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The Evaluation Company SpanTran has served the field of foreign academic credential evaluations for 30 years. Consequently, their academic evaluations and translations are useful for international students who want to study in the US, requiring professional licensing or employment credentials, and military enlistees.

SpanTran has been a member of NACES, the accrediting association for credential evaluation services in the United States, since 1996. The company has physical offices in Los Angeles, Houston, New York City, and Miami. So, if you need evaluation for a CPA exam or licensure, SpanTran can help you.

What services does SpanTran provide?

When people from other countries want to study or work in the United States, they must determine how their previous credentials compare to domestic American credentials. Furthermore, government institutions in the US don’t provide the service of “translating” educational degrees, professional licenses, or employment credentials from other countries. Therefore, that means individuals must often hire an accredited, reputable service to match foreign credentials with their American equivalents.

SpanTran’s evaluation services provide a written report assessing academic or professional work completed outside of the United States. Many universities, government agencies, and businesses accept SpanTran reviews. Also, some of the 55 CPA jurisdictions allow candidates to submit SpanTran evaluations too. SpanTran also provides credential verification and language translation services.

Who needs a SpanTran credential evaluation?

Credential evaluation is useful for many students and professionals who have previous work and educational experience outside of the United States. For instance, here are some types of people who may benefit from a SpanTran evaluation:

  • A student looking to transfer to a US high school or university
  • An applicant seeking a college or graduate degree
  • A graduate looking for a job
  • A professional with foreign certifications or credentials
  • A military enlistee
  • A candidate for professional licensing

SpanTran Pros and Cons

NACES provides accreditation for 19 credential evaluation companies throughout the United States. S0, here’s how SpanTran’s evaluation reviews compare to other services:


  • Once you’ve paid for the SpanTran verification service, you only need to supply a scan or photocopy of your transcript.
  • SpanTran can translate your documents in-house.
  • You can pay with cash (at one of SpanTran’s physical locations), credit card, and even PayPal.
  • You can track your SpanTran evaluation status online by entering your ID or application number on the website.


  • At $225 per evaluation, SpanTran’s services are relatively expensive.
  • SpanTran doesn’t post its fee for the translation of non-English documents. Consequently, some applicants reported that it doubled their costs.

Submission Details

You can begin your application for evaluation with only emailed scans of your documents. The online application takes 5-10 minutes. However, you can also download the application, fill it out, and mail it in with photocopies of your documentation. The company asks that you not send in original documents because the evaluators can’t return them.

SpanTran Verification Services

In order to verify these documents, which all NACES members must do, SpanTran allows the applicant to either a) pay for in-house verification service (ranging from $60 to $200), or b) arrange for their previous university to send official documents  directly to SpanTran.

SpanTran offers this verification service because they understand how challenging it is for some applicants to have official copies sent directly from their previous university.

SpanTran Translation Services

For non-English transcripts, SpanTran requires the original language document and a certified English translation of the original. In addition, they can provide a translation of the document for an extra fee if the applicant does not have one available. However, if you do not submit a translation along with your application, you will incur this fee.

Turnaround Time

Typically, you will receive your completed SpanTran transcript evaluation in around 12-15 business days. But, you can receive two-day or five-day rush services for additional fees.


Most students looking to take the CPA Exam will require a divisional course analysis. This type of evaluation applies to licensure boards like the state boards of accountancy. Below is the pricing structure for SpanTran’s educational services:

  • Standard (12-15 days): $225
  • Verification service: $60 extra
  • Rush service:
    • 5 days: $350
    • 2 days: $530
  • Translation costs vary by language and document.
  • Please click here for the full pricing schedule.

SpanTran will not begin evaluation services until the applicant has paid all fees in full.

Payment Method

You can pay with any of the following:

  • Cash at SpanTran’s Los Angeles, NYC, Houston, or Miami office.
  • Check or money order payable to SpanTran, PayPal, or credit card.

Other Information

You can check out the FAQ here.


Website: SpanTran Evaluation Services

Email: via the contact form here

Houston Office

2400 Augusta Drive, Suite 451

Houston, TX 77057


  • Phone (713) 266-8805
  • Fax (713) 789-6022

New York City Office

450 Seventh Avenue, Suite 604

New York, NY 10123


  • Phone (646) 475-2570
  • Fax (646) 475-2580

Miami Intake Office

2655 Le Jeune Road Suite 602

Coral Gables, FL 33134


  • Phone (646) 475-2570

Los Angeles Intake Office

10940 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1636

Los Angeles, CA 90024


  • Phone: 818.530.4451

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