Becker CMA: Using Becker to pass the Certified Management Accountant exam

Becker CMA has completely revamped its review for the Certified Management Accountant exam. Becker’s study materials are already well-known among accountants pursuing the US CPA designation. In fact, Becker is our top-rated CPA review provider. However, the CMA Becker courses were recently improved and relaunched a couple of years ago. Therefore, we want to share what we know about Becker CMA exam prep and how it compares to other CMA reviews.

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In the past, Becker’s Certified Management Accountant prep materials were actually licensed through an outside provider, Power Resources. But now, all of the Becker content—including the CMA exam prep books and videos—are written by Becker’s team of accounting experts.

Becker has also added some flexibility to its options, making it a good CMA exam prep for non-accounting majors, too. Actually, Becker CMA now has two packages, depending on the level of personal support you’ll need. First, the CMA Review Advantage is for self-studiers who just need to rely on the Becker CMA study materials to pass the CMA exam. Second, Becker CMA Review Pro comes with LiveOnline classes that meet in real-time. Plus, the Review Pro bundle even includes one-on-one virtual tutoring sessions.

And just as importantly, Becker is a licensed partner of the IMA (or the Institute of Management Accountants, which issues the CMA certification). Although this doesn’t suggest that the IMA endorses Becker as the best CMA exam prep, it does mean that Becker always receives the latest exam updates. Consequently, when you study with Becker, you know that you’re using the latest study materials.

Becker CMA Review Advantage

To start, let’s look at the CMA Review Advantage package. Basically, it gives you access to Becker’s two-part CMA review course for two years and comes with the essentials you need. For example, the Advantage bundle includes practice questions and essays, lecture videos, flashcards, success coaching, unlimited practice exams, and simulated exams that replicate the real CMA exam. You’ll also receive the digital version of the Becker CMA book for each exam part review you purchase.

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Course content and textbooks

Becker’s team of experts didn’t just rehash the old Becker CMA study materials. Instead, everything is brand new. Additionally, all content is regularly updated when the CMA exam changes. Besides, Becker ensures that their courses cover the ICMA Learning Outcomes Statements, which form the basis of the CMA exam questions. For instance, the Becker CMA part 1 book covers all the topics the part 1 exam will address.

Beckers CMA + Adapt2U Technology

For the past several years, the Becker CPA courses have been using an adaptive learning software called Adapt2U Technology. In short, this easy-to-use platform actually learns about your content strengths and weaknesses as you answer practice questions. And then, it shows you what topics you need to study more. Plus, at the end of every study unit, you’ll have the option of taking a personalized review session with quizzes that focus on your weak areas. This way, you can focus your study time on the content you don’t know.

Becker CMA MCQ and practice exams

Each CMA Becker review course comes with more than 4,000 MCQs (multiple-choice questions) and 76 sample essay questions. In addition, you can create unlimited practice tests with questions pulled from the test bank. You even have the option of answering random questions or focusing on just your weak content areas.

What’s more, you can also take a Becker simulated exam. Compared to a practice test, a simulated (or mock) exam has brand new questions you’ve never seen before. The exams are written by Becker’s team of content experts and replicate the real CMA exam as closely as possible. For example, the simulated exams mimic the pacing and functionality of the CMA exam you’ll take at a Prometric test center. And really, taking a simulated exam is the only way to truly know that you’re ready to pass the CMA exam.

Video lectures

Although Becker CMA courses don’t have audio lectures, video lectures are included in the Advantage and Pro packages. Specifically, you’ll receive over 35 hours with the Part 1 course and over 20 with Part 2. The lectures are short and only cover one important topic at a time, so you won’t get bored watching endless videos.

Furthermore, the Becker CMA faculty are all content-area experts with many years of professional experience in law, business, and accounting.

Personalized support

These days, several exam review providers have added different levels of personal support to their courses, and Becker is no different. To start, the Becker CMA Review Advantage course includes “success coaching.” Basically, you have the option to interact with an exam success mentor who can help you set up a study schedule and discuss tips to pass the CMA exam. In addition, all users have access to the Becker CMA Academic Support Form. Essentially, users can submit a question, and an expert will reply with an answer.

