2024 Review of Lambers CPA

Lambers CPA Review is for CPA candidates who want no-nonsense test prep at an affordable price. Each Lambers CPA Review set focuses on drilling questions and providing detailed answer explanations to help you study.

Number of MCQs: 4,778 (for all 4 CPA sections) | Number of TBSs: 20 | Access Length: Unlimited | Cost: $249.95 per section of the CPA Exam (scroll down for a deep discount)

Why You Should Pick Lambers CPA

If you want to become a CPA, Lambers Review could be the right study plan for you. Lambers CPA Review has developed methods to help you maximize your study time. The Lambers teaching method fuses examples with detailed explanations of how to work out exam problems.

Lamber CPA Review is especially geared toward CPA candidates who might have limited time to study. So, Lambers could be right for you if you’re a working accountant or you have a busy life. If you took a lot of accounting classes in college, Lambers might also be good for you because it assumes a certain base level of accounting knowledge.

Background of Lambers CPA Review

Lambers, Inc. has test prep for several professional exams, including the CPA, EA, and AFSP. Plus, they offer continuing professional education (CPE) courses for CPAs and IRS Continuing Education for Tax Preparers.

Lambers Beginning

Lambers has been around for more than 50 years. The company began in Boston when Vincent W. Lambers started his first in-person, classroom-style CPA review course. His first class only had 6 students, but his reputation increased due to the quality of his instruction. Lambers grew to become the largest in-person CPA review program in New England.

Today, the Lambers courses are offered online and on-demand. So, you no longer have to travel to New England to take advantage of their experience.

Overview of Lambers CPA Courses

Lambers has quality exam prep and responsive customer service at an affordable price point. Lambers is best for working professionals and busy CPA candidates. In addition, recent college grads with accounting backgrounds could do well with Lambers.

Lambers CPA Review Courses

The Lambers materials are written by instructors and content experts who know what it takes to pass the CPA Exam. Lambers has a course for each section of the CPA Exam.

Why does Lambers refer to their test prep as “enhanced?” Well, each course uses an adaptive learning platform that monitors your progress as you go. This keeps your learning on track to success.

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Features of Lambers CPA Review Courses

Lambers gives you the features you need to study and pass the CPA Exam. To keep the price point low, you don’t get a lot of extra study materials like flashcards, audio lectures, or longer lecture-study video lessons. Here’s a summary of the Lambers products:

1. Three Mode Testing

The Lambers CPA platform uses three modes to test your content knowledge and develop a personalized approach to study for the CPA Exam.

When you start a Lambers program, you’ll start in the Pre-Test Mode. Here, you will answer a series of CPA practice questions to gauge your initial knowledge of the content. The assessment follows the objectives of the AICPA Blueprints that outline what will appear on the CPA Exam. At the end of the Pre-Test Mode, you’ll receive a summary that shows what objectives you’ve mastered and what you haven’t.

Next, you’ll move on to the Adaptive Mode. The program drills you with practice questions in each of the AICPA Blueprint objectives with a focus on the content you missed in the Pre-Test Mode. This way, you’ll spend most of your time studying the material you don’t know. You won’t have to waste your time going over the skills you’ve already conquered.

While you’re in Adaptive Mode, you’ll constantly receive feedback about your progress on the Historical Analysis page. This should help keep you motivated to keep studying, keep learning, and keep improving toward a CPA Exam passing score.

When you start to answer most of your questions correctly in Adaptive Mode, switch to Simulated Mode. In this mode, you’ll experience the look and feel of the real CPA Exam. Basically, when you start to pass your mock exams in the Simulated Mode, you’re probably ready to sit for the CPA Exam.

2. Video Explanations

When you’re in Adaptive Mode, you’ll notice that the practice questions come with detailed answer explanations so you can understand why an answer is correct. However, over a third of the explanations are also linked to videos that dive into the problems. In many instances, the videos tackle the most challenging concepts step by step.

