Wisconsin CPA Requirements (Rules on Exam and Licensing)

wisconsin CPA requirements Wisconsin has recently changed rules and now allows those with 120 credit hours to sit for the CPA exam. Candidates still need 150 credit hours to obtain the license.

The working experience is also pretty standard with 1 year of accounting experience but you will need to take an ethics exam offered by Wisconsin State Board. To get the license, your experience needs to be verified but unlike most other states the verifier does NOT need to be a US CPA.

Wisconsin CPA Requirements

1. Education Requirements to Sit for the Exam

Candidates should fulfill 150 120 credit hours and ONE of the following:

(a) Graduate degree in accounting

  • You are automatically qualified.

(b) Graduate degree in business

  • Accounting courses:
    • 24 semester hours in undergraduate financial accounting, auditing, taxation, and management accounting; OR
    • 15 semester hours in graduate financial accounting, auditing, taxation, and management accounting; OR
    • Equivalent combination.

(c) Undergraduate degree in accounting

  • 24 semester hours in undergraduate financial accounting, auditing, taxation, and management accounting.
  • 24 semester hours in business courses.

(d) Undergraduate degree in business or accounting concentration

  • 24 semester hours in undergraduate financial accounting, auditing, taxation, and management accounting.
  • 24 semester hours in business courses.
  • In accounting, the courses covering the subjects of financial accounting, auditing, taxation, and management accounting would normally be all courses taken beyond the introduction level.

Special note:

  • May sit 60 days prior to meeting educational requirements. (not sure if this is still valid after the recent change)
  • Non-US candidates must earn credit for one course each of income taxation and business law from a four-year U.S. institution with regional accreditation.

2. Additional Wisconsin CPA Requirements to get the License


  • Fulfill the 150 credit hour requirement.


  • 1 year of accounting experience. Public accounting experience and equivalent experience will be evaluated by the board. Applicants can read the Position Statements on the CPA page on the department’s website for a list of experience equivalent to public accounting.
  • Part-time employment can be counted, but full-time employment is normally given the most weight.
  • Experience will be counted only after completion of the education requirement.
  • Verifier does not need to be a US CPA or equivalent

*Launched in Apr 2016* The NASBA Experience Verification service is now available to those who do not have access to an active U.S. CPA for verification.

Ethics Qualifications

  • Pass the Wisconsin ethics exam. It is an online exam and you need 80% or above to pass.

3. Wisconsin CPA Requirements on Residency & Age

  • US citizenship not required.
  • Wisconsin residency not required.
  • Minimum age: 18.
  • Social Security Number (SSN) requirements: not required to sit for the exam; for licensure, SSN is required if the individual has one. If the person does not have a SSN, there is a form on the department website (# 1051) that can be filled out and submitted with the application.

4. Fees

  • First-timers: it depends on the number of parts you take, for 4 parts it will cost $1,041.

5. Continuing Education

CPE is required for license holders. Please click here for Wisconsin CPA CPE requirements.

6. Other Useful Information

7. Contact

Wisconsin Accounting Examining Board
P.O.Box 8935
Madison, WI 53708-8935

  • Email: web@drl.state.wi.us, cpaes-wi@nasba.org
  • Phone: (608) 266-2112
  • Fax: (608) 267-381

What if these CPA Requirements don’t Work for Me?

You may want to check out these pages to learn about the educational and experience requirements, with my recommendation at the end of the posts:

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  • Pallavi says:

    I am an Indian graduate in commerce and completed CA(Chartered Accountant) Inter level. Now i want to do CPA in Wisconsin state. Am i eligible to take the exams? If yes, what requirements are there to be fulfilled? How much credit hours i’ll get and what should i do to get extra credit hours? I’ll be moving to US on permanent basis soon.. Your sooner response will be appreciated..

  • Mani Sharm says:

    I recently passed all my CPA examination from State Board of Wisconsin. When I look at these experience requirement they seems pretty confusing to me. I currently work as an accountant- going to be an Assistant Controller for an non-public company. I also report to CFO who is a CPA. Does my experience qualify to apply for CPA license? considering I do not work in a public sector? I would certainly appreciate any advise. Regards,Mani

  • Meghan says:

    I currently have a bachelor’s degree in Finance. I have been working in the accounting field for the past year and decided I want to purse my CPA license. Is there a breakdown of what exact classes I would need in order to qualify?

  • Sophie says:

    WI accepts IT (info tech.) classes toward 24 hrs business credit hours. I have a number of math classes that begin CS as I took them toward CS degree. How can I find out if these count toward those 24 hours?

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