Surgent CPA Questions: Get the Details on Surgent CPA with These FAQs

Are you a CPA candidate considering Surgent CPA Review as your main CPA review course? If so, getting additional information about how to study with Surgent CPA can help you make your decision. You may have some specific questions about Surgent, like the Surgent CPA pass rate and how it compares to the Becker passing rate. Therefore, you’ll probably find the answers to those questions here. So, get all the details about Surgent with these responses to Surgent CPA FAQs.

Which Surgent CPA Course Is Best?

First of all, none of Surgent’s courses are bad. Surgent CPA Review reviews everything that will appear on the CPA Exam, and each Surgent course comes with the core resources you need to pass. These critical study materials include:

  • Full access until you pass
  • Free content updates
  • Mobile compatibility
  • 7,700+ MCQs
  • 400+ TBSs
  • 350+ video lectures
  • Digital Surgent CPA books for all 4 exam sections
  • Personalized study plans
  • Real-time ReadySCORE
  • Lecture study notes
  • Flashcard app 

So, when you utilize these materials, you’ll have everything required for CPA Exam success. And you can get all of these features by purchasing Surgent’s cheapest course, the Essentials Pass course.

However, if you’d like to increase your chances of passing the CPA Exam on your first attempt, then you should purchase one of the Surgent courses that come with even more beneficial content.

Surgent CPA Ultimate vs Premier

Surgent’s Premier Pass course is the best value, especially if you compare Surgent CPA Review Essential vs. Premier. Along with the core materials, the Premier Course also includes printed textbooks for all 4 exam sections ($500 value), Surgent CPA flashcards for all 4 exam sections ($150 value), and 3 30-minute sessions with a CPA Exam success coach.

But if you want even more CPA Exam prep resources at your disposal, then you should purchase Surgent’s Ultimate Pass course. It comes with all of the aforementioned features as well as an Excel certificate course ($149 value), an integrated test bank, an audio course, and Surgent’s Ultimate customer support. This customer support supplies candidates with unlimited content and technical aid from Surgent’s concierge team who will respond to inquiries within 1 business day.

With its additional components, the Ultimate Pass course stands as the most comprehensive, flexible, helpful, and exam-emulating Surgent review course offering. So, while you can’t go wrong with any of Surgent’s courses, the best investment you could make if you have the funds is in the Surgent Ultimate Pass course.

How Does the Surgent CPA Course Work?

Surgent CPA Review employs Surgent’s proprietary adaptive learning platform A.S.A.P. Technology to lead candidates through 4 phases of review in preparation for passing the CPA Exam. Through these phases, Surgent CPA reviews everything you’ll need to pass the CPA Exam.

First, the course starts with the assessment phase. In this phase, the course directs candidates to take 10 quizzes for each exam section. These quizzes ask you a total of 350 practice questions about the CPA Exam content. The course then uses your performance on the assessment to determine your weak areas. It also assigns your baseline ReadySCORE, which is a prediction of what you would score on the CPA Exam if you took it at that moment.

Next, the course moves you into the study phase. Working through this phase involves following the fully customized study plan the course has created for you by finishing the daily surges on time. The daily surges consist of instructions to answer practice questions, watch video lectures, or read the written materials. As you check off each daily surge assignment, your ReadySCORE will increase along with your knowledge. Then, once you’ve earned a ReadySCORE of 80, the course will take you into the next phase.

The third phase is the review phase. Here, you can take unlimited practice exams that replicate the look and feel of the actual CPA Exam. And once you reach this phase, the course will calculate your cumulative ReadySCORE. That way, you can know for sure when you’re officially ready to take the CPA Exam.

And taking the CPA Exam is the final phase in the Surgent CPA Review process. Surgent explains that candidates with a ReadySCORE of 75 or more have a pass rate of 92%. And on average, a Surgent candidate’s combined ReadySCORE at the time they take the exam is within 4% of their actual CPA Exam score. Therefore, you have a great chance of passing the CPA Exam the first time when you prepare with Surgent CPA Review.

Does Surgent CPA Expire?

No! Each and every Surgent CPA Review course includes unlimited access until you pass.

So, you can always enjoy access to the entire course you’ve purchased as well as thorough customer support until you’ve passed all 4 sections of the CPA Exam.

Surgent will also update your materials automatically and at no extra cost to you for the duration of your studies.