The Becker Promise

Unlike some other CMA exam reviews, Becker doesn’t have a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with their products past a 10-day window after the time of purchase. However, if you study with Becker and fail the CMA exam, you might benefit from the Becker Promise.

According to the Becker Promise, you can extend your Advantage package for 3 months if you don’t pass the CMA exam on the first try. But keep in mind that there are some substantial catches. First, you must have worked through most of your Becker CMA course, correctly answering at least 90% of the practice MCQs and essays. Second, you only receive the guarantee if you took at least one mock exam, scoring a minimum of 50%. And if you don’t meet these strict qualifications, you can’t take advantage of the Becker Promise.

Becker CMA Review

Becker CMA Review Pro

If you want to go beyond the essentials in the Advantage package, the CMA Review Pro is Becker’s upgraded course. In addition to everything that comes with the Advantage course, the Pro package also includes printed textbooks, tutoring, virtual classes, and unlimited access to all online materials. Plus, if you start studying with the Advantage course, you can upgrade to the Pro course later by paying for the price difference.

Therefore, let’s go over the benefits of choosing the Becker CMA Pro course.


To start, unlike the Advantage package, you’ll get a lot more support with the Becker Pro course. For instance, the Pro bundle includes five 1-hour one-on-one academic tutoring sessions. During these virtual appointments, you can meet with a private tutor and drill down specific questions or issues. If you don’t feel comfortable with some of the CMA content—and especially if you are looking for CMA exam prep for non-accounting majors—the tutoring included with the Pro course could be a big boost to your study progress.

LiveOnline classes

What’s more, the Pro bundle also includes access to LiveOnline classes. These webinars meet online at a set time and replicate a live classroom environment. You can access your instructors in real-time and ask questions when needed. If you learn better in the classroom versus self-study, check out the Becker LiveOnline webinar schedule.

Becker CPE Subscription

CMAs must accumulate continuing professional education (CPE) credits yearly to keep their certifications active. So, in addition to CMA exam prep, Becker also has CPE courses for CMAs, CPAs, and other professional accountants. And if you pick the Pro package, you’ll also receive a complimentary subscription to 1 year of CPE courses.

However, Becker doesn’t explain when your 1-year CPE subscription begins. That is, if it starts the day you purchase your CMA exam review course, it won’t do you much good because you don’t need CPE until you pass your exam. Still, if your subscription starts after you pass, you could use this free CPE access to meet your CPE requirements.

Unlimited access

The Advantage course only has access for 24 months. And although 2 years might seem like enough time to pass the CMA exam, work, and personal events can slow your study progress. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase a course with unlimited access. To explain, this simply means that your online access to study materials won’t end after a certain time limit.

And thankfully, the Becker Pro CMA course has unlimited access. Although this option comes with a price increase, you could save money in the long run if you need more time to study and pass your CMA exam.

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Becker CMA Review Packages Comparison Chart

CMA Review Advantage CMA Review Pro
Type of course Self-study Full package
Price Get price Get price
Length of access 24 months Unlimited
Textbooks Digital Digital and print
Multiple-choice questions 4,000+ 4,000+
Essay questions 76 76
Practice tests Unlimited simulated exams Unlimited simulated exams
Video/audio content Lecture videos Lecture videos
Support Success coaching Success coaching
Flashcards 500+ 500+
Tutoring N/A Five 1-on-1 sessions
Virtual classroom N/A Live webinars
CPE subscription N/A Free for one year

Becker CMA vs. the Competition

Are you wondering how Becker compares to other providers? Take a look at this analysis of four major CMA exam prep companies:

Becker CMA Gleim CMA Wiley CMAexcel HOCK CMA
IMA Licensed / Strategic Partner
Video Lectures
# Practice Questions 4,000+ 4,500+ 5,500+ 4,008
Performance Tracking
Audio Review
Customer Service Tutoring Personal counselor Instructor mentoring Teacher support
Free Trial  (14 days) (Unit 1)  (14 days)  (14 days)
Access Time Limit 24 months or unlimited 18 months or unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Money-Back Guarantee Partner Until You Pass
Pricing before IPass discounts (2-parts) $2,199 $1,599 $1,500 $1,529
Pricing (single-part) N/A $950 N/A $914
Recommendation & Analysis Becker CMA vs. Gleim CMA Gleim CMA analysis Wiley CMA analysis HOCK CMA analysis

