15 Things You Need to Know about HOCK CMA Prep

If you’ve been reviewing CMA courses, then you’ve probably heard of HOCK CMA. Brian Hock (CMA, CIA) first started training CMA candidates in Russia. And then, he started his US-based Hock International in 2003. Since then, candidates from across the globe have relied on HOCK for clear and easy-to-understand CMA materials.

But still, I bet there are things you don’t know about HOCK. So that’s why I’ve compiled this list of the top 15 facts to know about HOCK International before purchasing the best CMA review course for you.

1. HOCK’s study planner will keep you on track

The HOCK PassMap Interactive Study Plan gives you assignments to complete each week based on the projected date of your exam. Every week, you have a list of videos to watch, text to read, and questions to practice. Your weekly study plan is grouped by topic, so you’ll only concentrate on certain themes each week. This way, HOCK ensures you study everything covered in the exam syllabus.

2. HOCK CMA is a good value

HOCK offers good value for its products. For example, if you choose the CMA Exam Review Complete (both Part 1 and Part 2), it comes with all of these materials:

  • HOCK textbooks – 766 pages for Part 1, 494 pages for Part 2 (PDFs or hardcopy textbooks for an additional fee)
  • 62 hours of video lectures led by Brian Hock himself
  • 4,008 MCQs with explanations for all answers (2,252 for Part 1 and 1,756 for Part 2)
  • 83 sample essays with detailed answer explanations, some including video explanations (43 sample essays for Part and 40 for Part 2)
  • 656 electronic flashcards (337 for Part 1 and 319 for Part 2)
  • 4 full mock exams (2 mock exams for Part 1 and another 2 for Part 2)
  • PassMap personalized study planner

3. HOCK CMA gives you explanations for all the answers

Most review providers only give you the answer explanations for the correct answers in your test bank. That is, you don’t see why the incorrect answers and incorrect. And really, that’s unfortunate because you learn just as much from reading the incorrect answer explanations as reading the correct ones. In fact, only HOCK and Gleim CMA reviews give you this level of explanation.

4. Brian Hock’s videos are some of the best

Brian Hock leads the video lectures, so you know you’re getting access to reliable information. Plus, he deeply dives into complex problems and shows you how to break them down.

And what’s more, the HOCK videos have Closed Captioning (CC). If you turn it on, you’ll read the material while Brian discusses it. And by absorbing the information in two ways at once, you’ll learn faster. And you’ll probably remember much more information and stay better engaged, too.

Plus, if English isn’t your first language, Closed Captioning is great because it makes the lectures easier to understand.

And if you’re interested in the HOCK CMA videos but already studying for the exam with another course, you could get a monthly subscription to HOCK stream. With this service, you can watch all the HOCK videos and talk to the instructors during their online office hours.

5. You can access your HOCK course on multiple devices

Because most of the course is online, so you can access your HOCK materials from multiple computers and devices. For example, you could study on your work computer and then switch to your personal computer when you get home. And when you need to study on the go, you can also access your HOCK course from your tablet or smartphone.

6. HOCK CMA includes 4 full mock exams

HOCK gives you access to four practice exams you can take near the end of your studies. And unlike some review providers, the mock exams have questions and essays you haven’t seen before. Therefore, there is a good chance that your score on a mock exam could be similar to what you could get on the “real” exam at that point.

7. HOCK is a popular choice among international candidates

International candidates and anyone whose native language isn’t English may find HOCK particularly useful. The HOCK notes, videos, and textbooks are in-depth and comprehensive, helping you fill in any content gaps. Brian Hock explains concepts in easy-to-understand terms so international candidates tend to comprehend the material better. And because the videos come with Closed Captioning, you can even read the text while watching them, making it easier to stay engaged and follow along.

8. HOCK offers free updates

You’ll access most of your HOCK materials online. And when those materials are amended because the CMA exam content has changed, you can retrieve those revisions immediately. Believe it or not, some other providers actually expect you to pay to access updated study materials and questions. But with HOCK, you never have to worry about using outdated resources.

9. HOCK gives you access until you pass

Your access to HOCK’s online materials lasts until you pass the CMA exam. Some other providers only let you log into their online resources for 12 or 18 months. Although that might seem like a long time, you may find that you’ll be rushed to pass CMA Part 1 and Part 2 in just one year. So without a feature like HOCK’s unlimited access, you would have to re-purchase your review course

HOCK’s no-expiration guarantee could save you a lot of money in the long run.

10. HOCK CMA has a generous pass guarantee

HOCK’s “You Pass or We Pay” guarantee is good. In fact, HOCK is the only provider of CMA review courses that offers a guarantee like this. Basically, if you study with HOCK and meet some basic requirements but still fail your first exam attempt, HOCK will pay the exam fee (currently $460 per part) to re-take your failed CMA exam part. Although some companies offer a limited refund if you aren’t happy with your study materials, HOCK is the only one that really puts their money behind their products in this way.

11. Need a payment plan? HOCK has one!

CMA exam fees can add up. For this reason, HOCK has a payment plan for its review courses. Equally important, the plan doesn’t charge interest, and a credit check isn’t even required.

Above all, the payment plan is available to all of HOCK’s customers around the globe. Some other courses, in comparison, only offer to finance to their US-based customers.

12. HOCK even has a generous refund policy

HOCK stands by its CMA study materials. However, if you find that HOCK isn’t the right review course for you, take advantage of the 7-day refund policy. You’ll get a full refund of your purchase price. But of course, you’ll need to send back any hard-copy textbooks.

13. HOCK has a free 7-day trial

If you think HOCK CMA could be right for you, I strongly urge you to try out the free trial. After all, it’s good for 14 days – two full weeks of studying for the CMA exam for free. What’s more, you’ll get access to all of these materials for Section A of CMA Part 1 or Section E of CMA Part 2:

  • Full HOCK CMA textbook
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Flashcards
  • HOCK’s famous videos

14. HOCK has other reviews, too

And finally, HOCK International actually has reviews for other accounting certifications, too. In addition to review courses for the CMA exam, HOCK has courses has study materials for the CIA exam as well. Furthermore, the HOCK CIA Challenge Exam materials are specifically designed for the IIA’s special path to become a Certified Internal Auditor.

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