2024 Roger CPA Review: Can You Pass with Only Roger?

roger cpa review

In 2001, Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA, founded Roger CPA Review. His goal in creating this course and developing the Roger Method was to produce an enjoyable and effective CPA exam prep experience. And in truth, the reputation of Roger CPA Review is just that.

Roger Philipp is well-known for his passionate, energetic, and occasionally silly personality, and he brings all of that to the Roger CPA Review video lectures while explaining the most important exam concepts.

And because the video lectures are quite a distinguishing feature of Roger CPA Review, they have set the tone for the general public’s perception of the course. They also serve as the biggest testament to the promise that CPA candidates can find the study process engaging and even fun when they choose to use Roger CPA Review.

However, Roger has recently taken his course in another direction by enhancing it with technological improvements. For example, Roger’s team programmed the course with predictive technology to help candidates evaluate their exam readiness at any given time.

Then, in July 2019, UWorld, a leader in high-stakes exam preparation and professional education acquired the Roger CPA Review company. As a result, Roger CPA Review underwent additional upgrades that made the course even more high-tech.

Therefore, Roger CPA seems set on making its course as effective as it is enjoyable, if not more so. Consequently, Roger CPA Review isn’t just about fun and games. And as a result, this course may be the perfect CPA Exam prep for you. So, use our analysis of Roger CPA Review to learn more and decide if you need this course to achieve CPA Exam success.


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Background of Roger CPA Review

Before Roger CPA Review became what it is today, Roger Philipp started out in the CPA Exam prep industry by teaching live classes in San Francisco. Then, he started developing interactive e-learning courses. Roger’s courses were always popular in the Bay area where they originated. But now, Roger CPA Review is a global brand with innovative online products accessible to everyone.

Furthermore, Roger CPA Review boasts a 94% pass rate by having helped over 200,000 candidates become CPAs. Therefore, Roger CPA Review has become one of the biggest names in the CPA Exam prep industry. And as a UWorld acquisition, Roger CPA Review has even more potential for advancement and expansion in its future.

Roger CPA Discount

roger cpa review

$2,100 UWorld Roger CPA Coupon

Overview of 2024 Roger CPA Review Course

I’m here to help you find the best CPA review course for you. Therefore, I’ve compiled this assessment of Roger CPA Review using a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of the course as well as my personal perspective developed from firsthand experience.

Features of the Roger CPA 2024 Course

1. Video Lectures

The Roger CPA Review course presents over 100 hours of video lectures that Roger Philipp leads. The course breaks these lectures down into 10-30 minute segments. And again, the course video player accommodates international students and candidates with hearing disabilities by containing viewing tools such as subtitles and video speed adjustments.

What’s more, because the lectures and the eTextbooks appear alongside each other, you can highlight and take notes in the textbook while you watch the video lecture. In this way, you’ll be actively and steadily learning rather than plowing through the lectures on auto-pilot.

2. Practice Questions and Exams

Roger CPA Review’s test bank has over 6,000 practice questions. This number includes 400 task-based simulations pulled from AICPA-released questions. With the Exam Simulator, you can use these practice questions to make unlimited practice exams that recreate the testing environment by adding a time limit. But you still only have 6,000+ practice questions from which to make these practice exams.

So, the Roger test bank is actually on the small side in the CPA review course industry, but the company clearly states that they are going for better, not bigger, with their test bank.

And one of the ways in which Roger CPA Review tries to compensate for the size of the test bank is by supplying question analytics. Specifically, to help you see your progress with the practice questions, Roger’s test bank tracks which questions you’ve answered and categorizes them into performance reports. So, with this information, you can see your strengths and weaknesses with questions about the different exam content areas.

3. Printed Textbooks

Roger CPA Review’s printed textbooks contain the same succinct content as the eTextbooks found in the online course and allow kinesthetic and linguistic learners to engage more with the course information. And if you purchase the Elite-Unlimited course package, you will receive the printed textbooks along with the eTextbooks. You’ll also receive the printed textbooks if you purchase single parts of the course.

However, you can’t purchase the textbooks separately, so you won’t be able to get them at all if you choose the Premier Bundle course package.

4. Customizable Digital Flashcards

Roger’s team of experts has curated over 200 terms, mnemonics, and summaries from the course content to create digital flashcards. And because the Roger course is mobile compatible, you can access the flashcards on your phone or tablet for easier and more flexible functionality. What’s more, you can also customize your own flashcard decks to print out and flip through. So, in this way, Roger CPA Review gives kinesthetic learners even more study options.