You will always be able to study with the most current materials whether you purchase just one section of Surgent CPA Review or their Ultimate Pass Course.

How Much Is Surgent CPA?

Surgent offers a variety of CPA review course options. Therefore, the price of a Surgent CPA Review product varies. So, you should compare the Surgent CPA package offerings. But remember that our exclusive coupons and the occasional Surgent CPA Review sale make all of the packages more affordable.

Surgent’s most economical complete course offering is the Essentials Pass course, which costs $1,599. Next, the Premier Pass course, which supplies a few additional study materials, costs $2,399. Then, Surgent’s most comprehensive course package, the Ultimate Pass course, comes to $2,999.

And purchasing an individual section of Surgent CPA Review will run you $599.

Surgent CPA Discount Code

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How Do You Study for Surgent CPA?

To make the most of your studies with Surgent CPA Review, you should use the course as designed. And what is the daily study time on Surgent CPA Review? Well, Surgent recommends that you study 15-20 hours per week per exam section. Of course, you should also study as regularly as possible.

Study Planner

The course begins by asking you to enter your exam date and the dates on which you can study. Then, the integrated study planner within the course generates a personalized study plan that details how many hours you need to study on your available study days in order to finish the course by your exam date.

As you study, you can add or remove available study days, and the planner will automatically adjust to your new schedule. Therefore, you should communicate with the course so that the course can provide you with the most accurate data about how much longer you need to study.

Assessment Phase

Once you’ve entered your exam date and available study times, the course will start you off with the assessment phase in which it will present you with a thorough quiz of hundreds of practice questions. Using your performance on this quiz, the course will gauge how much you know and determine where your knowledge gaps with the content are.

Study Phase

Next, the course will transition you into the study phase by assigning you a baseline ReadySCORE. Again, ReadySCORE is Surgent’s estimate of what you would score on the CPA Exam if you took it at that moment. The course will also create a hyper-personalized study plan for you by presenting you with a daily surge for each study session.

Your daily surges will instruct you to answer practice questions, watch video lectures, or read through the books. As you finish your daily surges, you will see your ReadySCORE go up. Then, once you’ve achieved a ReadySCORE of 80, the course will lead you into the next phase.

Review Phase

Finally, the course will move you into the review phase in which you can take unlimited practice exams that emulate the real CPA Exam. As you complete these exams, your ReadySCORE will rise even further according to your improved performance.

So, if you follow the Surgent CPA Review’s custom study plans for you, you can strengthen your weak areas, maximize your CPA Exam score, and save hundreds of hours of study time.

What Is the Surgent CPA Guarantee?

If needed, you can take advantage of the Surgent CPA refund. If you use Surgent CPA Review and fail all 4 sections of the CPA Exam, you can utilize Surgent’s CPA Exam Pass Guarantee to claim a refund of tuition so long as you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Register and pay full tuition (less applicable scholarships and discounts) for the entire 4-part course. You can’t participate in the money-back guarantee if you only purchase an individual course section.
  2. Earn a ReadySCORE of at least 75 in each section of the course.
  3. Finish a full practice exam in each section of the course and achieve at least a 75 on each exam.
  4. Start studying for and sit for each CPA Exam section within 4 months and take all 4 CPA Exam sections within 18 months.
  5. Send all 4 score reports to Surgent CPA Review, 237 Lancaster Ave, Devon, PA 19333 within 10 days of the final score release. If you pass one or more exam parts, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

Is Surgent CPA Enough to Pass the CPA Exam?

Yes! Surgent CPA Review gives you everything you need to pass the CPA Exam the first time. The goal of the course is to ensure that you’re ready to pass the CPA Exam as soon as possible, so the course combines effective study materials with cutting-edge educational technology to enable you to strengthen your weak areas while minimizing your study time.

Surgent CPA Review follows the effective preparation approach of detecting your weak areas, providing you with insight into the exam content, serving plenty of practice questions, and recreating the exam experience to ensure that you have the best chance at achieving CPA Exam success. Focusing on your weakness is the most efficient way to learn, and utilizing a variety of study materials allows you to address your preferred learning style for deep comprehension and lasting retention.

And by enhancing their high-quality resources with a team of professional educators and trained support staff, Surgent eliminates any reason to turn to another review course.

pass the cpa exam fast with surgent cpa review

Is Surgent CPA Good for Canadians Taking CPA Exam US (IQEX)?

