Roger CPA Review: Accounting can be Fun with this Course

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Stephanie Ng
Year 2014

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On February 25, 2014
Last modified:June 4, 2014


Roger CPA Review was founded by Roger Philipp in 2001 after his teaching experience in Dauberman CPA Review, Mark’s CPA Review and Stanley Kaplan CPA review.

Originally began as live classes in San Francisco, the review courses have expanded into the online format with optional offline lectures on a USB drive, and students outside of the US can take the classes. Roger boasts a 88% pass rate with over 85,000+ students went through his CPA review program.

Roger CPA Review - pros and cons

Roger CPA Review Program Overview

Let’s take a look at the 4 offerings — online,  offline (USB), cram courses and audio courses.

1. Online Classes

  • Accessible anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • 100 hours of instruction directly filmed from live classes. The lectures are broken down into bite-sized chunks, ranging anywhere from 5 minutes to 50 minutes.
  • 12 18 months of viewing access.
  • The course comes with lecture books (Roger’s proprietary work that correspond to the online lecture) and simulation software (Wiley).
  • Content updated every 6 months.
  • Ability to customize the course with offline lectures via a portable USB drive, and a 6 month extension.

2. USB Classes

Same as Online Classes except:

  • You get to watch the lectures as many times as you want.
  • No need to rely on internet connection.

3. Cram Course

  • Available online and flash drive.

4. Audio Course *New!*

  • Approximately 42 hours of lecture on the most heavily-tested exam material.
  • Available as an mp3 download.

What’s the Strengths and Weaknesses of Roger CPA Review?

I didn’t take Roger and didn’t have friends who took the course, but I understand that Roger is popular in the Bay area where his course is originally based.

Roger CPA Review: Pros

1. It’s Personal

Roger is experienced (>20 years of teaching CPA review) and personally teaches every class and writes his own book. Quality is guaranteed and no need to worry about the quality of instructor you will get from big institutionalized CPA review course such as Becker.

Feb 2013 update: Mark Dauberman has joined Roger as Senior Editor, helping with the course textbooks and other course related initiatives. Roger Phillip used to work for him at Dauberman CPA Review.

2. Entertaining Teaching Style

Roger is truly a dynamic and engaging speaker. You’ll love it if you are into rap talks and this sort of cool stuff:

3. Course Extension

Roger CPA Review offers an extension on any or all sections for both the 4-part online.

Roger CPA Review: Cons

1. Help Can be Slow?

Some readers told me about the slow response from the message board, the main help channel. It may not be as good as something like a live phone help, but it is still better when compared to self-study books such as Wiley, and the self-study versions of Becker, Gleim and Bisk.

Here is Roger CPA’s response. Looks to me that the message board is well taken care of:

“We have two professional moderators on our Homework Help Center that are professional CPAs and go through and answer students’ questions. We always encourage students to go through and see if their questions was already asked, because oftentimes they were. Additionally, if there’s a lapse in response time, it’s because the moderators are generating the best answer.”

2. Talking Too Fast?

A notable comment from my readers is that Roger talks too fast. If you are a native English speaker growing up in America who live or work in a fast-paced environment, this is not an issue. But if you are a “mature” candidate, accustomed to the “Old School” style of learning or you are an international candidate, you may want to double check the demos before making the decision.

Bring Me to Roger Now!

Roger CPA Review is the choice if you get bored easily and prefer a lively instructor to make studying easier. You can check out more demos here.

Bring me to Roger CPA right away!