However, you’ll only receive digital flashcards if you purchase the Elite-Unlimited course. You can’t even get the flashcards in the single parts of the course. Furthermore, printing out flashcards you made on your computer still prevents you from experiencing the scientifically proven learning benefits of mentally rewording the course information and physically writing out your adaptations to create your own flashcards.

5. 4-Part Cram Course

Another feature you only receive when you pay for the Elite-Unlimited course is the 4-part Cram Course. The Cram Course is a quick review of the most heavily tested topics on the CPA Exam. In this way, the Cram Course in Roger CPA Review is like the Final Review in Gleim CPA Review or in Becker CPA Review. You can use the Cram Course to determine any remaining weaknesses you may have and strengthen them before exam day.

6. Homework Help Center

The Homework Help Center is a forum in which you can post questions about the material you’re studying. Roger’s team of expert CPA moderators will provide you with a comprehensive answer to your question within 24 hours.  When I asked additional questions about the customer support the Homework Help Center supplies, the team responded with this information:

“We have two professional moderators on our Homework Help Center who are professional CPAs and go through and answer students’ questions. We always encourage students to go through and see if their questions were already asked because oftentimes they were. Additionally, if there’s a lapse in response time, it’s because the moderators are generating the best answer.”

Additionally, the Elite-Unlimited course also includes phone, chat, and email support. So, if you anticipate relying on the professionals at Roger to help you manage some of the trickier exam topics, then you’ll need to invest in the Elite-Unlimited course.

7. Access Until You Pass Or Course Renewals

When you purchase the Elite-Unlimited course, you receive an unlimited course duration. So, you’ll always have access to the most recent version of the Elite-Course until you pass the CPA Exam. Furthermore, your course duration time only begins when you activate the course from within your student account, not when you purchase the course. And if you buy the Elite-Unlimited or Premier Bundle course that contains all 4 exam parts, all of the course parts activate simultaneously.

On the other hand, if you buy the Premier Bundle, your course access will only last for 18 months. And choosing single Roger CPA Review course parts leaves you with just 12 months of access. However, you can extend your access to these courses by purchasing a course renewal within your student account.

Course renewal periods come in increments of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. These renewals start on the existing expiration date of your course, not the date of purchase. Also, you can’t defer the start time of your course renewal. Finally, you can’t purchase a course renewal after your course access has already expired; you have to buy one before your course access ends.

8. 7-day Free Trial

Roger CPA Review has a 7-day free trial. The trial allows you to experience all the course features for an entire week before you buy it. And you don’t even need to supply your credit card number. So, if you’d like to explore the course before you commit to it, you should check out the free trial.

Roger CPA Review Course Options

In the past, Elite-Unlimited course included more variety in their course and product offerings. However, they’ve streamlined your options to now involve just 3 options: the Elite-Unlimited 4-Part Course, the Premier Bundle 4-Part Course, and Single Parts. Each course option comes with Roger’s SmartPath predictive technology. Furthermore, the contents of the 4-Part Courses include:

Elite-Unlimited 4-Part CPA Review

  • Unlimited course duration
  • 6,000+ high-quality practice questions
  • 100+ video lecture hours
  • Fully-featured mobile app
  • Enhanced learning tools
  • Printed course textbooks
  • Digital flashcards
  • 4-part cram course

Premier Bundle 4-Part CPA Review

  • 18 months course duration
  • 6,000+ high-quality practice questions
  • 100+ video lecture hours
  • Fully-featured mobile app
  • Enhanced learning tools

Additionally, Single Parts for each CPA Exam section (AUD, FAR, REG, and the CPA Discipline sections) contain the following materials:

  • 12 months course duration
  • High-quality CPA Exam questions
  • Video lectures
  • Fully-featured mobile app
  • Enhanced learning tools
  • Printed course textbooks

Roger CPA Review Cost

So, if you choose to use Roger CPA Review, how much will one of their courses set you back?

Well, Roger CPA Review has 2 complete course options for the following prices:

  • Elite-Unlimited: $2,999
  • Premier Bundle: $1,899

Roger also sells individual sections of their course for $399 with access for 6 months.

However, when you use my Roger CPA Review discount, you can save big on your purchase of the Elite-Unlimited course.

Strengths of Roger CPA Review

1. Engaging Teaching Style

Roger CPA Review has always aimed to be efficient, effective, and enjoyable. And because Roger Philipp serves as the instructor of the video lectures, the course is definitely enjoyable.

roger philipp cpa cgma

As mentioned, Roger brings a lot of energy to the video lectures, and as a result, many candidates find the video lectures to be quite entertaining. What’s more, Roger is a good teacher. He explains the exam content in a way that makes sense and enables candidates to get a firm grasp on challenging topics. His unique teaching methodologies enable candidates to achieve increased comprehension and retention.

