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Becker CPA Review Discounts — July 2024 Becker Discount

Exclusive 2024 Becker CPA Review Discounts for I Pass the CPA Exam Readers!

Becker CPA Review is the most popular course on the CPA review market. In fact, thousands of CPAs have passed the CPA Exam by studying with Becker. Plus, we’ve rated it as the #1 course for our readers. So why is Becker this highly rated? First of all, Becker's course comes with plenty of valuable study materials, and the CPA pass rate of Becker’s users is very high. Second, Becker always offers great customer support, and you can even find study packages that include CPA Exam tutoring and access to experts who can help navigate the exam process. And third, you can increase the value of your purchase even more by using these exclusive Becker CPA Review discounts to reduce the price of your Becker course.

The Becker discounts you'll find on this page are the best available. What's more, they are exclusively available only for the I Pass the CPA Exam audience. So if you are looking for a promo code for Becker CPA, your search is over! However, keep one important thing in mind: these Becker CPA review discounts—and especially the specific Becker promo codes—can change frequently. Therefore, it’s a good idea to bookmark this page and return to it right before you’re ready to make your Becker purchase. 

You can also learn more about your Becker course options by reading my 2024 Becker CPA Review evaluation and learn how Becker is ready for the CPA Evolution and the 2024 CPA Exam changes. (Spoiler: I passed the CPA Exam by studying with Becker!) Or, you can check out my CPA review course comparison and other CPA review course discounts


Becker CPA Review Discounts

Save 30% on Becker CPA Pro

This Becker CPA discount applies to the Becker Pro course, Becker's most comprehensive course. This great CPA course comes with everything you need to pass the CPA Exam, including lots of high-quality practice questions, video lessons and online classes, mock exams, access to tutors and CPA Exam success coaches, and much more. Plus, the Becker CPA course has been revamped for 2024 and will seamlessly prepare students for the CPA Evolution in 2024. What's more, Becker has also added more learning tools like more live learning opportunities, more instructors, new video lectures that are highly engaging, deep dive workshops, lecture slides that accompany the lectures and CPA textbooks, and Discipline sections to match the new Core+Discipline format of the 2024 CPA Exam.

To get the best price on this Becker course, just click the button below and add the Becker Pro Package to your cart. This Becker CPA discount is valid during the Becker CPA Sale. And remember your Becker promo code (if a Becker code is listed below)! Once you click the button, you'll save on your Becker CPA Review course.

Use the coupon below to get your FULL savings with our Becker CPA discount codes!!

Save 30% on Becker CPA Pro
Becker CPA Review Discounts

Save $1,000 on the Becker Concierge Package 

You can save on the all new Becker Concierge CPA review course with this Becker CPA discount. And don't forget your Becker coupon to claim your Becker discount! 

Save $1,000 on Concierge
becker cpa review discounts

Get the Best Price on the Becker Premium Package 

You can save on the best-selling Becker Premium course with this Becker CPA discount. And don't forget your Becker coupon to claim your Becker discount! 

Get the Best Price on Becker Premium

Get the Best Price on the Becker Advantage Package

You'll get a great deal on the affordable Becker Advantage course.

Get the Best Price on Becker Advantage

Save on Becker Individual Sections!

Save on Becker CPA individual sections of the CPA review course.

Get the Best Price on Becker CPE Single Courses

Becker CPE Discounts

Becker excels at providing education for both future and current CPAs. Becker's CPE courses are high-quality and CPAs can choose from on-demand, live, or traditional CPE offerings. Plus, Becker now has a CPE compliance tracker that helps you manage your continuing education hours, and even makes CPE course suggestions.

However, you’ll need a Becker CPA Review promotional code to get the best deal on CPE classes. Here are the latest Becker CPE discounts for CPAs needing to fulfill their required CPE hours.

Becker CPA CPE Discount -- Save 30% on Becker CPE Subscriptions

Save on all Becker CPE subscriptions.