3. Practice Questions

The Lambers staff gave me a break down of the number of multi-choice questions (MCQs) and practice simulations they have per section of the CPA Exam. (Learn more about the format of the CPA Exam). Here’s what I learned:

  • AUD: 6 simulations + 945 practice MCQs (301 linked to videos)
  • BEC: 2 simulations + 749 practice MCQs (296 linked to videos)
  • FAR: 1,593 practice MCQs, 6 simulations (655 linked to videos)
  • REG: 1,491 practice MCQs, 6 simulations (572 linked to videos)

In total, that comes to 4,778 MCQs and 20 practice simulations. And you’ll note that many of the MCQs are linked to detailed video explanations that show you how to work out the most complex problems. Each video is about 2-3 minutes in length. So in total, the entire Lambers CPA Review comes with about 90+ hours of video content.

In addition, all of the simulations have an accompanying video and 8-12 MCQs related to those simulations problems.

When you’re comparing CPA review courses, you’ll notice that some review providers have more questions in their test bank than Lambers. However, the Lambers staff asserts that they offer high-quality questions and that the quality of the questions matters more than the quantity of the questions. Plus, if you’re using the Adaptive Mode, your practice questions will be tailored to your personal learning needs.

Lambers CPA Cost

Each Lambers section costs $249.95. Normally, they don’t offer any sort of discount for purchasing all four sections. But if you do, the total comes to $999.80 to study for all sections of the CPA Exam. So you’ll notice that Lambers is more affordable than many other CPA review courses on the market.

However, Lambers has made a special Lambers CPA discount for I Pass the CPA Exam readers.

Best Parts of Lambers CPA Review

1. Lambers Customer Support

Whenever you have a question related to the content, you can email customer support and get a response from an expert within 24 hours. Simply email the “Ask the Expert” support team at asktheexpert@lambers.com.

2. Adaptive Learning Technology

The three learning modes—Pre-Test, Adaptive, and Simulated—push your progress along by pinpointing what you need to study. Personally, when I take a self-study course, I tend to focus more on the content that I am already comfortable with. Or, I’ll review more of the material that I find interesting. And I’m more likely to ignore anything I find boring.

However, if you take the Pre-Test questions seriously, you’ll find that the Adaptive Mode really hones in on your weaknesses. This will help you study more effectively and more efficiently.

3. Pass Guarantee

Lambers is so confident that you will find success with the materials that they offer a No Pass No Pay Guarantee. So if you fail the CPA Exam twice, they will refund your purchase price for the Lambers materials.

Of course, like most guarantees, there are a few catches. First, you must fail the exam twice, not just once. But there’s no time limit in which you must take your two failed exams. However, you have to return any software you purchased. Plus, your request for a refund must be received within 30 days of receiving your second failed exam notice.

4. Timed Mock Exams

For many CPA candidates, one of the biggest hurdles of passing the CPA Exam is learning how to get through the beast! Since each section is 4 hours long, it’s important to practice keeping your game face on for that length of time.

That’s why I appreciate those review providers like Lambers that have timed mock exams. Sure—it’s easy enough to click through practice questions when you have all the time in the world to think about the answers. But you have a limited amount of time for each testlet, so you can’t linger on any question too long.

When you practice with the Lambers mock exams, you can practice the timing and the pace of the questions. This is a critical step in making sure you pass the CPA Exam.

5. Unlimited Access

When you purchase a section of Lambers CPA Review, you get lifetime access to that section. So for example, if you buy the Lambers CPA Audit Enhanced Test Prep, your study materials for the AUD section of the CPA never expire. You’ll get free access for life.

Therefore, if the content of the CPA Exam changes, you can still study with updated materials.

Worst Parts of Lambers CPA Review

1. You must fail the CPA Exam twice for the guarantee

These days, several CPA Exam review providers are giving guarantees that if you study with them and fail the exam, you’ll get your money back. To me, this signals that the company—and their customers—feel that they have high-quality learning tools to offer.

Although I appreciate that Lambers has a No Pass No Pay Guarantee, I wish that a candidate only needed to fail the exam once to receive a refund. After all, the CPA Exam fees add up. Since it costs to retake a section, you’ll have to pay your fees twice before receiving a Lambers refund.