For these reasons, Roger is definitely known as one of the best lecturers in the business. And as such, he sets Roger CPA Review apart from more institutionalized CPA review courses that don’t deliver lectures of such quality.

In the past, some candidates have commented that Roger talks too fast. Therefore, to alleviate these candidate frustrations, the Roger CPA Review video lectures feature viewing capabilities such as lecture bookmarks, closed captioning, and adjustable playback speed. Roger CPA has also streamlined the visual learning experience of their course by delivering micro-lectures and eTextbooks side-by-side.

2. Integrated, Innovative, and Effective Technology

roger cpa course

With Roger Philipp leading the video lectures, Roger CPA Review has been an enjoyable CPA review course for some time. But in the last few years, the company has also made the effort to carve out a more effective course as well. As a result, Roger CPA Review is a fully-integrated course filled with cutting-edge technology that helps candidates pass the CPA Exam much faster.

Roger SmartPath Technology

For example, Roger CPA Review utilizes SmartPath Predictive Technology, a learning tool that uses previous successful student behavior to gauge a candidate’s exam readiness with each CPA Exam syllabus content area. Specifically, SmartPath empowers you to visualize the path to CPA Exam success by comparing your study progress against that of candidates who have already passed so you can see the amount of effort passing requires.

This data-driven course platform then supplies you with knowledge targets on which to focus so you can maximize your study efforts. To help you reach your targets, the course also processes data about your performance to determine which practice questions to serve you.

Additionally, the course also calculates how many questions you’ll need to answer to be ready to pass. To ensure that you answer the right kind and number of practice questions, the course guides you to take adaptive smart quizzes that include 15 multiple-choice questions and 1 task-based simulation.

In this way, SmartPath creates a customized learning experience for you. And this customization is apparently very powerful, as Roger CPA reports that candidates who meet all their SmartPath targets have a 91% pass rate.

Finally, Roger CPA Review also contains enhanced study tools such as personalized study planners and custom digital flashcards. Therefore, the Roger CPA Review course is certainly tricked out enough to prepare you to pass the CPA Exam!

3. High-Quality Questions and Explanations

Roger CPA Review does not offer the biggest test bank on the market. However, the company prioritizes quality over quantity when developing practice questions. And again, the course analyzes your current understanding of the exam concepts to compute exactly how many practice questions you need to answer to pass.

So, the goal of Roger CPA Review is not to give you access to an excessive amount of questions. In fact, in an effort to help you meet your knowledge targets as soon as possible, the course would rather you answer a few of the best questions than many of the mediocre questions.

Roger CPA Test Bank

Another Roger CPA Review course feature that empowers candidates to study efficiently is the cache of answer explanations. These explanations are clear and concise, and they come with all the answer options as opposed to just the right answer. What’s more, vivid illustrations of the answers often accompany the explanations so that candidates have even more opportunities to fully grasp the concepts behind the questions.

And the Roger CPA Review practice questions not only teach you the critical reasoning skills you need to perform well on the CPA Exam, but they also allow you to get comfortable with the exam environment in advance by mirroring the CPA Exam testing format. The course design around the practice questions contains buttons and colors that are very similar to those of the real CPA Exam. So, the format and functionality of the real CPA Exam will be very familiar to you by the day of your testing appointment. However, Roger CPA Review also allows you to retain access to useful course features such as flashcards, notes, and answer explanations while answering practice questions.

Finally, Roger CPA Review’s practice questions also align with the AICPA CPA Exam Blueprints. The course offers complete coverage of the exam content and includes questions for every content area, group, topic, and task within the Blueprints.

roger cpa simulation4. Mobile Compatibility

Roger CPA Review knows that you don’t always want to study at your computer. And sometimes, you need to study on the go. Therefore, this course comes with a mobile app that’s completely compatible with all of your devices.

Better still, the app contains all of the course features, so you can pick up right where you left off on a different device. And the app even gives you the option to download course content for offline access. So, by supplying such study flexibility, the Roger CPA Review course is very convenient for busy CPA candidates.

Limitations of Roger CPA Review

1. Insufficient Coverage?

In the past, a noticeable number of my readers have mentioned that the Roger CPA Review course skims over the details of the exam content. Some candidates actually prefer this brevity, as they feel it prevents them from wasting time. But candidates who haven’t yet acquired practical experience in auditing and accounting may struggle with this lack of coverage.

