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CPA CPE Requirements on Reporting and Credit Hours

Once you become a licensed CPA, you will need to take continuing professional education (CPE) courses upon license renewal every 1-3 years. The following post includes a general overview of CPA CPE requirements for CPAs across the U.S. Please click on the links below for specific rules for each state. CPA CPE Discounts If you […]

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CPA Exam in Japan: Pass Rate Trends and How to Apply

Did you know that Japan has the largest number of CPA Exam candidates after the United States? Let’s take a look at the typical profile of a Japanese candidate, the overall pass rates, and how to apply for the exam. (The following analysis is based on 2013 data from NASBA. NASBA has not released any […]

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CPA Exam Two-Tier States: Which are the Remaining States?

two-tier states cpa certification license

Looking for the remaining CPA Exam two-tier states? Or trying to understand the CPA license vs certificate? I hope the following will shed some light on these states and the important points you should know. Two-Tier CPA States: The History So, is the CPA a license or a certificate? In the old days, it was […]

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CPA Eligibility Guide from a Pakistani Candidate

One of my favorite readers, Moid Raza, wrote the following CPA eligibility guide. He offers great insight to international CPA candidates, especially on how to do the CPA in Pakistan. The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is one of the most prestigious and acclaimed professional certifications. (And note that we’re talking about the CPA US, not […]

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Indians Taking the AICPA Exam in the Middle East

The AICPA, NASBA, and Prometric have jointly announced an arrangement to allow Indian CPA Exam candidates to take the exam in the Middle East, India, and beyond. I would like to give you the background and factors to consider about this new option. Here is the transcript for those with slower internet connections or those […]

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