Surgent Founders

Thanks to the experience of its founders, Surgent CPA Review and, consequently, Surgent’s candidates are in good hands.

Jack Surgent, CPA, is the founder of Surgent CPE, the largest provider of tax and financial-planning seminars to CPAs in the U.S. He also manages a CPA firm specializing in taxation and financial planning for high-net-worth individuals and closely-held businesses. Furthermore, Jack has experience in the tax department of a Big 4 firm and as an assistant professor at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. And over time, Surgent has grown to offer reviews for other credential exams, too. For instance, Surgent makes the list of the best SIE exam study materials as well.

Liz Kolar, CPA, CGMA, is a college professor of 30 years. She’s also been teaching CPA review in the U.S. for that long as well. She has experience in public accounting at Coopers & Lybrand and has taught full-time at several universities. Before co-founding Surgent Kolar CPA Review, she founded Pinnacle CPA Review. Moreover, she has been the recipient of many awards, including the ASWA Business Woman of the Year Northeast Region, Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year, and PICPA Outstanding Educator of the Year.

Surgent CPA Courses

Recently, more and more candidates have let me know that they passed using Surgent. Furthermore, several leading business and accounting publications have commended Surgent for their innovative approach to CPA review. But despite the good name that Surgent has already built for itself in a short period of time, they’re still not slowing down on the course enhancements.

In fact, one of Surgent’s main and most consistent goals with each revision to their courses is helping candidates cut down on their study time. And not just by an hour here and there, but by dozens of hours over the course of a candidate’s studies. Personally, I’ve never met a CPA candidate who wanted to spend more time studying for the CPA Exam even with Surgent CPA. So, Surgent’s steps to reduce your review time are universally attractive.

Overview of Surgent CPA Review

As my goal is to help you find the best CPA review course for you, I present a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of the Surgent CPA Review courses as well as my personal perspective based on firsthand experience. I believe Surgent certainly has its merits, but it may still not be the best course for everyone. So, if you need additional assistance finding the right review course for you, feel free to contact me.

Features of Surgent CPA Review Courses

Each Surgent CPA Review study option is an integrated and guided review course that presents video lectures, proprietary textbooks, study notes, practice questions, study plans, flashcards, and customer support in one online platform.

You can take the self-study course anywhere, at any time of the year, and at your own pace. Each Surgent CPA Review course option comes with unlimited access, and a Surgent CPA free trial is available.

surgent cpa discount

1. Video Lectures

The online course contains 350 video lectures that you can watch on your computer or on mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, and Android devices. Each video lecture lasts for about 10-20 minutes and features one of Surgent’s expert instructors. The lectures also focus on specific topics so you don’t need to watch a lecture about the information you already know.

If you’ve read my book, then you know I am a big fan of active learning. Therefore, I don’t prefer the long lectures that drag on for 3-4 hours that you’ll find in some CPA review courses. Such extensive lectures encourage passive learning, which isn’t the most efficient.

For this reason, I am glad to hear that Surgent CPA’s lectures are abbreviated, as the length of each lecture is shorter than most courses. By offering such concise and digestible video lectures, Surgent’s course enables you to spend more time learning actively by answering practice questions.

2. Integrated Textbooks

Every Surgent CPA Review course comes with e-books and lecture study notes for all 4 CPA Exam sections. Also, your daily lessons include links to the section of the e-book that covers the appropriate topic. Surgent writes their textbooks in-house and aligns them fully with the CPA Exam Blueprints.

Surgent also offers printed textbooks with their Premier Pass and Ultimate Pass courses. Unlike digital textbooks, the printed Surgent CPA books include multiple-choice questions, task-based simulations, and answer explanations at the end of each chapter. Another notable quality about Surgent’s textbooks is that Surgent prints them on demand and updates them on a quarterly basis. In contrast, other review providers usually update their printed textbooks annually. Therefore, you’ll always receive the most updated content in your textbooks whenever you order your Surgent course.

3. Practice Questions

All of Surgent’s course offerings come with over 7,700 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and 417 task-based simulations (TBSs). Surgent has organized its course into 3 different phases (Assessment, Study, and Review) and distributes the MCQs along with the course content throughout each of these phases. As you answer the MCQs in each of these phases, the course will adapt to your performance and give you more questions about the topics you struggle with. In doing so, the course uses MCQs to help you strengthen your weak areas rather than forcing you to focus too much on what you already know.

