Is Surgent CPA Good?

Is Surgent CPA good for studying for the CPA Exam? Are the Surgent CPA Review reviews from users positive? And most importantly, what’s the Surgent CPA pass rate compared to the Becker CPA pass rate and other companies? Read on to learn more about the Surgent CPA Review ratings.

Some CPA review course providers have been in the game for a long time. Due to their industry longevity, you may have heard of Becker, Gleim, and Wiley before you even started your search for a CPA review course. But some CPA review providers who are up-and-coming in comparison have still been able to achieve a good reputation in a short time.

One such course that hasn’t been around forever but is making a name for itself is Surgent CPA Review. Surgent is a young company, but they’ve been taking big strides to establish themselves among the best. (For instance, Surgent’s study materials also make “best of” lists in categories like the SIE exam.) So, knowing that Surgent seems to be the hot new thing, you need to know: is Surgent CPA good? By answering this question, you can determine if Surgent CPA Review is the right course for you to pass the CPA Exam.

Is Surgent CPA Good? Fast Stats about Surgent

So, what aspects about Surgent CPA Review prove that this course is high-quality? Well, the following Surgent facts can help you quickly see why Surgent ranks among the other great review courses on the market.

Super powerful adaptive platform

Surgent’s proprietary A.S.A.P. Technology is adaptive learning at its best. Basically, it generates a CPA Exam study path specifically tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Huge time saver

Due to its ability to detect and perfect your weak areas with the exam content, Surgent CPA Review significantly reduces your study time. In the end, you could save hundreds of hours of studying.

CPA Exam readiness indicator

Only Surgent CPA Review comes with ReadySCORE, a 94% accurate estimate of what you would score on the CPA Exam if you took it right now.

Award-winning lecturers

Surgent’s lead lecturers, Liz Kolar and Jack Surgent, are among the best in the industry. In fact, they’ve even won awards for their skills in creating effective learning environments.

Surgent CPA pass rates

Surgent candidates who achieve a ReadySCORE of 75 or higher pass the CPA Exam 92% of the time. Specifically, here’s a breakdown of the Surgent CPA passing rate by exam section:

  • AUD: 87%
  • BEC: 89%
  • FAR: 85%
  • REG: 87%

What’s more, Surgent has a pass rate of 84% for all of its students no matter their ReadySCORE.

Big Surgent CPA Review discounts

On this site, you can find exclusive Surgent CPA discounts for all 3 of Surgent’s complete course offerings and on their individual course sections as well.

Which Surgent CPA Course Is Best? Choosing the Right Surgent Course for You

When you compare each Surgent CPA package, you’ll find there are some differences. Still, a collection of high-quality study materials comes standard with all of Surgent’s complete CPA review courses. These resources include:

  • Full access until you pass
  • Free content updates
  • Mobile compatibility
  • 7,700+ MCQs
  • 400+ TBSs
  • 350+ video lectures
  • Digital Surgent CPA books for all 4 exam sections
  • Personalized study plans
  • Real-time ReadySCORE
  • Lecture study notes
  • Flashcard app 

Therefore, none of Surgent’s courses are bad. Instead, you could be totally equipped to pass the CPA Exam by relying on Surgent’s most economical option, the Essentials Pass course, alone.

However, you can increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt if you furnish yourself with the additional study aids that you’ll find in Surgent’s other course packages.

pass the cpa exam fast with surgent cpa review

Surgent Premier Pass

For instance, you can Surgent’s core course content as well as printed textbooks for all 4 exam sections ($500 value), flashcards for all 4 exam sections ($150 value), and 3 30-minute sessions with a CPA Exam success coach when you select Surgent’s Premier Pass course. With so many materials for such a reasonable price, the Premier Pass course is Surgent’s best value.

Surgent Ultimate Pass

Yet, if you want every possible form of study assistance from Surgent available to you, then you should use the Ultimate Pass course. This course contains everything found in the other courses as well as an Excel certificate course ($149 value), an integrated test bank, an audio course, and Surgent’s ultimate customer support. With Surgent’s ultimate customer support, you get access to unlimited content and technical aid from Surgent’s concierge team, who is guaranteed to respond to your inquiries within 1 business day.

Surgent’s Ultimate Pass course is their most comprehensive, flexible, helpful, and exam-emulating review option. So, to find the best Surgent course for you, you simply must decide if you want the course with the lowest price (Essentials Pass), the course with the best value (Premier Pass), or the course with the most materials (Ultimate Pass).