The IQEX is essentially the REG section of the CPA Exam. So, the IQEX only has 1 section, which means you only need to pay for 1 part of the Surgent CPA Review course to prepare for it. But, even if you just purchase the REG Surgent CPA Review course, you will still receive all of the study materials within the adaptive learning platform that you need to pass the IQEX exam.

Surgent’s individual course sections include their A.S.A.P. Technology (with ReadySCORE) and all of their expertly-authored content, such as the video lectures. You’ll also get access until you pass with support and automatic updates. Finally, your online course will still be mobile-friendly, so you can study anywhere. Therefore, the REG Surgent CPA Review course is sufficient for ensuring you pass the IQEX.

What Are the Surgent CPA Pass Rates?

Surgent CPA explains the pass rate that they’ve calculated according to their own analysis in this way: students who use Surgent CPA Review and get a ReadySCORE of 75 or more in all content areas, topics, and question types pass 92% of the time.

So, the Surgent CPA passing rate applies to fairly specific conditions, but these conditions prove that students who pass with Surgent have used the course properly. What’s more, the course told these students that they were ready to pass, and they were.

Furthermore, a third-party platform has also figured out the average pass rate for all Surgent students (no matter their ReadySCORE), and this pass rate is 84%. Consequently, this pass rate is also a reassuring number, and it is backed by objectivity.

Surgent CPA Review vs. Becker pass rates

How does Surgent’s pass rate compare to other companies, like the Becker CPA pass rate? To start, the Becker CPA pass rate statistics are a little higher at 94%. Specifically, the Becker pass rate is based on the number of users who were “Exam Day Ready.” Basically, Becker found that 94% of users who worked through most of their course and scored at least a 50% on 3 mock tests passed their real CPA exams. (That’s what’s called the “Becker bump.”)

Plus, the Becker CPA Review pass rate has been verified by a couple of third parties. First, the Adtalem Analytics Center of Excellence helped to analyze the Becker CPA passing rate. And then, Becker asked a top-10 public accounting firm to perform an examination related to the pass rates. In short, the firm found that the Becker CPA pass rates and its approach to calculating the data were “fairly stated in all material respects.” Therefore, you can trust that the Becker CPA Exam pass rates are accurate.

Feel free to compare Becker CPA vs. Surgent CPA in-depth.

Surgent CPA vs. Wiley

Let’s also go over the pass rates of Wiley vs. Surgent CPA Review. Wiley CPAexcel claims that 9 out of 10 of their users pass the CPA Exam. However, Wiley doesn’t explain how it calculated its pass rates. Nor did Wiley have a third-party organization verify its claims. Therefore, when it comes down to the Wiley CPA vs Surgent pass rates, Surgent’s pass rate is more transparent. (Of course, neither Wiley or Surgent CPA can beat the Becker pass rate.)

Should I Follow a Non-linear Approach with Surgent CPA?

Yes, definitely.

While Surgent CPA Review does allow candidates to take a linear approach through the course that involves reading the entire book, watching all of the video lectures, and answering all of the practice questions, Surgent designed the non-linear version of the course to save candidates’ hundreds of study hours by focusing only on the exam content they don’t know and strengthening their weak areas.

Additionally, only the non-linear side of Surgent CPA Review provides you with your ReadySCORE, which is the best way of determining when you’re completely prepared to sit for the CPA Exam. ReadySCORE helps you gauge your progress with the exam content and see if you’ll reach your study goals by exam day.

Consequently, Surgent CPA Review only reaches its full potential as CPA Exam prep when you rely on the A.S.A.P. Technology of the adaptive platform and don’t follow the linear path through the course.

So, for these reasons, you should certainly take the non-linear approach with Surgent CPA Review.

Surgent CPA Review ReadySCORE vs. Actual Exam Score

As mentioned, the Surgent CPA Review ReadySCORE is an estimate of what you would score on the CPA Exam if you took it right now.

Surgent CPA Review calculates your ReadySCORE at the beginning of your studies after you finish the assessment phase. Your baseline ReadySCORE will probably be a bit lower than 75 (like, in the 40s or 50s).