Answering plenty of practice questions is a great way to gauge and deepen your understanding. And Surgent’s MCQs truly enable you to take these strides by including high-quality reference materials within the practice questions. For each question you answer, you’ll have super convenient access to important resources such as explanations, video links, relevant terms, references, and authoritative texts. Therefore, you don’t have to move on from a practice question until you really understand the concepts behind it.

Surgent’s course also comes with 417 simulations spanning each different type of TBS the CPA Exam presents. Surgent has also augmented their TBSs with extensive explanations, and they use your progress in the Review phase to determine the best time to introduce you to the TBSs.

Finally, Surgent’s practice questions allow you to become comfortable with the exam environment before your test by imitating the format and functionality of the CPA Exam software. As you answer the practice questions in your Surgent course from the beginning to the end of your review, you’ll see how the actual exam questions will look and learn how they will operate on the real Prometric testing center computers.

4. Personalized Study Plans

When you begin your Surgent course, you must enter your exam date and the dates on which you can study. The course will then use this information to calculate how many hours you will need to study on each of your available days in order to finish your review by your exam date. You can change this information whenever you want by adding or removing available study days, and the course will automatically adjust your study schedule.

Then, when you access your course every day, you’ll see your daily surge telling you exactly what you need to study. If you miss a day, the course will adjust your study plans and account for what you missed in the daily surges.

5. Surgent CPA Flashcards

Most of Surgent’s courses come with a complete set of spiral-bound printed flashcards for all 4 exam sections. With 250 flashcards for AUD, 250 for BEC, 300 for FAR, and 250 for REG, these flashcards feature over 1,000 terms and definitions. Furthermore, Surgent updates them quarterly so that you get the most current set no matter what time of year you order.

Surgent also has a free flashcard app for IOS and Android that contains a total of 2,200 digital flashcards. By accessing these flashcards from any mobile device, you have a great way to study for the CPA Exam on the go.

6. Customer Support

Every Surgent course comes with access until you pass and free content updates. However, the amount of customer service you receive from Surgent improves with each successive course level. So, when you purchase the Premier Pass course, you receive 12 30-minute sessions with a CPA Exam success coach. This number breaks down to 3 sessions per exam section. These coaches help candidates with exam scheduling, study plans, study tips, testing techniques, review accountability, and more. Furthermore, your coach will tailor each session to your personal needs.

If you purchase the Ultimate Pass course, you’ll get the ultimate amount of customer support from Surgent. This support will include unlimited content and technical assistance from Surgent’s concierge team. You can contact this team by phone or email, and Surgent promises a response within 1 business day.

Surgent CPA Review Course Options

Surgent has 3 review course options.

The most basic course option essentially consists of the online course, the test bank, the e-books, lecture notes, study planner, flashcard app, and course guarantees. In contrast, the most expensive option comes with all that as well as printed textbooks, printed flashcards, access to a CPA Exam success coach, access to Excel, additional practice questions, more customer support, and the audio course. You can see the specific course features and prices in this chart.

Surgent CPA Review Courses


Essentials Pass

Premier Pass

Ultimate Pass





Full Access Until You Pass
Free Content Updates
Mobile Friendly
7,700+ Multiple-Choice Questions
Nearly 400 Task-Based Simulations
350+ Video Lectures
E-Books for All 4 Exam Sections
Personalized Study Plans
Real-Time ReadySCORE
Lecture Study Notes
Flashcards App (IOS & Android)
Printed Textbooks for All 4 Exam Sections
Flashcards for All 4 Exam Sections
12 30-Minute Sessions with a CPA Exam Success Coach
Excel Certificate Course
Integrated Test Bank
Ultimate Customer Support
Audio Course

In this chart, you can compare Surgent CPA Review Essential vs Premier vs Ultimate. For instance, the big differences between Surgent CPA Ultimate vs Premier are an integrated test bank, an additional Excel course, audio lectures, and more customer support.

