Gleim CPA vs. Wiley CPAexcel

If you’re comparing Gleim CPA vs. Wiley CPAexcel review courses, you’re probably looking at these companies’ massive test banks. The Wiley CPA test bank offers the largest number of questions available: more than 12,000 MCQs and 500 TBSs. However, the Gleim CPA test bank is right behind it with more than 10,000 MCQs and 1,300 TBSs. How do you choose between these two giants? We’ve prepared a side-by-side comparison to help you figure out which review course is right for you.

Gleim CPA vs. Wiley CPAexcel Comparison Chart

CPA Review Attribute

Attribute Importance

Gleim Premium CPA Review System

Wiley Platinum CPA Review Couse

Access until you pass High — Without continued access, you have to pay for a new course if your course expires before you finish the exam.



CPA test bank High — Without practice questions, you won’t be able to apply the knowledge you’ve learned throughout the course.



Books High — You’ll want the books to learn the concepts, especially if you do not receive video lectures with the course.

Printed and digital

Printed and digital

Video lectures Medium — Video lectures could be more important for visual and auditory learners.

100+ hours of expert-led lectures

140+ hours of video lessons plus 60+ deep-dive video lectures

Flashcards Low — flashcards reinforce the topics you’ve already learned, but research shows you’ll be more likely to commit the items to memory if you create flashcards yourself.

Digital flashcards

4,000+ digital flashcards plus 1,000 printed flashcards


The Winner of Gleim CPA vs. Wiley CPAexcel

Overall, Gleim CPA review takes the top spot. Although both are excellent courses with huge test banks, the Gleim CPA review books’ sheer comprehensiveness wins. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter all that much that the Wiley test bank has 700 more questions. Gleim’s comprehensiveness is more important than Wiley CPAexcel’s expansive digital content. Plus, it’s also essential to know that the CPA Exam weights the simulations as 50% of AUD, FAR, and REG, so Gleim gives you more than twice the number of practice simulations of Wiley.

For more information on both, keep reading, or check out Gleim CPA and Wiley CPAexcel review.

Gleim CPA and Wiley CPAexcel History

The history of these two companies is linked. Dr. Irvin Gleim wrote the Wiley CPA Review book with his wife in 1974. He stayed with Wiley Publishing until 1990, when he created his own CPA Exam study materials. Wiley is a publishing house that prints many academic journals and creates digital learning tools. Both companies offer test prep for other exams, including the CMA, CIA, EA, and CFA exams.

Gleim CPA vs. Wiley CPAexcel Interface

Like all of the company’s test review courses, Gleim CPA Prep uses proprietary SmartAdapt technology. Specifically, this software allows you to personalize an efficient study plan by identifying weak points in your knowledge. It will give you practice quizzes and recommend certain concepts to review. Conversely, you’ll identify what you know well to avoid wasting studying time.

Similarly, Wiley CPA review features FocusMe Technology, its own platform that adapts to you as you study. This program will also help you pace your study time and identify your weaknesses. However, some users have noted that Wiley’s course catalog can be confusing. Wiley was also one of the last CPA review courses to adopt an adaptive platform. Therefore, its technology is relatively new and may be glitchy.

Gleim CPA Compared to Wiley CPAexcel Materials

Access Length

Gleim offers full access until you pass all four parts of the exam, along with free updates to any material that becomes outdated during that time. However, this guarantee only comes with the Premium and Premium Pro packages. For the Traditional Review System, it’s a little less clear. You will receive updated material for 18 months but must purchase a costly upgrade or renewal to receive further access. Therefore, if you choose Gleim, we recommend the Premium or Premium Pro course, as you’ll save yourself money in the long run.

With Wiley CPA, however, you receive until-you-pass access for all three packages. These include updates and upgrades to the content as well.

Help from Experts

One of Gleim’s strengths is its offer of a Personal Counselor with the Traditional, Premium and Premium Pro packages. This mentor will provide support and encouragement and help you plan your studies. While your counselor is not a CPA exam tutor, they can help you track your performance with the software. Also, Gleim includes help from accounting experts in the Premium and Premium Pro courses, so you can submit questions about the materials you’re studying if you need further clarification.

On the other hand, Wiley hosts live, online CPA classes for its Platinum and Pro customers. These users also have access to an Expert Mentor, though the exact kind of help you will receive from them is unspecified.


Flashcards are a recent addition to the Gleim CPA preparation course. Now, you’ll receive a set of digital flashcards with the purchase of the Premium and Premium Pro packages. Unfortunately, Gleim gives no more details about the number or content of these flashcards.

Conversely, Wiley CPA Exam prep provides 4,000 digital flashcards with all its review courses and the option to customize your own. You’ll also receive 1,000 printed flashcards with the Premium and Pro courses.

