CPA Exam NTS: Samples, 3 Common Issues and Solutions

You may have come across a term called NTS quite often in your CPA journey. What exactly is NTS? What’s the significance?

The CPA Exam NTS Stands for Notice To Schedule

The NTS is issued by NASBA. It is your approval ticket to sit for the CPA exam in the US.

This is the authorization you will need to schedule an exam. You will need this number to make an appointment with Prometric. The proctors at the Prometric centers do not distribute NTS to exam candidates.

The following is a scanned copy of a real NTS from Maine State Board of Accounting:

CPA exam NTS sample

The section ID and the launch ID will be used when you schedule your exam in the prometric website. The notice also states the period when you can take the respective part of the exam.

Common Questions

1. I understand that the expiry date will show on the NTS, but I want to have a general idea before hand. Is the CPA Exam NTS valid for 6 months?

Mmost states allow 6 months and it starts to count on the day when the NTS is issued. Exceptions are shown below. Please click on the link for explanation on the exceptions.

  • Texas: 3 months from application date
  • California, Hawaii, Louisana, Utah: 9 months from NTS issue date
  • North Dakota, South Dakota, Virginia: 12 months from NTS issue date

2. My name is misspelled or some of my exam information is incorrect, what do I do?

Please call NASBA at 1-800-CPA-EXAM to make any changes or correction to your exam information.

3. How do I schedule/reschedule my exam?

You can either call NASBA at 1-800-CPA-EXAM or go online to Prometric. I have a page to show you exactly how to do it.

Any Other Questions?

You can drop me a note on Facebook, or visit our FAQ page for other common questions.

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  • Anna says:

    Quick question:
    Let’s say that my NTS comes out March 13, 2016, and my jurisdiction is Maine (6 months). That would mean I have until September 13, 2016. But September is a blackout month. Would that mean I am only allowed until the last day of August (or first 10 days of September) to take the test? Or will the ‘gap’ ‘carryover’ to the next testing window?

    Hope that makes sense. This is really confusing to me.
    Thank you.

  • Wilson says:

    Hi Stephine,

    I have got my NTS on 21 Jun 2017 and it stated the latest i can sit the exam is 21 Dec 2017.

    To be honest, I know this restriction period only after I read my NTS. I only knew that there is 18 months limit between the first and the last exams past.

    I have not started my review yet and it is no way for me to complete all the exams by Dec 2017. I was planning to do the first 2 parts in Oct/Nov 2017 and the remaining parts in May/Jun 2018. Given the restriction above, in order to follow my plan, does it mean I have to reapply the NTS again after Dec 2017? If so, do I need to pay additional exam fee again? Or can I request them to change these deadline for free?

    Many thanks,


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