However, the SmartPath Predictive Technology assesses your knowledge of the exam content and directs you to study certain topics more until you’ve mastered them. And again, the course is getting its information about the levels of knowledge you need to pass the exam from the study habits of previously successful candidates. So, though you may not review a certain topic for very long or go very far into the depths of that topic, reaching your knowledge target for that topic ensures that you have the understanding you need to pass.

My Roger CPA Recommendation

Roger CPA Review is a unique course for several reasons.

First of all, thanks to its namesake video lecturer, Roger’s course excels at teaching audio and visual learners. And no other course in the industry presents such exciting accounting video content. Though to be honest, Roger’s personality is somewhat polarizing. He never really turns the energy off, so if you can’t handle his intensity, you shouldn’t bother with this course. Other courses have calmer lead lecturers, so you can still get video training elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you do appreciate Roger’s teaching style, then the implementation of technological innovations and customized guidance gives you another reason to strongly consider Roger CPA Review.

Roger calls their SmartPath technology predictive rather than adaptive because it uses the study performances of successful CPA Exam candidates to forecast what your CPA Exam score would be at any given time. It also uses information about successful candidate study behaviors to establish your knowledge targets for your weak areas. Again, no other course on the market has taken its course platform in this direction. And with Roger reporting a pass rate of 94%, I can’t deny that their singular technology works for candidates.

So, if this distinct combination of engaging video lectures and proprietary technology appeals to you, then you should investigate Roger CPA Review. To do so, you can sign up for the 7-day free trial. Or, you can use my Roger discount code to save on your Roger CPA Review course purchase.

However, if you find the price of Roger CPA Review a little off-putting, or if you would like even more features for your money, then I have 2 other course suggestions for you.

Roger CPA Review vs. Gleim CPA Review

Roger’s strong points are video lectures and predictive technology. Yet, the price of the course is over $2,000 with my discount code and almost $3,000 without it. And for that price, you still don’t get a very big test bank. Therefore, if you’d like to get very similar features for a better value, you should go with Gleim CPA Review.

Gleim’s Premium CPA Review course has over 100 hours of video lectures that might not be as action-packed as Roger’s but are still very effective at explaining important exam concepts. What’s more, Gleim has also enhanced its courses with their proprietary adaptive technology called SmartAdapt. Gleim’s technology uses diagnostic quizzes to pinpoint your weak areas and continuously evolves based on your progress.

Furthermore, Gleim’s Final Review is a little more advanced than Roger’s Cram Course, as the Final Review involves taking a practice exam and getting an update on your weak areas based on the results. Gleim’s courses are also mobile-friendly, though they don’t have an app.

Additionally, the Gleim CPA Review test bank has over 10,000 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and over 1,000 task-based simulations (TBSs). So, Roger’s test bank of 6,000+ MCQs and 400 TBSs really pales in comparison.

Finally, at just $1,999 for the Premium CPA Review course, which also includes access until you pass, Gleim’s price point is much more affordable. Also, don’t forget to apply these Gleim CPA discounts.

Roger CPA Review vs. Wiley CPAexcel

Another course that gives you more bang for your buck than Roger CPA Review is Wiley CPAexcel. The Wiley CPAexcel Platinum course is the same price as Roger’s Elite-Unlimited Course: $2,999. However, Wiley’s course comes with more useful features for learning the exam content in-depth. However, many candidates report that the amount of content covered in the Wiley course is overwhelming. Moreover, it takes candidates much longer to get through all the materials, so having more tools isn’t necessarily a good thing.

For example, Wiley’s course has more video lecture hours (140+), and the instructors are just as knowledgeable as Roger. They may not demonstrate their passion for accounting with the same enthusiasm, but they do extrapolate on the exam topics in a professional and beneficial manner. Wiley also breaks their video lectures down into bite-sized lessons that are easy to digest.

However, in recent months, Roger CPA Review, and as a result, it is now more affordable than Wiley.

Help with Your Roger CPA Review Decision

So, I think Wiley CPAexcel and Gleim CPA Review are worthy alternatives to Roger CPA Review. Of course, if energizing and helpful CPA exam lectures are a must-have, then look no further than Roger CPA Review.

Roger FAQ

Is Roger CPA enough alone?

Each candidate studies differently, so that question is hard to answer. However, if you learn best from engaging video lectures, this could be the right course for you. Plus, Roger’s customizable digital flashcards, cram course, and personalized support could help you pass the CPA Exam on your first try. In fact, according to Roger, 94% of their students pass the CPA Exam.

