CPA Exam Disciplines: How to pass the new CPA Discipline exam sections

Are you prepared for the new CPA Exam Disciplines? After all, the CPA Exam changes in January 2024 and will follow a new Core + Discipline model. The exam will still have four parts, including 3 required Core sections (AUD, FAR, and REG), plus candidates will have to pass one of three Discipline sections. So […]

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Do CPAs Need to Take the LSAT? A breakdown of the LSAT vs CPA


If you’re an accountant, do you know if CPAs need to take the LSAT and go to law school? After all, some public accountants consider law school to supplement their careers in tax. But the CPA and LSAT exams are completely different, and both require a significant amount of study time. So if you’re considering […]

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GRE Practice Test & GRE Prep

GRE Prep IPasstheCPAExam

Table of Contents Table of Contents Wiley vs. Becker CPA Comparison ChartThe Winner of Wiley or Becker CPA ReviewWiley CPAexcel and Becker HistoryCourse Interfaces: Which is Best?Wiley Compared to Becker CPA MaterialsUpdates for a Wiley or Becker CPA Exam Review CourseWiley vs. Becker: Pass RatesWiley vs. Becker CPA Review Learning StylesCPA Discounts for Becker and […]

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Manhattan Prep: Our #1 GRE Test Prep for High GRE Test Scores

ManhattanPrep GRE IPasstheCPAExam

Manhattan Prep provides interesting and enjoyable yet high-quality GRE test prep. GRE exam study packages from Manhattan Prep include GRE books, video lessons, practice GRE questions, live classes, and several GRE practice tests. However, with all the choices for GRE prep available today, is Manhattan Prep the best GRE course for you? And does it […]

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Best Series 99 Study Guides (2024): Plus finding the best Series 99 practice exam

Series 99 study guides are essential if you’re planning to work in the world of finance as an operations professional. After all, you’ll need to pass both the general SIE exam and the Series 99 license top-off test to earn your license. This 50-question exam basically covers the securities industry, broker-dealer operations, and professional ethics. […]

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HOCK CIA Challenge Exam Study Material: Plus a special discount

HOCK CIA Challenge Exam

The HOCK CIA Challenge Exam materials are specifically catered for candidates who want to tackle this special opportunity from the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). However, the IIA Challenge Exam historically has a low rate. Therefore, even if you’re an experienced accountant or auditor, you should study with a good review course like HOCK. So […]

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Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Study Material: Using Gleim to beat the IIA Challenge

gleim cia challenge exam review course

The Gleim CIA Challenge Exam course could help you reach your goal of becoming a CIA faster. After all, the IIA Challenge Exam is tough for a reason. But using the right CIA Challenge Exam study material will make your journey to your CIA credential much easier. Gleim CIA, for example, has developed an adaptive […]

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Becker CMA: Using Becker to pass the Certified Management Accountant exam

Becker CMA Review

Becker CMA has completely revamped its review for the Certified Management Accountant exam. Becker’s study materials are already well-known among accountants pursuing the US CPA designation. In fact, Becker is our top-rated CPA review provider. However, the CMA Becker courses were recently improved and relaunched a couple of years ago. Therefore, we want to share […]

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CPE Extensions: When and How to Request Extra Time

To maintain your CPA certification, you need to earn a certain number of continuing professional education (CPE) credits every year or every other year. However, some CPAs struggle to fit this time commitment into their busy schedules. In some cases, you can request a CPE extension to give you extra time to fulfill the requirement. […]

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CPA Pass Rates by School: Top programs for public accounting

CPA Pass Rates by School

If you’re considering accounting programs, it’s important to understand CPA pass rates by school. Why? Well, the schools with the highest CPA Exam pass rates can give students a strong background for a variety of accounting certifications. Plus, accounting firms can directly recruit from top CPA schools. So, let’s break down CPA passing rankings by […]

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