Surgent CPA Cost

So, how much does Surgent CPA cost? The prices of Surgent’s 3 courses are:

  • Essentials Pass: $1,599
  • Premier Pass: $2,399
  • Ultimate Pass: $2,999

Individual parts of Surgent CPA Review cost $599.

Therefore, to get all the study materials that Surgent offers, you’ll have to pay almost $3,000. However, financing through Affirm is available for all 3 courses. And, when you use my exclusive Surgent CPA Review discount, you can save even more on your course.

Best Parts of Surgent CPA Review

1. Award-Winning Lecturers

As her bio proves, Liz Kolar is not only a very experienced teacher but a great one as well. Again, she has won several awards and taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Pace University and Seton Hall University before taking her current position as a professor at Delaware Valley University.

Additionally, in the past 25 years, Jack has personally presented over 1,800 live seminars. Various professional organizations have also named him an Outstanding Discussion Leader.

But the list of quality Surgent lecturers doesn’t stop there. The team of knowledgeable individuals who lead the 350+ video lectures in every Surgent course also includes:

  • Tony Nitti, CPA: a nationally recognized instructor, practicing CPA, and popular tax policy writer for
  • Jennifer Louis, CPA: director of audit product development at Surgent CPE, president of Emergent Solutions Group, LLC, and former executive vice president/director of training services at AuditWatch, Inc., a highly respected training and consulting firm serving the audit profession
  • Susan Cox: former Arthur Andersen accountant, senior internal auditor for GTE, and a full-time accounting instructor at the University of South Florida
  • Tracy Hunt: a founding partner of Timby Hunt, LLC

These instructors not only teach the materials but also go over 100 multiple-choice questions and simulations in the lessons, which I find very helpful.

2. Adaptive Learning Technology

As mentioned, Surgent was early to the adaptive technology game. And as they’re committed to constantly improving their software, it remains one of their best and most distinguishing features. The point of Surgent’s state-of-the-art, proprietary A.S.A.P technology is to save candidates tons of study time by targeting their weak areas and presenting them with custom daily study plans. These “daily surges” continue to adjust to candidate performance and tell them how ready they are to pass the CPA Exam.

While Surgent’s adaptive learning system makes it easy for candidates to study efficiently, Surgent gives candidates the option of taking a more linear approach through the course if they want. And candidates can even switch between the systems as they study.

Surgent A.S.A.P Technology

The linear approach involves candidates going through each chapter one by one at the same pace no matter how well they know the material. In contrast, the adaptive journey through the exam content starts with completing a series of quizzes. Answering all of the questions in these quizzes allows the course to take the critical step of detecting your strengths and weaknesses. The course can then use this information to direct your daily studies to the content areas where you need to spend the most time reviewing in order to achieve the levels of knowledge the CPA Exam experts.

To address different learning styles and ensure that you don’t get stuck on a tricky concept due to a lack of variety among your study materials, the course always gives you access to the textbooks, video lectures, references, authoritative texts, relevant terms, and applicable practice questions in each lesson. The video lessons last about 10-20 minutes, the textbooks arrange information by topic, and the practice questions include answer explanations.

And Surgent has proof that thanks to the adaptive technology of their course, their students have sliced hundreds of hours off their CPA Exam study schedules. They also state that candidates can reduce their study time by up to 50%. Therefore, this technology makes Surgent’s course extremely efficient!

Surgent ReadySCORE

As you move through each lesson and your knowledge improves, the course keeps you up to date on the status of your CPA Exam readiness with real-time performance analytics, progress data, and study time reports. The course calls its specific measurement of your CPA Exam readiness your ReadySCORE.

Your ReadySCORE is a number representing your current strength of knowledge per question type, content area, and topic. And after the course has started to serve you both multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and task-based simulations (TBSs), you will receive a cumulative ReadySCORE for these question types. This ReadySCORE indicates what you would score on the CPA Exam if you took the exam at that time.

Surgent explains that their students have an average ReadySCORE of 82 when they reach the Review phase of the course. Surgent has also determined that students who have a ReadySCORE of 75 passes the CPA Exam 92% of the time. Therefore, ReadySCORE is another effective way to help candidates gauge the success of their CPA Exam studies and save time.

