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CPA Certification: States that Require 1 Year of Experience

CPA 1 Year Experience Requirement

Many readers contact me with questions about the CPA 1 year experience requirement to become a CPA. You probably already know that the requirements include education, passing the CPA Exam, and 1 year of experience (or more) working in the accounting field. However, these CPA certification requirements can be confusing because they vary depending on […]

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New York CPA Requirements: How to Become a CPA in NY

new york cpa requirements

New York is another one of the most popular states for CPA candidates. And generally, New York’s CPA requirements are fairly standard. However, this state does have its exceptions. And, even though it works for other candidates, it may or may not work for you. So, use this information about the New York CPA requirements […]

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California CPA Requirements: How to Become a CPA in California

california cpa requirements

Historically, California has the most CPA Exam candidates of any jurisdiction, at times representing approximately 15% of the annual CPA candidate cohort. Therefore, because the California Board of Accountancy (CBA) is so popular, you should learn what the California CPA requirements are so you can determine if California is the state board for you. This […]

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CPA Requirements by State: Complete Guide to the CPA Exam Requirements [2024]

cpa requirements

You know that earning the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification is an excellent idea. You know this because of all the benefits of becoming a CPA. But do you know how to become a CPA? Do you know which CPA requirements you must meet? If you don’t, that’s fine! This guide will walk you through […]

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NASBA Experience Verification Service: How Does It Work?

Have you considered how to meet the CPA experience requirement if you don’t have a CPA to verify your work? Well, the NASBA Experience Verification Service is one of the latest initiatives that helps qualified candidates get a CPA license. In short, it’s for CPA candidates who need to have their experience evaluated and verified […]

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US CPA Experience Requirements: Flexible Ways to Get Work Experience for the CPA

cpa experience requirements

Fulfilling the US CPA experience requirements can be a headache for those who do not take the traditional public accounting career route or who do not have CPA work experience. However, you have many options to meet the CPA experience requirement. Therefore, in this article, I’ll go over how to get CPA work experience and […]

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Accounting Credits for CPA Exam: My Recommended Courses

credits for cpa

Do you need extra accounting credits for the CPA exam? How to make up to the 150 semester hour requirement? Here are a few tested and proven ways that work. CPA Requirements: An Overview Most State Boards require candidates to fulfill 150 credit hours. For a typical bachelor’s degree holder, this means 30 credit hours […]

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CPA Exam 150 Credit Hours: Requirement, Rules and Updates

People often talk about the “150-hour rule” when it comes to the US CPA exam qualification. What is it, does it apply to you, and what to do if you don’t have enough credits? An Overview Let’s start with a bit of the background. Unlike most other accounting professional qualifications around the world, the US […]

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CPA Ethics Exam: Complete Guide [2024]

cpa ethics exam

Most future CPAs know they have to pass the 4-part CPA Exam, but did you know that some candidates also must take the CPA ethics exam as well? So, there are the 3 E’s of the basic CPA requirements: Education (earn a bachelor’s degree and 150 credit hours of general education —>although this requirement may […]

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Oklahoma CPA Requirements (Rules on Exam and Licensing)

Oklahoma State Board requires a standard 150 credit hours and 1 year of experience in either public or non-public accounting. Please note that OK has two levels of qualifications for accountants: CPA and PA. Please make sure you read the CPA section for the correction information. Oklahoma CPA Requirements 1. Education Requirements to Sit for […]

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