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Alabama CPA Requirements (Rules on Exam and Licensing)

The Alabama CPA requirements are straightforward but specific. For example, Alabama only awards CPA licenses to US citizens and candidates with a legal presence in the United States. Plus, the Alabama CPA education requirements are also relatively tough. In particular, you need to fulfill 150 education hours for a permit to practice. Furthermore, CPA requirements […]

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Alabama CPA CPE Requirements and Courses

To maintain active status, all CPA licensees in Alabama have to fulfill a CPA CPE requirement on an annual basis. Here is a summary for your reference: Alabama CPA CPE Requirements CPE credits must be accumulated by September 30, and the counting is done every year. CPAs registered in Alabama should fulfill at least 40 […]

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CPA License Renewal in All 55 States and Jurisdictions

If you practice as a CPA for any length of time at all, at some point, you’ll have to apply for a CPA license renewal. Here’s a brief overview of this process, including the requirements of all U.S. state and jurisdictional boards. Requirements for Keeping Your License Active If you want to practice public accounting […]

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CPA License Reinstatement: How to Apply in All 55 Jurisdictions

As you probably know, your professional obligations don’t end once you’ve earned your CPA license. Fortunately, you won’t have to take the exam again, but you will need to maintain certain standards to keep an active license. If you don’t, your license will expire or be suspended or revoked. Life doesn’t always go as planned, […]

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CPA Certification: States that Require 1 Year of Experience

CPA 1 Year Experience Requirement

Many readers contact me with questions about the CPA 1 year experience requirement to become a CPA. You probably already know that the requirements include education, passing the CPA Exam, and 1 year of experience (or more) working in the accounting field. However, these CPA certification requirements can be confusing because they vary depending on […]

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IQEX: Exam Guide, Pass Rates, and Study Materials

Regarding IQEX, I have a few questions for you. First, are you an accounting professional with membership in a non-U.S. professional association? For example, are you a Chartered Accountant (CA) or non-U.S. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)? And finally, would you like to earn the U.S. CPA certification? If you answered yes to these questions, I […]

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CPA Exam for International Students: Meeting CPA Requirements as International Students

cpa application for international students

If you are an international candidate preparing to complete the CPA application or someone who lives outside of the U.S. planning to earn the CPA title, you’ve come to the right place. I was an international student myself who got my CPA while working in Hong Kong. So I’ve been there, done that, and I’d […]

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International CPA Exam: CPA Exam International Options, Locations, and Steps

cpa exam international

If you are a U.S. citizen or a citizen of another country who lives outside the U.S., and you’d like to earn the American Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification, you are a CPA Exam international candidate. As an international candidate, you can definitely qualify to sit for the USA CPA Exam. But can you take […]

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CPA Requirements by State: Complete Guide to the CPA Exam Requirements [2024]

cpa requirements

You know that earning the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification is an excellent idea. You know this because of all the benefits of becoming a CPA. But do you know how to become a CPA? Do you know which CPA requirements you must meet? If you don’t, that’s fine! This guide will walk you through […]

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US CPA Experience Requirements: Flexible Ways to Get Work Experience for the CPA

cpa experience requirements

Fulfilling the US CPA experience requirements can be a headache for those who do not take the traditional public accounting career route or who do not have CPA work experience. However, you have many options to meet the CPA experience requirement. Therefore, in this article, I’ll go over how to get CPA work experience and […]

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