3. Pass Guarantee

If a student fails the CPA Exam after studying with Surgent, Surgent will provide a refund for the tuition of the course. Or, they will continue to supply access to the course until the student passes. You can learn more about this guarantee by referring to the terms and conditions.

4. Surgent CPA Pass Rate

According to the company, Surgent has published a pass rate of 92% on their site. So basically, this means that 92% of their users have reported that they passed the CPA Exam. This pass rate is exceptional, and Surgent feels confident in it because they use their course to request pass rate information from their students.

A note about pass rates

However, we are not able to confirm the Surgent CPA passing rate. That is, some companies have a third-party assurance that demonstrates the validity of a pass rate. And because we haven’t seen such an assurance from Surgent, we advise against expecting to receive a pass rate this high because everyone’s scores and pass rates will vary.

Take the Becker CPA Review pass rate, for example. To calculate the Becker passing rate, the company asked users to self-report on their scores. To keep the most up-to-date Becker pass rates, they collect data quarterly and report on it annually. Next, since Becker is a member of Adtalem Global Education, it used Adtalem’s Center of Excellence to analyze the Becker pass rates for CPA candidates. And finally, they even hired a top-10 public accounting firm to verify the Becker CPA passing rate process. And do you know what it found? According to this top-tier firm, the Becker CPA pass rates are “fairly state in all material respects.”

So basically, this assurance means that you can trust the Becker CPA Exam pass rates as published. And although the Surgent CPA pass rate is also strong, I personally think customers would like to see a third-party verification, too.

pass the cpa exam fast with surgent cpa review

Worst Parts of Surgent CPA Review

1. Surgent is a new brand that needs more time to build its reputation.

I have taken a good look at Surgent’s powerful adaptive learning technology, bite-sized videos, and many other course features. And I’ve been impressed by everything I’ve seen so far. However, my CPA review course evaluations rely heavily on the experience of my readers. Therefore, because Surgent CPA is relatively new, I am still collecting feedback from readers about their experience with the course.

So far, I have received a few rave reviews on Surgent’s products. For this reason, I’ve decided to list them among my top 5 CPA review courses. However, only time will tell if Surgent can continue to carve out a good name for itself in the CPA review course industry.

2. The course doesn’t supply as much value as Becker or offer lecturers that are as engaging as Roger’s.

Surgent doesn’t offer live or live online classes or have video walk-throughs of all simulations and many MCQs like Becker CPA Review. And while Surgent’s professors are very professional, they are not as exciting or engaging as Roger is in the Roger CPA Review lectures. Therefore, in my opinion, Surgent’s course has some room for improvement. However, if adaptive technology is a must-have for you, then you should be perfectly happy with this course!

Surgent CPA Review FAQs

How do you study for Surgent CPA?

Surgent’s proprietary adaptive learning platform, called A.S.A.P. Technology, leads candidates through the 4 phases of the Surgent CPA Review course.

Assessment Phase

To start candidates off in the assessment phase, the course introduces 10 quizzes of 350 questions total for 1 exam section. These questions cover all of the CPA Exam content areas for that section. And once candidates complete these quizzes, the course detects their weak areas with the exam content. Then, the course also assigns them their baseline ReadySCORE.

Study Phase

Then, the course generates a personalized study plan that takes you into the study phase. This study plan consists of agendas for your daily study sessions called daily surges. The daily surges instruct you to read the written materials, watch video lectures, and answer practice questions. As you complete each daily surge, you’ll increase your knowledge of the exam content and, consequently, your ReadySCORE. Once you’ve achieved a ReadySCORE of 80, the course will let you move into the review phase.

Review Phase

In the review phase, you’ll take unlimited practice exams that recreate the format and functionality of the CPA Exam. As you complete the practice exams, the course will figure out your cumulative ReadySCORE to tell you when you’re truly ready to take the CPA Exam.

Exam Phase

The final phase of the Surgent course is actually taking the CPA Exam. If you’ve earned a ReadySCORE of 75 or more, you’re very likely to pass the CPA Exam, as 92% of candidates who earn such a ReadySCORE pass.

Which Surgent CPA course is best?

I don’t think that any of the Surgent courses are bad. In fact, I think you will get everything you need to pass the CPA Exam if you just purchase the Surgent Essentials Pass course, which is their most economical offering.