Becker CPE Prime Subscriptions 30% Off

Full-Price Becker CPA Products

Pay Only $104/mo for the Becker Advantage Package

Select FlexPay at check out to pay $104 per month for Becker's Advantage Course.

Becker for $104/month

Becker CPA Review discount is not valid on previous purchases.
Check out my Becker CPA Review evaluation.

Becker CPA Review FAQs

What is Becker Pro vs. Premium vs. Advantage?

Becker actually has three options for CPA study. First, the Becker Advantage course comes with the essentials you need to pass the CPA Exam. To be specific, it includes digital flashcards, digital books, thousands of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), task-based simulations (TBSs) with SkillBuilder explanation videos, 190+ hours of video lectures, and 12 simulated exams. What’s more, this online option uses the Adapt2U Technology platform that adapts to your learning needs.

In contrast, the Becker Premium course includes some additional support. For instance, the Premium package gives you access to exam success coaches who can help keep you on track. Plus, you can attend LiveOnline classes, which are webinars with real-time instructor interaction.

And finally, the Becker Pro package gives you the best value for your money. In addition to everything in the Advantage and Premium options, the Pro bundle also has an extra MCQ bank with another 900 practice questions. What’s more, only Pro users get access to a final review capstone course that you can take right before your big exam day. The personal support is unparalleled, too, with the inclusion of five one-on-one virtual tutoring sessions and in-person classes in select cities. And finally, Pro users also receive a one-year subscription to Becker’s CPE courses to give you a head-start on meeting your CPE requirements.

The Pro package is the most expensive before using a Becker CPA discount code. However, it’s also the bundle that Becker discounts the most heavily and the most frequently. Therefore, the Pro course is actually the best value and gives you more learning options for the cost.

Is Becker CPA online?

Great question! So, while Becker still offers live classes in select cities, the Becker course is online. But there are two different ways to immerse yourself in a CPA review with Becker. First, you can watch lectures on-demand and study on your own. However, Becker has a unique way to study called Becker LiveOnline. When you select this, you can attend classes in real time and ask questions as if you were in the class. Your class will be online, which means you don't have to deal with traffic to get to a live class. We really think this is an amazing option for those candidates who need more engagement from their CPA review course!

Does Becker CPA Review expire?

If you pick the Advantage course, your online access will expire after 24 months. However, the Premium and Pro packages have unlimited access until you pass the CPA exam.

How to study for the CPA Exam using Becker?

Over a million CPA candidates have used Becker to pass their CPA Exams, and the Becker method could work for you, too. To start, you’ll create your Becker study plan when you launch your online course. At the start of each learning unit, you can use the video, books, and flashcards to learn content, which you’ll reinforce by answering practice MCQs and TBSs. If you get stuck, you can reach out to a Becker expert or your personal tutor for support. And finally, you can take the Becker Final Review and some simulated exams right before your exam day to make sure you’re ready to pass.

How similar are Becker questions to the CPA Exam?

The Becker questions are similar to those on the CPA Exam. Plus, the simulated exams replicate the timing and functionality of the real version you’ll take. And actually, some users have reported that the Becker questions are a little harder than the ones on the real CPA Exam. But don’t let that throw you. Instead, you’ll be well-prepared for any tricky questions the CPA Exam throws at you.

How do I use these Becker CPA Review discounts?

To apply these savings to your Becker CPA Review order, simply click the buttons above or any linked text. The links contain the discount, so when you click them, the discount will automatically apply to your order on Becker's site. Depending on the sale, you may need a Becker CPA promo code. 

You can use these Becker CPA discounts to save on the Becker Pro Package, the Becker Premium Package, or the Becker Advantage Package. But make sure you select the correct Becker CPA coupon code for the study package you want!

Can I use more than one Becker CPA promo code?

No, you can only use one discount code on Becker CPA Review at a time.

Is there a separate Becker CPA flashcards promo code?

Actually, you can only purchase the flashcards if you already have a Becker CPA course. But you can use the coupons on this page to save money on a course that includes them in the complete package.

