About My Book: How to Pass the CPA Exam

how to pass the cpa exam bookHow To Pass The CPA Exam is the companion I wish I had for my own CPA journey.

Through this book I will show you the potential pitfalls in the application process, which state to select and why, what you should expect on the exam day, tips to study efficiently and effectively, overview of the exam content and the parts that you need to focus on in each study module.


What does the Book Cover?

The book is written with international candidates in mind, but the majority of content is relevant to all candidates.

Chapter 3 (How to get qualified) is a detailed guide for those who need help to fulfill the educational and experience requirements, a common issue for international and other “unconventional” candidates, such as non-accounting majors and mature students.

The rest of the book covers everything a candidate needs to know, including:

smalltickChapter 2: What you need to know about the exam coverage, format, design, navigation, scheduling and location

smalltickChapter 4: My sharing on what to bring on exam day, how things work at the test center and what to expect after the exam

smalltickChapter 5: Five simple steps to create a workable study plan: which exam section to take first, and optimal allocation of time for each part

smalltickChapter 6: The trick to study more efficiently and effectively – how to create an extra hour each day

smalltickChapter 7: Latest study tips and exam taking strategies for multiple choice and simulation sections

smalltickChapter 8: How to overcome the anxiety on TBS — the dreaded task-based simulations for FAR, AUD and REG

smalltickChapter 9: Step-by-step guide to secure your points in written communication tasks in BEC

smalltickChapter 10-13: Overview of exam content and analysis on what’s important and what’s not

smalltickChapter 14: Answer to the question you never want to ask: What if I fail? Should I retake?

smalltickCountdown plans, list of items to bring on exam day, and more…

How To Pass The CPA Exam is published by Wiley. You can order the book through WileyCPA.com or major online bookstores.


Check out the online bookstore in your country:

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Story Behind My Book

Why do I want to write this book? Well, how can I not accept an invitation to share my knowledge through one of the largest publishers in the world! I also want to do something that makes my kids and family proud. In this post I will share with you:

  • Why I hesitated when signing the deal
  • Why the need to write a book when everything is available on this site
  • Why I choose to donate my royalties to charity
  • How my readers helped me put this book together

Extension of the Book

I would like to make the book more interactive and helpful by providing useful links as an extension to the book. The content in these links is updated regularly.

A few exam requirements have been changed since the publication of the book. Please check out the posts marked *updates* and *new* for latest information.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 9

Chapter 10-13

Chapter 15

Discuss the Book

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