2. No Audio Course or Mobile App

If you like to study with audio lectures, Lambers doesn’t offer that feature at this time.

Plus, Lambers does not have a mobile app. However, the mobile site is very mobile-friendly as long as you have a good internet connection.

3. Limited Availability of Video Lectures

If you are someone who thrives on video lectures, you might be disappointed with the short Lambers videos. About a third of the practice MCQs and all of the simulations include videos that talk you through the answers. However, these videos are short and don’t include any multimedia elements to keep you engaged. Don’t plan on using the video explanations as your primary source of learning the CPA exam content.

Lambers CPA Review FAQs

How does the Lambers CPA course work?

The Lambers CPA courses—there’s one each for AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG—are all online. Students work through practice questions and sample task-based simulations. All of the answers are linked to explanations to show why you should one choice over another.

How much is Lambers CPA Review?

Lambers charges $249.95 per section of the CPA Exam. If you want to use Lambers to study for each section, the total price before discounts is $999.80. However, click here for access to exclusive discounts for I Pass the CPA Exam readers.

Are there Lambers CPA discounts?

Yes! Click here for our exclusive Lambers discount.

Does Lambers CPA expire?

No. All of the Lambers CPA Review packages come with free lifetime access.

What is the Lambers CPA guarantee?

If you study with a Lambers CPA Review section and fail that section of the CPA Exam twice, you can request a refund. You must complete your request within 30 days of receiving your second failed exam section notice.

How do I study for the CPA Exam using Lambers?

Lambers makes studying for the CPA Exam a little easier by guiding you through the process. Start with the Pre-Test Mode to gauge your initial content knowledge. Move on to the Adaptive Mode and drill yourself with practice questions and sample task-based simulations. When you start to get most of them correct, take a mock exam in the Simulated Mode.

Is Lambers good for CPA review?

Since Lambers mostly focuses on drilling questions, the Lambers products might be best for candidates with backgrounds in accounting. However, as long as you have that foundational knowledge, work the program until the end, and continue to take practice tests until you ace the Simulated Mode, you may be able to pass the CPA Exam on the first try with Lambers.

Do you get CPA Books with Lambers?

No. The Lambers packages do not include CPA textbooks. Instead, the platform focuses on explaining examples and working out sample problems.

However, you can take notes when you’re working through practice questions in the Adaptive Mode. And from the “Tools” section of the platform, you could print off your notes or save them on your computer as a Lambers CPA Review PDF.

What is the Lambers CPA pass rate?

Lambers, Inc. does not publish the pass rates for its students who took the CPA Exam. However, they do offer a No Pass No Pay Guarantee.

What about Lambers vs Beckers CPA Review?

Becker CPA Review has become one of the most respected providers of CPA Exam review and for good reasons. They offer both in-person and online courses. Plus, Becker has comprehensive study materials from audio and video lectures to CPA books, unlimited practice tests, and plenty of quality practice questions. And they help students create personalized study planners. Even more, the Becker programs have access to success coaches and other academic support.

So, Becker definitely offers more comprehensive courses, while the Lambers approach focuses on drilling questions in a test bank, viewing answer explanations, and watching short videos. But still, Becker comes in at a higher price point, and Lambers is a good value.

My Lambers CPA Review Recommendation

The CPA Lambers courses could help you on your journey to becoming a CPA, especially if you already have a background in accounting. However, if you don’t, or if you didn’t take many accounting courses in college, you could still benefit from Lambers as a supplement to another review course you might be using. It has a strong test bank with clear answer explanations.

If you’re looking to shorten your study time, Lambers could help you. In the online platform, the Historical Analysis system monitors your progress as you answer questions in the Adaptive Drill Mode. It helps you find your weak points and focus your studies. You’ll study only what you haven’t mastered, making good use of your study time.

But in the end, my goal is to help you find the best CPA review course for you. Before you decide, check out my reviews for other courses, too. And if you still need help, feel free to contact me.

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