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Roger CPA Review was founded by Roger Philipp in 2001. Originally began as live classes in San Francisco, the review courses have developed into an interactive e-learning platform.

Roger boasts a 88% pass rate with over 85,000+ students went through his CPA review program.


Roger CPA Review 2015

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Why Candidates are Paying Attention to Roger CPA

Roger CPA has always been popular in the Bay area where his course is originally based. The momentum has really picked up in the year as Roger stops teaching live classes and focuses on developing new and innovative products.

Roger Philipp CPA

1. 88% Pass Rate + Entertaining Teaching Style

Roger CPA aims to be the “Effective, Efficient and Enjoyable” CPA review course.

Founder and video lecturer Roger Philipp is very experienced with more than 27 years of teaching CPA review. He made his name with entertaining and engaging lectures and is still personally teaching every class. This is a big plus when compared to some institutionalized CPA review courses where quality of lecturers is not guaranteed.

Some review courses teach you to memorize the exam content with very little explanations. This is tough for those who have never worked in Audit for example. Roger actually teaches you Audit like in a way that makes sense.

Here is a video clip on one of his lectures:

In case you are wondering, Roger CPA Review is not a one-man band. For example, Mark Dauberman has joined Roger as Senior Editor, helping with the course textbooks and other course related initiatives. Mark founded Dauberman CPA Review in early days and had years of experience teaching CPA review courses.

2. An Effective and Integrated Review Course

Roger CPA Review Course

The course comes with 100+ hours of focused, dynamic video lectures, together with corresponding books, 5,000 practice questions, flashcards, homework help center access, customizable study planners. (Roger offers CPA Exam flashcards, audio lectures and CRAM course in their Elite course). You can either access the course online (desktop or any portable devices), or offline via USB.

There are also cram courses designed to reinforce your understanding of the most heavily tested CPA exam topics — a great choice for retakers who are looking for 8-10 extra points to pass.

3. Innovative Products… and It’s FREE!

Since 2014, Roger and his team has developed these free tools that allows convenient study on-the-go and utilize down-time:

(a) MC Question Mobile App

  • An iOS app introduced in early 2014
  • >3,500 quizzes based on AICPA-released questions and expert-written answers and explanations
  • Include diagnostics (instant score reporting), re-quiz on weaker areas and features such as bookmarking, calculator and time clock.

(b) Digital Flashcard

It makes a lot of sense to deliver flashcards on portable devices, and I really appreciate that Roger offers this for free.

4. Homework Help Centers

Customer service is originally a negative in my Roger CPA evaluation. The service level has greatly improved and is now something Roger is proud of.

Specifically, the Roger team provides expert CPA moderators for quick, comprehensive answers and assistance on the most challenging concepts you encounter as you study. Here is additional information from Roger’s team to address my previous concerns:

We have two professional moderators on our Homework Help Center who are professional CPAs and go through and answer students’ questions. We always encourage students to go through and see if their questions was already asked, because oftentimes they were. Additionally, if there’s a lapse in response time, it’s because the moderators are generating the best answer.”

It may not be as good as something like a live phone help, but it is still better when compared to self-study books such as Wiley, and the self-study versions of Becker, Bisk and Lambers.

5. *NEW* 14-day Free Trial

Roger has recently launched the 14-day free trial, which is great news for potential customers.

That’s Awesome, but What are the Limitations?

The good thing about the limitations is that it either doesn’t affect all candidates, or there are ways to work around it.

1. Talking Too Fast?

A notable comment from my readers is that Roger talks too fast. If you are a native English speaker growing up in America who live or work in a fast-paced environment, this is not an issue. But if you are a “mature” candidate, accustomed to the “Old School” style of learning or you are an international candidate, you may want to double check the demos before making the decision.

Having said that, the new platform has video capabilities designed with the international and/or non- traditional student in mind. Now, their video lectures include lecture bookmarks, closed captioning and adjustable playback speed.

2. New Test Prep Needs Improvement

Roger used to rely on Wiley test bank. The team developed their own set of practice questions recently with:

  • 5000+ previously released AICPA questions
  • Expert-written solutions, including explanations as to why an answer is correct or incorrect
  • Customizable practice sessions by chapter, multiple chapters or full practice exams
  • Diagnostic reporting to assess strengths and weaknesses
  • Functionality that mimics the CPA Exam so there are no surprises on exam day and understandably there are rooms for improvement.

For now, readers mentioned that there hasn’t been much variety of the practice questions. It feels a bit like “hit or miss” when going to the exam. If this is a concern, you can always get the Wiley test bank as a supplement

My Conclusion: Great Choice if You Get Easily Bored!

I highly recommend Roger CPA Review if:

  • You prefer a refreshing and “cool” review course
  • You need an engaging and dynamic instructor to help you get through this beast :)
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