However, you will get more critical CPA Exam prep resources if you buy the Premier or the Ultimate Pass course instead.

Surgent declares that their Premier Pass course is the best value, as it includes printed books and flashcards that are valued at a few hundred dollars each.

But if you have the budget for it, then I believe investing in the Ultimate Pass course is the best decision because it offers the most study materials and is still cheaper than review courses from some other providers.

The Ultimate Pass course is actually the most comprehensive because of the integrated test bank and the most exam-emulating due to the Excel certificate course. The Ultimate Pass course is also the most helpful in light of the content and technical support it affords candidates. Finally, the Ultimate Pass course is also the most flexible for candidates with different learning styles because of the audio course.

Because of these reasons and the Surgent CPA review ratings, I consider the Ultimate Pass course to be Surgent’s best.

How much is Surgent CPA Review?

The prices of Surgent’s CPA Exam prep materials are:

Plus, you can finance Surgent CPA if needed. Details are available on Surgent’s website.

Are there Surgent CPA discounts?

Yes! As mentioned, I have several exclusive discounts on Surgent CPA Review courses. You can find a Surgent CPA coupon here:

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Get the Best Price on Individual Surgent CPA Courses!

Does Surgent CPA expire?

No! All complete Surgent CPA Review courses and individual course sections include unlimited access until you pass.

What is the Surgent CPA guarantee?

Surgent’s CPA Exam Pass Guarantee program provides candidates with a tuition refund if they meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Register and pay full tuition (less applicable scholarships and discounts) for the entire 4-part course. You can’t participate in the money-back guarantee if you only purchase an individual course section.
  2. Earn a ReadySCORE of at least 75 in each section of the course.
  3. Finish a full practice exam in each section of the course and achieve at least a 75 on each exam.
  4. Start studying for and sit for each CPA Exam section within 4 months and take all 4 CPA Exam sections within 18 months.
  5. In order to claim a refund of tuition in the event of failing all 4 CPA Exam sections, send all 4 score reports to Surgent CPA Review, 237 Lancaster Ave, Devon, PA 19333 within 10 days of the final score release. If you pass one or more exam parts, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

How to Study with Surgent CPA

The team at Surgent CPA has been working for years to create a CPA Exam prep experience that addresses candidates’ learning needs while saving them study time. Surgent works so hard to perfect their course technology so that you develop a deep understanding of the exam content as efficiently as possible. For this reason, I recommend using the Surgent CPA Review course as designed.

Therefore, you should tell the course when your exam date is and when you can’t study so that the course can tell you how long your studies will take. Then, you should finish all of the practice quizzes in the assessment phase. Only by participating in this step can you know what content you need to focus on. Taking the quizzes also ensures that your initial ReadySCORE is accurate.

You should also commit to completing all of the daily surges, as these point out the areas of the exam content where you are weakest. Dedicating your time to your weak areas ensures that you can maximize your exam score without wasting a minute of your studies.

Finally, you definitely don’t want to skip out on the practice exams. Taking a practice exam enables you to build your confidence with the testing experience before you even sit for the exam. When you know what to expect on exam day, you can avoid surprises and perform your best.

So, if you’ve been wondering, “Should I follow a non-linear approach with Surgent CPA?”, then the answer is definitely yes. Surgent’s course has the capacity to turn off the adaptive platform, but doing so requires you to study information you already know and inevitably waste time. So don’t worry about forging your own path and simply stick to the one Surgent CPA Review lays out for you.

Is Surgent CPA enough to pass the CPA Exam?

Surgent CPA Review includes a lot of high-quality self-study tools. So, if you follow the entire Surgent program, you could pass the CPA Exam. The well-written materials cover the exam content extensively, and cutting-edge technology provides major educational advantages. And if you read the Surgent CPA Review reviews on sites like Reddit, you’ll find that lots of candidates are happy with Surgent.

Surgent CPA Review detects your weak areas, explains the exam content, serves plenty of practice questions, and replicates the exam experience. By doing all this, the Surgent course follows a tried-and-true approach to exam preparation. And, consequently, it allows you to greatly increase your chances of CPA Exam success.1

What’s more, the adaptive course platform and innovative resources like the daily surges and ReadySCORE remove the guesswork from your study sessions while making sure that you’re making progress with material. Finally, Surgent’s team of professional educators and trained support staff combine well with their high-quality learning components to help you learn effectively.