Becker CMA: The Pros

1. Free trial for CMA review

Becker is offering a 14-day free trial of its new CMA materials. So if you are interested in a Becker Certified Management Accountant course at all, definitely give it a try. And if you like the CMA accounting software from Becker, you can use a Becker CMA coupon to purchase your course and keep studying. Namely, you won’t lose your progress when you transfer from the free trial to a full course.

2. Unlimited access with the Pro package

The Advantage package only includes access to online materials for 24 months. But still, this time limit is more generous than other providers, which often only give users access to a course for 18 months.

On the other hand, the Pro bundle has unlimited access to your Certified Management Accountant study material. And having unlimited access just gives you one less thing to worry about when studying for the CMA exam.

3. Live interaction with instructors

LiveOnline courses and tutoring are only included with the Pro package, but many CMA candidates find this type of personalized instruction to be very beneficial. After all, without these options, you can’t directly interact with academic experts. And if you seek an outside personal tutor, you’ll find that tutoring services can be quite expensive. But these expenses are already wrapped into the Pro bundle. And five tutoring sessions can be the thing you need to boost your CMA exam scores.

4. Accountants trust the Becker name

In my opinion, the Becker CMA cost is due, at least in part, to the reputation that Becker has established in the accounting industry with CPAs. After all, over a million CPAs have used Becker to pass their exams. And our very own IPass team rates Becker CPA as the #1 CPA review course.

Moreover, Becker is known for developing high-quality accounting reviews. And it seems that these newly re-worked Becker CMA exam preps have the same high standards as Becker’s CPA courses.

Becker CMA: The Cons

1. Becker CMA is brand new

Since the Becker CMA study materials were completely rewritten in 2021, it’s hard to know how candidates are doing with the course. To be precise, we don’t yet have a pass rate for Becker CMA users. And although the pass rate for Becker CPA courses is quite strong, the CMA courses haven’t been battle-tested.

2. The Becker Promise is a weak guarantee

According to the Becker Promise, you can extend your Advantage package if you don’t pass the CMA exam on the first try. However, remember that if you don’t meet the substantial catches. First, you must have worked through most of your Becker CMA course, correctly answering at least 90% of the practice MCQs and essays. Second, you only receive the guarantee if you took at least one mock exam, scoring a minimum of 50%. And if you don’t meet these strict qualifications, you can’t take advantage of the Becker Promise.

3. Higher price point + limited offerings

We’ve checked out several CMA exam review products. And to be blunt, Becker costs more than the competition, especially if you don’t use a Becker CMA coupon code. What’s more, Becker only has packages that cover both CMA exam part 1 and part 2. That is, if you just need to pass one part, you can’t purchase a review for that part only.

In addition, Becker doesn’t sell any of its study materials (like the flashcards or the test bank) as stand-alone supplements to another course you might be using.

My Becker CMA Conclusion, For Now

The Becker CPA courses are well-known in the accounting industry to be top-notch. In fact, Becker is our #1 rated CPA review provider for our readers looking to become a Certified Public Accountant.

However, the new Becker CMA courses are untested. Becker has a good reputation because of its CPA and CPE options. But still, we shouldn’t just assume that the Becker CMA study materials will be equally high quality.

Therefore, is there a difference between studying for the CMA and studying for the CMA with Becker? Well, for now, at least, we don’t yet. Although the textbooks, LiveOnline webinars, academic support, success coaching, and simulated exams all seem promising, we need more time to fully evaluate their effectiveness. So, in the future, we will be better equipped to compare Wiley vs Gleim vs Becker CMA, for example.

But keep in mind that there is a Becker CMA free trial. So, if you have any doubts about a CMA Becker review course, I suggest giving the free trial a go. Then, you can test out the Becker materials for yourself and determine if they will help you pass the CMA exam.

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