How much is it to study Roger CPA?

The prices for Roger’s review courses, before your I Pass the CPA Exam discount, are the following: Elite-Unlimited $2,999; Premier Bundle $1,899; single course section: $399. However, Roger is currently discounting its course to compete with some of the lower-priced options out there, making Roger an unbeatable value.

How to study for REG CPA using Roger

The REG or Regulation section of the CPA Exam can be challenging for many candidates because it covers everything from federal tax procedures to business law. So, REG can test a lot of nuanced concepts. The Roger CPA videos are great, but they just can’t give detailed coverage of every REG topic. Therefore, I suggest reading the textbooks and taking notes for REG in addition to watching the videos. When you combine this approach with drilling the MCQs in the test bank, you should be good to go. And remember, if you have questions, you can always reach out to Rogers for support via phone, chat, or email.

How long does it take to get Roger CPA books?

Once you place an order, processing, and packaging the textbooks can take 3-5 business days. Once they are packed, Roger’s shipping team will ship them to you. The shipping time will depend on your address location and your selected shipping method. 

How to study using Roger CPA 

A lot of readers ask me how to study for the CPA Exam using Roger. Since Roger CPA has such great videos, I would start there. While you’re watching the videos, you can follow along in your textbooks. Pause the videos when you need to take notes. Then, test yourself with the MCQs in the test bank. And finally, use the cram courses for a study boost a few weeks before you take your exam.

Is Roger CPA better than Becker?

So, it’s hard to judge which course is “better” than the other. But still, each course has its strengths and weaknesses. Becker is intended for a broader audience than Roger and offers more comprehensive study materials.

Becker has video explanations for all simulations and many of the MCQs, but the Roger videos are really engaging. And they both have final review cram courses. Becker’s test bank is larger by about 1,000 MCQs, but Roger’s goal is to provide better—not more—sample questions. Becker has a higher price point than Roger, but Becker gives substantial discounts more frequently. But still, visual learners who are looking for a more condensed course may appreciate Becker.

If you have any doubts, I suggest taking advantage of the 7-day free trial.

Can I extend Rogers CPA?

Yes, you can extend your Rogers subscription. If you have the Elite-Unlimited package, you have unlimited access. However, if you choose the Premier Bundle, you have access for 18 months. And the single Rogers review sections only have access for 12 months. If needed, you can extend your subscription in increments of 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. But keep in mind that you need to extend before your package expires. 

To renew your subscription, log into your account on the Rogers website. Click the “User” icon, then the “Renew” button, and follow the instructions. 

Is there a way to download a PDF of Rogers CPA?

Depending on the package you select, Roger CPA has electronic and physical textbooks. You access electronic books online. Although you can highlight the electronic version and save those highlights, you can’t download all electronic textbooks because of copyright issues. 

However, there is one exception. If you download and open the UWorld Rogers CPA app, you’ll find video lectures that you can download and view later while you’re not connected to the internet. When you download those videos, you can also download the portion of the corresponding electronic textbook. 

What is Rogers CPA?

Roger Philip, CPA, and CGMA founded Roger CPA in 2001. His goal was to provide fun and engaging yet highly instructional CPA exam prep.

How to download the Rogers CPA MP3

The Rogers audio lectures are available on the UWorld Roger CPA app. When you are connected to the internet, you can download individual lectures to listen to offline later. You can open the app and follow the instructions to save your favorite lectures. 

Does the cram course help from Rogers CPA?

Many CPAs have used the Rogers cram courses as a final push before the exam day. These short courses cover the most critical topics that will likely appear on the CPA Exam. But still, I wouldn’t solely rely on the cram courses to get ready for the CPA Exam since they don’t cover topics in any depth.

How much are new Rogers CPA textbooks?

If your subscription to Rogers is still valid, you can receive updated e-books when revised. However, if your subscription has expired and you want new hardcopy or electronic textbooks, you’ll need to sign up for a new subscription

How long is the FAR crash course from Rogers CPA?

The Rogers CPA FAR crash course is 19 lecture hours.

Is a Rogers CPA question similar to the actual CPA Exam?

Roger CPA’s questions follow the AICPA exam Blueprints. In fact, if you complete your entire Roger course, you’ll see questions that address every content area and topic outlined in the Blueprints. Some of the questions in the Roger test bank are previously released questions from the AICPA. Roger CPA wrote others, and most candidates think they are as hard or even harder than the questions on the real exam.

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