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About Stephanie – Author of I Pass the CPA Exam

Stephanie NgHello, my name is Stephanie Ng. I am the author of the published CPA Exam guide How To Pass the CPA Exam (Wiley) and the person behind IPassTheCPAExam.com. I want to tell you the story of my CPA journey.

Receiving the CPA Exam Challenge

After a few years in banking, I went to work for one of my clients in their finance department. There, I specialized in internal corporate finance. Very soon, I realized that all of the seniors in the department had the CPA certification. Therefore, I figured I should get mine as well someday soon.

Coincidentally, my boss challenged me to take the exam sooner than planned. Specifically, she encouraged me to pass the CPA Exam on my first attempt within the year, just as she had done more than 10 years ago. As a non-accounting major with a full-time job, this sounded like a daunting task. However, I agreed to take on the challenge to advance my career.

Passing the CPA Exam

In November of that year, I took all 4 sections of the exam and managed to get the following scores:

  • AUD – 88
  • BEC – 87
  • FAR – 92
  • REG – 84

The passing score for the CPA Exam is 75. So, as you can see, I achieved complete success! And I want to mention that I passed all 4 of my exams over the span of 2 days — a feat not for the faint of heart! I took one exam in the morning and another in the afternoon and then started over the next day.

If you’d like to read more about my journey to the CPA, please check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my story.

My Accomplishments as a CPA

In addition to publishing I Pass the CPA Exam, the first CPA help website on the internet (I started in 2010), passing my CPA Exams on the first try, and authoring a CPA Exam guide, I’ve also:

And for fun, here’s my CPA certification information.

Thousands of CPA Candidates Mentored and Helped
10+ Years Experience Helping CPA Candidates

I Pass the CPA Exam Information

I Pass the CPA Exam can be found on TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau. If you need more information about I Pass the CPA Exam or would like to discuss any webinar or speaking opportunities, please contact me.

Sharing My Study Process

stephanie ng i pass the cpa exam

After I finished the CPA Exam on my first attempt, many of my colleagues, friends, and friends of friends started asking how I did it.

Due to their curiosity, I began to carefully research the CPA review courses available. As a result, I was surprised to discover that there are actually several very helpful CPA review courses available besides Becker.

Then, I summarized my findings in my CPA Exam review courses comparison and created this website to share my comparison with others.

Learning from My Story

So, what does my story of CPA Exam success mean to you?

My website proves anyone can earn the CPA certification when they put in the time and effort. And I’m happy to share everything I’ve learned with you, as I’d love to help you pass the CPA Exam too!

I hope this site helps you make your CPA Exam preparations more efficient and effective!


I Pass the CPA Exam Is Helping You Become a CPA