What Makes Surgent CPA So Good? The Best Surgent CPA Course Features

Studying for the CPA Exam with Surgent CPA is easy. The best part about Surgent CPA Review is that it is truly one of the most innovative courses on the market created by a team of some of the most passionate and dedicated educators. Therefore, the specific features that make the Surgent CPA courses so good are the technology and the teachers.

How to Study with Surgent CPA

Surgent was one of the first CPA review providers to utilize adaptive learning technology. And since then, they’ve maintained their motivation to advance, refine, and perfect the learning platform that powers their course.

Surgent calls this state-of-the-art proprietary platform A.S.A.P. Technology. This technology saves candidates hundreds of hours of study time by targeting their weak areas in the process of moving through the course’s 4 phases. In fact, Surgent’s technology is so efficient that it can help candidates cut their study time by 50%.

So how do you study for Surgent CPA? If you follow the path the course sets out, you should be able to maximize your CPA Exam score while minimizing your study time.

Assessment Phase

The first phase of the Surgent CPA Review course is the assessment phase. When candidates begin the course, the course guides them to complete 10 quizzes for each CPA Exam section. These quizzes contain 350 questions in total, and the course uses the student’s performance on the quizzes to determine which areas of the exam content the student should focus on. The student also gets their first ReadySCORE in this phase.

Your ReadySCORE indicates how ready you are to pass the CPA Exam. The course generates this number by assessing your current strength of knowledge per question type, content area, and topic. Eventually, your ReadySCORE will also represent your combined success with all of the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and task-based simulations (TBSs) that you have seen so far.

Study Phase

The second phase of the course is the study phase. During this phase, the course provides you with agendas for your daily study sessions. These agendas, called daily surges, instruct you to read the textbook, watch video lectures, or answer practice questions. Then, you can reinforce what you’ve learned with the Surgent CPA flashcards. As you regularly complete your daily surges, you’ll see your ReadySCORE increase along with your knowledge.

Review Phase

Once you’ve reached a ReadySCORE of 80, the course will transition you into the review phase. The review phase gives you the opportunity to take unlimited practice exams that look and feel like the real CPA Exam. In this phase, you can track your cumulative ReadySCORE until it tells you you’re officially ready to take the CPA Exam.

Exam Phase

The final phase is taking the real CPA Exam. On average, a Surgent student’s final ReadySCORE at the time they take the CPA Exam is within 4% of their actual exam score. Therefore, your Surgent CPA Review ReadySCORE vs actual CPA Exam score should be close. For instance, if your ReadySCORE is around 80 when you test, then you’ll complete your Surgent course by passing the CPA Exam!

Experienced Professional Educators

Surgent CPA Review has always had exceptional educators behind it. Jack Surgent, CPA, and Liz Kolar, CPA, CGMA founded Surgent CPA Review and brought backgrounds in accounting and teaching with them when they did.

Along with starting Surgent CPA Review, Jack also founded Surgent CPE, the largest provider of tax and financial planning seminars to CPAs in the U.S. Additionally, he leads a CPA firm specializing in taxation and financial planning for high-net-worth individuals and closely-held businesses.

Jack also has experience in the tax department of a Big 4 firm and as an assistant professor at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Moreover, Jack has personally presented over 1,800 live seminars in the last 25 years. Also, various professional organizations have named him an Outstanding Discussion Leader.

Liz has been a college professor teaching CPA review for over 30 years. She taught full-time at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Pace University and Seton Hall University. Then, she took her current position as a professor at Delaware Valley University. She even has public accounting experience at Coopers & Lybrand as well.

She founded Pinnacle CPA Review before co-founding Surgent. What’s more, she’s won awards such as:

  • ASWA Business Woman of the Year Northeast Region
  • Distinguished Faculty Member of the Year
  • PICPA Outstanding Educator of the Year

Surgent Lecturers

To help them maintain their high educational standards for their CPA review by leading the 350+ video lectures contained within the course, Jack and Liz assembled a team of these knowledgeable individuals:

  • Tony Nitti, CPA: a nationally recognized instructor, practicing CPA, and popular tax policy writer for
  • Jennifer Louis, CPA: director of audit product development at Surgent CPE, president of Emergent Solutions Group, LLC, and former executive vice president/director of training services at AuditWatch, Inc., a highly respected training and consulting firm serving the audit profession
  • Susan Cox: former Arthur Andersen accountant, senior internal auditor for GTE, and a full-time accounting instructor at the University of South Florida
  • Tracy Hunt: a founding partner of Timby Hunt, LLC

Notes about the Surgent CPA Passing Rate

As you’re researching CPA Exam study courses, you may notice a lot of statements about pass rates. And because of this, let’s go over what they do and don’t mean.

