Free CPA Questions: 6 Sources for Free CPA Exam Questions

Free CPA Questions: 6 Sources for Free CPA Exam Questions

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a free sample of CPA Exam questions?

Good news: You can!

It might be hard to believe, but some industry sources provide free CPA questions to everyone with internet access.

Below, you’ll find a list of the free CPA review questions I’ve found. While you don’t have to pay money for these questions, you may have to supply information and live with various limitations.

Sources of Free CPA Questions

1. AICPA Official Tutorial and Sample Tests

As the makers of the CPA Exam, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has created a free CPA Exam tutorial and sample tests. In my opinion, this resource is a must-try for all CPA Exam candidates.

AICPA Tutorial

The tutorial is a video about the CPA Exam form and functionality.

This short video (6.5 minutes) walks you through the exam experience. It also tells you how to use Microsoft Excel, the Authoritative Literature, and the cut, copy, paste, and highlight functions on the exam. Finally, the video explains the exhibits and offers additional resources.

AICPA Sample Tests

Additionally, the AICPA has created a sample test for each CPA Exam section.

These tests recreate the Prometric testing experience and exam screens as much as possible. Therefore, you can use them to not only answer free CPA review questions but also familiarize yourself with the exam’s functionality. For this reason, each AICPA sample test also works as a free CPA practice exam.

Just as you would with the real CPA Exam, you must begin the sample tests by entering your Launch Code. Then, you must accept the policy statement and confidentiality agreement.

After you’ve taken these steps, you’ll see 5 testlets, the same number that you would see on each CPA Exam section. In the sample tests for AUD, FAR, and REG, the first 2 testlets feature 5 multiple-choice questions each, and the second 3 have 2 task-based simulations each. However, in BEC, the last testlet contains 2 written communications.

As you answer the questions, you have the opportunity to see the correct answers, which is obviously not similar to the real exam.

However, you can also take the optional breaks after the first, second, and fourth testlets and the standard 15-minute break after the third testlet that the actual CPA Exam offers.

Benefits of the AICPA Tutorial and Sample Tests

The opportunity to interact with the most realistic replica of the CPA Exam available is invaluable. So, you should probably work through the AICPA’s tutorial and sample tests both at the start of your CPA journey and before you sit for a particular exam section.

This way, you can get a quick introduction to the CPA Exam and know what you’re getting into before you even apply. Then, you can ensure that you’re acquainted with the look and layout of the exam in the last few days before your testing appointment.

2. Roger CPA Free Trial

Roger also allows you to try out one of its course packages with a free demo. All of Roger’s courses come with access to over 6,000 practice questions, so this demo is another good source of sample CPA Exam questions. You’ll also be able to watch Roger’s famous CPA lectures from within the course.

The free trial of Roger CPA Review lasts for 2 days and gives you complete freedom within the course during this period. If you’re interested in Roger, I recommend checking out the trial and my evaluation of Roger CPA Review. In case you discover that Roger is the right course for you, you can also save 15% on the Elite course with my special Roger CPA Review discount.

3. Wiley CPAexcel Free Trial

Wiley is really committed to helping you see just how great their courses are without asking you to pay a thing. For this reason, Wiley lets you test out both their CPAexcel course and their CPA test bank.

Wiley CPA Review is a fully integrated course that presents all of the CPA Exam content in bite-sized lessons so you can study at your own pace. With the 14-day free trial of Wiley CPAexcel, you can view the Wiley videos, which are both entertaining and informative.

You can also work through as much of the Wiley test bank as you can. It’s also one of the biggest test banks available and includes answer explanations. So, the free Wiley trial serves up another great collection of free CPA questions and answers.

As you can see from my evaluation of Wiley CPAexcel, I highly recommend it. And, I also have an awesome discount you can use to save on your Wiley CPA review course.

5. AICPA-Released Free CPA Exam Questions

The free CPA Exam questions recently released by the AICPA are also very useful to review. However, they are most helpful when you also get the answers and explanations.

Thankfully, all of the major CPA review course providers have incorporated these questions into their test banks. So, when you purchase a CPA review course, you can see exactly how the CPA Exam words questions.

Free CPA Exam Questions = Free CPA Review?

So, you can get some free CPA Exam questions. But, can you study for the CPA Exam for free?

As you can probably guess, the answer to that question is no.

While these resources are great, the free CPA review questions they offer usually expire after a certain amount of time. They also don’t come in the quantities necessary to substitute for CPA Exam prep.

Therefore, you’ll need to purchase a full CPA exam review course so you can prepare to pass the exam.

Saving Time and Money with a CPA Review Course

Buying a CPA review course saves you a great deal of time and money.

A CPA course saves you time because it puts all of the information covered by the CPA Exam Blueprints in one place. Furthermore, a CPA review course saves you money as it can prepare you well enough to pass the first time and avoid paying to retake an exam section.

You can find the right CPA review course for you in my comparison of the most popular CPA review courses on the market. Additionally, you can save big on your CPA review course by using my exclusive CPA review discounts.

Finally, you can learn a lot about the CPA process and how to make the most of your CPA review by signing up for my free CPA course. Basically, this course tells you everything you need to know about the CPA Exam. And, of course, the best part is that it’s totally free!

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