Gleim CPA vs. Wiley CPAexcel Pass Rates

In choosing CPA Exam study materials, some candidates want to go right to pass rates to decide. However, this is not the best way to judge the best CPA review course. Various companies calculate their pass rates differently. Additionally, just because a course worked well for others doesn’t mean it fits your studying or learning style.

With this in mind, Gleim claims that about 91% of its users pass their exams. Conversely, Wiley claims that 90% of candidates who use their review materials pass all four parts of the CPA exam. However, Wiley’s pass rates are not verified or audited by a third party.

Gleim CPA vs. Wiley CPAexcel Learning Styles

First of all, the Gleim materials are broken down into chunks of information called Gleim Study Units. Plus, Gleim CPA reviews than 100 hours of video lectures, and they have recently been revamped so they are more conversational, more engaging, and must less boring! However, the Gleim CPA books that come with both courses are the real stars of the show. If you are self-motivated and study best by reading, these comprehensive books will provide everything you need to know. The best way to use Gleim CPA books is by reading about concepts you aren’t familiar with rather than reading them cover to cover.

On the other hand, Wiley’s instructional videos are bite-sized deep dives into the material. The company also offers its Premium users live online classes where students can ask real-time questions. Wiley may be the better choice if you prefer a classroom approach to learning. Additionally, Wiley has an app for on-the-go learning, which Gleim does not. On the other hand, if you don’t like staring at a screen for hours of studying, Wiley may not be for you. My readers have also found Wiley’s lectures dull, but they are slightly more engaging than Gleim’s.

Gleim CPA vs. Wiley CPAexcel Discounts

Both companies allow free trials of their products. Gleim gives you access to a single study unit for several months! The Wiley CPAexcel free trial grants you 14 days of full access to review materials without requiring you to provide your credit card information.

In addition, both companies offer substantial discounts on their products. You can save between 20% and 50% on all Gleim CPA products by following the link. You can also save on CPAexcel with this Wiley CPA discount code.

Must-Know Info about Gleim CPA and Wiley CPAexcel

Course Costs

Gleim CPA price

  • Premium Pro CPA Review System: $3,499 (before any available Gleim CPA discounts)
  • Premium CPA Review System: $2,999
  • Traditional CPA Review System: $2,499
  • Gleim CPA Mega Test Bank: $999 (or $250 per section)

Wiley CPA price

  • Platinum CPA Review Course: $2,999
  • Pro CPA Review Course: $2,199
  • Test bank: $600
  • Flashcards: $300
  • Study guides: $300
  • Focus notes: $200
  • Virtual classroom series: $400
  • 11th Hour Final Review Course: $600

Renewal Costs

All Wiley courses and the Gleim Premium & Premium Pro CPA Review Systems come with full until-you-pass-access. As a result, you won’t need to renew your access. Gleim’s Traditional CPA Review System and access to the Mega Test Bank may be limited to 18 months, and the renewal fee varies.


You can receive a full refund from Gleim for any unopened books or undownloaded audio files returned within the first 30 days. You can cancel any online materials and receive a refund within the first 30 days if you haven’t accessed more than one study unit. Moreover, you may be eligible for a refund if you purchase the Premium package but fail the CPA Exam. Here are the terms and conditions for this refund:

If you follow the Gleim “suggested steps” detailed in our Premium CPA Review System, are unsuccessful in passing the exam, and are not satisfied with the System, we will refund your purchase price paid for the applicable sections. You must request this refund within 18 months of your purchase.

With Wiley, you can only receive a refund within the first 10 days after purchase. However, you will not be refunded for shipping any physical materials.

Best CPA Review: Gleim CPA vs. Wiley CPAexcel

To sum up, Gleim comes out on top for affordability and comprehensiveness. Although this course may not be the best for everyone, self-studiers will find it ideal. The vast number of practice simulations offers a distinct advantage. Also, the possibility of a refund if you don’t pass within the first 18 months is enticing.

However, Wiley CPA prep does have advantages of its own. People who want the live classroom experience will find what they need here. Additionally, Wiley’s test bank is the largest on the market, even if not by a huge margin.

Who Should You Pick: Gleim CPA or Wiley CPAexcel?

Course Features

Gleim CPA

Wiley CPAexcel

Video lectures



Access until you pass



Help from experts






Pass rates



Course quality






As you can see, our Gleim CPA review ratings just edge out Wiley CPA excel by half a point. Additionally, in terms of Wiley vs. Gleim CPA prices, Gleim is the more affordable course. While both are excellent review courses, we find that Gleim is the better option.

Conclusion about Gleim CPA vs. Wiley CPAexcel

As these are both good study products, we urge you to consider both in terms of your preferred learning style. Gleim’s SmartAdapt technology teaches you how to self-study, while Wiley’s videos and classes give you a little more structure. With my Gleim CPA discount, you’ll find that Gleim is the most affordable CPA course available.

You may also want to read Surgent vs. Becker and Becker vs. Wiley. If you prefer a more holistic comparison, check out my CPA review course chart.

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