Then, as you move through the study phase of the Surgent course, your ReadySCORE should increase steadily. Specifically, most students see their ReadySCORE rise from the low 40s to the mid-80s throughout the course of their studies with Surgent CPA Review.

In fact, Surgent reports that their students achieve an average ReadySCORE of 84 once they enter the review phase of the course. This increase demonstrates a 97% improvement from the average ReadySCORE (43) established in the assessment phase.

Surgent also explains that, on average, a student’s combined ReadySCORE at the time when they sit for the exam is within 4% of their actual CPA Exam score. Therefore, the Surgent ReadySCORE is about 94% accurate.

So, the results of the Surgent CPA ReadySCORE vs. actual CPA Exam score are that your ReadySCORE should be very close to your actual CPA Exam score. And your actual CPA Exam score may even be higher than your ReadySCORE.

What Are the Surgent CPA Review Ratings?

Though Surgent is still one of the younger companies in the CPA Exam prep market, having not been founded decades ago like some of their competitors, this company and its courses still have a good reputation in the space.

I have personally placed Surgent CPA Review very high on my list of CPA review courses due to the fact that the positives of Surgent’s course significantly outweigh the negatives, as you can see from these 2 lists:

Surgent CPA Pros:

  1. Award-winning lecturers: Liz Kolar, Jack Surgent, and a host of other accounting professionals lead the Surgent CPA Review video lectures. And these individuals bring both a highly effective teaching style and a much-lauded career of experience to the course. This makes studying for the CPA Exam with Surgent CPA much more enjoyable.
  2. Adaptive learning technology: Surgent’s A.S.A.P. Technology was one of the first to arrive on the CPA review course scene, and it remains among the most innovative due to Surgent’s commitment to constant improvement for the sake of its students.
  3. Pass guarantee and a free trial: Surgent will refund the tuition of students who meet their terms and conditions. And before you even get started, you can explore the Surgent CPA free trial.
  4. Pass rate: Surgent’s pass rate is not only very high, but it is also very believable. Their pass rate of 92% applies to students who earned a ReadySCORE of 75 or higher. And their pass rate of 84% includes ALL students, no matter their ReadySCORE, and is verified by a third party. Although this isn’t quite as high as the Becker pass rates for CPA candidates, it’s still strong.

Surgent CPA Cons:

  1. Less established brand: Again, Surgent hasn’t been around since the 1970s like some CPA review providers. Therefore, they don’t have a long history of having helped millions of candidates pass. But they are on their way.
  2. Not as all-encompassing and engaging as other courses: Though Surgent CPA Review has everything you need to pass, it does not have the biggest test bank on the market. Rather, Surgent’s course only has 7,700+ practice questions, whereas Wiley CPAexcel has 12,000+. Moreover, Surgent’s video lectures are very helpful, but they are not as entertaining as Roger CPA Review’s lectures led by Roger Philipp.

Gleim CPA vs. Surgent CPA

So, how does Gleim CPA compare to Surgent CPA?

Well, you can’t go wrong with either. But, I believe that Surgent CPA Review is the better choice for students who’ve just graduated from college. I also prefer it for candidates who want to pass the exam fast. Surgent’s adaptive technology saves you time and doesn’t make you study anything you already know. And Surgent’s content is comprehensive enough that you’ll learn what you need to know if you can stay focused on your own.

On the other hand, Gleim CPA Review is ideal for candidates who have been out of school for a while and may need to go back to the basics with some topics. Gleim has adaptive technology as well, but its content is more exhaustive. Therefore, you can learn the exam content at a deep level. Gleim also offers several levels of customer support even for their lower-tier courses. Their exam mentors help candidates get through all the stages of the CPA Exam process.

Gleim CPA Review also has a bigger test bank. Therefore, it’s better for candidates who really like to drill through practice questions. However, Surgent’s ReadySCORE enables you to improve your understanding so you can increase your exam score. For this reason, it’s ideal for candidates who’ve failed an exam section before.

I recommend either of these courses to candidates depending on their situation. So, if you’d like my personal suggestion, just contact me.

Where Can I Find More Information About the CPA Exam?

If you’d like to learn how to pass the CPA Exam the first time and earn the CPA certification, you can find all the information you need in my free CPA e-course. Learn more or sign up now to get started!

Plus, among my readers, has anyone used Surgent CPA Review? If so, drop me a line and give me your impressions.

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