What are the results of Surgent CPA Review ReadySCORE vs. actual CPA Exam?

Again, your ReadySCORE is the Surgent CPA Review course’s estimate of what you would score on the CPA Exam if you took it at that moment. The course gives you your first ReadySCORE as soon as you complete the assessment phase. At this point, having a ReadySCORE in the 40s or 50s is totally normal.

But as you move through the course, your ReadySCORE will increase with your improved performance on the practice MCQs and TBSs. If you’re like most Surgent CPA students, your ReadySCORE will rise from the low 40s to the mid-80s over the course of the study phase.

Specifically, according to Surgent, their students usually enter the review phase of the course with a ReadySCORE of 84. In this case, these students have experienced a 97% improvement over the average assessment phase ReadySCORE of 43.

Furthermore, when they sit for the exam, the average Surgent student’s combined ReadySCORE is within 4% of their CPA Exam score. Consequently, Surgent’s ReadySCOREs are typically about 94% accurate.

Therefore, the results of the Surgent CPA ReadySCORE vs. actual CPA Exam score are that these 2 figures will be very close to each other. And your CPA Exam score may be higher than your ReadySCORE.

What is the Surgent CPA pass rate?

Surgent CPA has figured out the pass rate for all of its students with a specific ReadySCORE. For Surgent students who earn a ReadySCORE of 75 or more in all content areas, topics, and question types, the pass rate is 92%.

This pass rate is quite high, and what’s more, it proves that candidates who use Surgent’s course properly usually pass the exam. Therefore, you can trust Surgent’s course to correctly assess your exam readiness.

Surgent CPA has also had a third-party platform calculate the average pass rate for all Surgent students, no matter their ReadySCORE. This objectively determined pass rate is 84%, which is also a very good percentage.

What about Surgent CPA Review vs Becker and other reviews?

Surgent CPA has a strong reputation, but how does it stack up against other CPA Exam reviews?

Becker vs. Surgent

How are the Surgent CPA pass rates compared to the Becker CPA pass rate? According to Surgent, about 92% of their users who had a ReadySCORE of at least 75 passed the CPA Exam. The Becker CPA pass rate statistics are a little stronger, however. For users who are “Exam Day Ready” and successfully work through most of their course, the Becker pass rate is 94%. You can read more about Surgent vs. Becker on this site.

Wiley vs Surgent

You can also consider Wiley CPA vs Surgent, of course. First, the differences between Wiley vs Surgent CPA Review basically come down to Surgent’s ReadySCORE and the fact that Surgent saves candidates a lot of study time.

Second, the pass rates for Surgent CPA vs Wiley are similar. About 92% of Surgent users pass the CPA Exam. In comparison, Wiley asserts that 9 out of 10 of Wiley users pass. But still, if you have to pick between Wiley or Surgent CPA, I would still go with Surgent because its just an all-around better platform. Plus, many users have found errors in Wiley’s materials.

My Surgent CPA Review Recommendation

My overall impression of Surgent CPA Review is positive. Surgent is a relatively new brand compared to some other, more established CPA course providers. But, the company still has a lot to offer, and the Surgent CPA passing rate is strong.

Specifically, Surgent’s team is super dedicated to helping candidates pass the CPA Exam as fast as they can, so all of the course resources serve that purpose. And, even the smallest course comes with a decent amount of materials all in one nice package.

The adaptive technology, in particular, can really save candidates time, especially freshly-graduated candidates. Surgent continuously improves its course platform with the candidate in mind. Therefore, you can count on receiving an intuitive, easy-to-use, and personalized experience from your Surgent course. And due to Surgent’s strict focus on improving your weaknesses, Surgent could work for you if you’ve already failed an exam section.

Because your feedback is important, I’d love to know what you think. So, feel free to contact me about your studies with Surgent CPA Review so I can share it with future CPA candidates!

Surgent CPA Review Discount

I have several Surgent CPA Review discounts available. To see each Surgent CPA Review discount, please visit my CPA review discount page.

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