To start, companies must compile their own pass rate information. That is, neither the AICPA or Prometric collects data about what review course CPA candidates use. But still, several companies have taken it upon themselves to figure out the pass rates of their users. Usually, companies ask previous users to self-report on how they performed on the CPA Exam. Of course, this process has some natural bias. Nevertheless, here’s a short summary of how Surgent stacks up against other companies, like the Becker CPA Exam pass rates.

Becker pass rates for the CPA Exam: 94% for Exam Day Ready users

For years, Becker has been collecting data about how well its users do on the CPA Exam. For example, Becker collects this data quarterly and publishes the results annually. But recently, the company wanted to verify the Becker CPA passing rate. So first, as a member of Adtalem Global Education, Becker asked Adtalem’s Analytics Center of Excellence to check out the Becker pass rate. Next, a top-10 public accounting firm performed an examination of the process to calculate the Becker CPA Review pass rate. And basically, the firm found that the approach to the Becker passing rate was “fairly stated in all material respects.”

In essence, this means you can trust Becker’s pass rate claims. And just what exactly is the Becker pass rate? Well, 94% of Becker’s “Exam Day Ready” users pass their section of the CPA Exam. That is, 94% of users who watched 80% of the videos, correctly answered 80% of the practice questions, and scored a minimum of 50% on three simulated exams passed the CPA Exam.

Surgent pass rate: 92% for users with a 75+ ReadySCORE

Surgent has also calculated that 92% of their users with a ReadySCORE of at least 75% pass the CPA Exam. Surgent CPA reviews its users’ pass rates by asking them to self-report on their scores. However, since Surgent hasn’t worked with any third parties to verify its pass rates, the Surgent pass rates are a weaker claim than the Becker pass rate of 94%.

Surgent CPA vs Wiley

Some readers ask about Wiley vs Surgent CPA Review. Wiley is a good value, has short but effective lectures, a study planner, and analytical tools. However, the Wiley courses are best for digital learners, as they are entirely online. And the lectures might be too short and summarized for some CPA candidates. What’s more, Wiley users have reported errors in the study materials. But whether you go with Wiley or Surgent CPA, both companies give you access until you pass the CPA Exam, and that’s a big plus.

If you want to compare Wiley CPA vs Surgent, check out this Wiley review.

Surgent CPA Review vs Becker

Enough readers wonder about Surgent vs. Becker that we’ve created an entire article about the comparison. But in short, they both have good video lectures, access until you pass, and overall high course quality. Still, the Becker CPA pass rate statistics are stronger. Click here to read a head-to-head analysis of these courses, including a comparison of the Surgent and Becker CPA pass rates.

Surgent CPA Discount Code

As mentioned, to accommodate different learning styles and different budgets, Surgent CPA Review offers 3 course packages.

The Essentials Pass course is their most basic package and also their cheapest, coming in at $1,599. Next, the Premier Pass course supplies its best value with a few more components and a price point of $2,399. Finally, the Ultimate Pass course contains all of Surgent’s available study materials and costs $2,999.

But with my exclusive Surgent CPA Review discounts, you can save hundreds of dollars (or more) on each of these courses. Just choose a Surgent CPA coupon below.

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Plus, did you know that you can finance Surgent CPA? You’ll find the details on the Surgent website. Check frequently to find a Surgent CPA Review sale.

Where Can You Get More Info About the CPA Process? Free CPA Course

Again, Surgent CPA Review is one of the best courses on the market. And it definitely has everything you need to pass the CPA Exam. So, I recommend learning more about this course by reading my Surgent CPA Review analysis and my answers to Surgent CPA FAQs. And when you’re ready, check out the Surgent CPA free trial.

Finally, if you’d like more information about the CPA certification process and how to pass the CPA Exam on your first attempt, you can download my 100+ page free CPA guide. Find out what this course is all about, or sign up now!

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