How much is Becker CPA?

Here is a list of prices for the Becker courses. But keep in mind that these prices are before applying our Becker CPA discount codes.

Is Becker CPA Review worth the price?


We’ve rated Becker as the #1 CPA Exam review course for the I Pass readers. Overall, Becker CPA Review is considered the best guided review course in the accounting industry. What's more, Becker CPA has relationships with the Big 4 CPA firms.

Becker's Pro and Premium courses contain 8,100+ multiple-choice questions and 500+ task-based simulations. And the access length for these courses lasts until you pass the CPA Exam. 

Becker is a great CPA review course choice because it features Adapt2U Technology, an adaptive learning platform enhanced with the integration of Sana Labs, an award-winning AI technology. Furthermore, the Becker CPA courses provide you with more video lecture hours than any other course on the market. Finally, Becker's exclusive SkillBuilder videos (which used to be called SkillMaster videos) give you the training you need to triumph over task-based simulations, the hardest question type on the CPA Exam.

Does Becker offer free shipping?

Yes! Sometimes free shipping is included in Becker's promotion. However, it is pretty rare, so, if you get the chance to receive free shipping, take it 🙂

How does Becker compare to other CPA courses?

Great question! To see my in-depth comparisons, please check out Surgent CPA vs. Becker and Becker vs. Wiley CPAexcel.

However, we have rated Becker as the #1 CPA Exam review course on the market because of the high level of all study materials, the clear connection to the AICPA Blueprints, and the personal support from the Becker team.

Are Becker CPA flashcards worth it?

Honestly, the answer to this question depends on how your study best. Some of my readers like studying with the Becker flashcards, so certainly consider them. However, I personally prefer to make my own flashcards. It takes a little time, but I feel like I learn a lot more in the process.

What is Becker CPA Concierge?

Becker CPA recently debuted the Concierge package. In order to provide CPA candidates with individualized coaching and support during their CPA journey, Becker created this package for anyone needing a little extra help. In essence, Becker Concierge includes everything in the Pro plan in addition to a few extras including a pass guarantee, specialized Success Coaches, and up to 50 weekly hour-long one-on-one tutoring sessions. Additionally, Becker gives you access to a License Navigator who helps you understand the licensing process according to the State Board of Accountancy in your jurisdiction. 

Plus, our Becker CPA Review discounts now includes an offer for the Concierge package, too. So even though this package is more expensive than other Becker courses, it offers a lot of value. And because of all of the extra study help—especially the 50 sessions with a CPA tutor—the Becker package might help you pass the CPA Exam with a little more ease. 

Is Becker the best CPA review?

Now that you’ve found the best Becker CPA Review discounts, you might be wondering if Becker is the right course to help you pass the CPA Exam. Well, I can say that I’ve reviewed a lot of the study materials that are available on the market, and the Becker CPA guides are at the top of the list. 

Of course, every CPA candidate learns differently, and some candidates have different learning needs. (For instance, some candidates study better with in-person CPA classes vs. online webinars, some people like to use CPA flashcards and some don’t, etc.) However, we have rated Becker as the #1 CPA Exam review course on the market because of the high level of all study materials, the clear connection to the AICPA Blueprints, and the personal support from the Becker team.

Is Becker harder than the CPA Exam?

It's not unusual for readers to email me and ask if Becker is harder than the CPA Exam. And honestly, I think that yes - the Becker questions can be harder than the real CPA Exam questions. In fact, have you heard about the "Becker bump?" I talk about it in my review of Becker CPA. Basically, many candidates score a little lower on their Becker mock exams and a little higher on exam day. 

Does Becker publish any other accounting certification exam prep?

Yes! Becker also creates study materials for the CMA exam, too. And if you need CPE (Continuing Professional Education courses) for your CPA license, CMA certification, or another professional accounting credential, Becker has CPE courses, too! 

Additionally, you can discover how to pass the CPA Exam using Becker -- feel free to leave a comment with any questions you have!