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Gleim EA vs Surgent EA: What’s the better EA exam prep?

Gleim EA vs Surgent EA

If you’ve been wondering about Gleim EA vs Surgent EA, you’ve come to the right place. After all, passing the Special Enrollment Examination (or SEE) is a lot easier with an EA exam review course that matches your learning style. For instance, both Gleim EA Review and Surgent EA Review reviews the exam material, but […]

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Universal CPA Review 2021: Free trial and exclusive Universal discount!

Universal CPA Review is different from other CPA courses because it focuses on visual learning. So if you’re bored with traditional approaches to studying for the CPA Exam, you might want to give Universal a try. Number of MCQs: 2,750+ | Number of TBSs: 50+ | Access: Unlimited | Cost: Options range from $250 to $2,199 […]

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15 Things You Need to Know about Hock

If you’ve been reviewing CMA courses, then you’ve probably heard of Hock CMA. Brian Hock (CMA, CIA) first started training CMA candidates in Russia. And then, he started his US-based Hock International in 2003. Since then, candidates from across the globe have relied on Hock for clear and easy-to-understand CMA materials. But still, I bet […]

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Are CPA Exam Scores Confidential?

Are CPA Exam scores confidential? Yes, they are. And are CPA Exam scores confidential from employers? Absolutely. In fact, no one can look up your scores and will not know how many times you took the CPA Exam unless you tell them. Therefore, let’s review what to do if someone asks about your CPA scores. […]

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CPA Pass Rates by School: Top programs for public accounting

If you’re considering accounting programs, it’s important to understand CPA pass rates by school. Why? Well, the schools with the highest CPA Exam pass rates can give students a strong background for a variety of accounting certifications. Plus, accounting firms can directly recruit from top CPA schools. So, let’s break down CPA passing rankings by […]

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