Darius Clark’s i-75 CPA Exam Review Course

The Darius Clark CPA review course, also known as i-75 CPA review, is an inexpensive test prep option from a man who calls himself a “kingmaker.”

  • MCQs: 5,000+
  • TBSs: unknown
  • Access length: monthly/until you pass
  • Cost: $109.00 a month or $449.00 to $1599.00 (the code ipasscpa saves you 12%)

Why You Should Pick Darius Clark CPA Review

  • Prices for the i-75 CPA review course are low enough that you can use it as a supplement to other courses.
  • With the tutoring bundle, you can receive one-on-one tutoring from Darius Clark himself.
  • Clark boasts a passing rate of 91% for students taking his class.

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Background of Darius Clark CPA Review

As you might expect from the name, this CPA review course was founded by Darius Clark. According to his website’s biography, after passing the CPA Exam, he realized he knew the material well enough to teach it. Subsequently, he got a job doing just that, and he was so good at it that students asked him to tutor them privately. After that, he began recording his lectures in order to create his own complete CPA exam review course.

Overview of Darius Clark CPA Review

While Darius Clark claims to have many satisfied customers, I am here to present a comprehensive and unbiased review of his course offerings. That is to say, the i-75 course may or may not be the right CPA Exam review for you. If you need some help determining the right course for you, feel free to contact me for more information.

Features of Darius Clark CPA Review

Darius Clark’s CPA classes consist of one course for each of the four sections of the CPA exam. You can proceed through the material at your own pace.

1.      Video lectures

Firstly, the bulk of the courses consists of Darius Clark’s video lectures, which range in length from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. However, elsewhere on his website, Clark describes them not as lectures but as “narrated questions.” In other words, each video will walk you through questions on a particular topic. These videos consist of PowerPoint slides with voiceover narration.

The REG course has about 60 hours of narrated questions, the FAR course has 77 hours, the AUD has 50 hours, and the BEC has 50 hours. The courses themselves are offered through Braincert, an online learning platform. There, you can watch the lectures on your computer, tablet, or other mobile devices.

2.      Amazon e-book containing 75 must-know questions

Secondly, along with each course comes the e-book of 75 Must-Know Questions for each part of the CPA Exam. Darius Clark wrote each of these books, which can be purchased separately on Amazon for $49.99 each. However, they are included with every i-75 CPA review package.

3.      Final review testlets

At the end of each course, you can choose to complete three multiple-choice “testlets,” which will review your knowledge of each part of the exam on its own.

4.      Instructor-led video simulations

For the task-based simulations, Darius Clark has prepared a number of simulation videos as part of the 1-75 CPA Review Audit course. During these, he will walk you through each task individually.

5.      CPA Exam test bank

This review course contains a test bank of over 5,000 multiple-choice questions, including newly-released questions from May.

6.      Monthly access pass

Perhaps you’ve already shelled out a great deal of money on another review course. If you’d like to use Darius Clark’s lectures as a limited-time review of the material, you can sign up for a monthly subscription. You’ll receive 30-day access to all the video materials and e-books. Moreover, you can choose to pay for one part or all four parts at a time.

7.      Skype tutoring sessions

Finally, with the most inclusive review package, you will receive ten hour-long, one-on-one Skype sessions with Darius Clark himself.

Darius Clark CPA Review Course Options

The i-75 CPA review materials come in several bundles depending on how much access you need. That is to say, the course offerings are largely the same except for the tutoring sessions in the tutoring bundle and access length.

Monthly Pass

Skinny Bundle

Full Bundle

Tutoring Bundle






Access length

1 month

18 months

Until you pass

Until you pass

Video lectures





Narrated video simulations





Amazon e-books





Exam test bank





Final review testlets





Live tutoring sessions


Darius Clark CPA Review Cost

In short, here are the prices for i-75 CPA Review.

  • Monthly access: $109 for one month, $299 for 6 months
  • Skinny bundle: $449
  • Full bundle: $749
  • Tutoring bundle: $1,599

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Best Parts of Darius Clark CPA Review

  1. Narrated question videos

Rather than present lectures, Darius Clark teaches the material by taking exam questions one at a time and fully narrating an explanation of the answer. Consequently, this may appeal to students who have difficulty understanding certain topics or following typical classroom lectures.

  1. Monthly access pass

Few test prep companies offer the option for such inexpensive, limited-time access to their courses. If all you need is a quick review, this is ideal.

  1. Price

Compared to other CPA review courses, which can cost up to $3,000, Darius Clark’s full course materials cost an enticing $749 for unlimited, until-you-pass access. Additionally, he offers different access lengths, depending on what you need. The price is so reasonable that you may decide to purchase a different full suite of CPA classes and use the i-75 CPA monthly access materials as a quick brush-up.

  1. Tutoring sessions

The inclusion of ten hour-long individual tutoring sessions does raise the price of the course substantially. However, the difference works out to a rate of $85 per hour for private tutoring, which is a good price for a CPA tutor.

Worst Parts of Darius Clark CPA Review

  1. Lack of formal qualifications

Who exactly is Darius Clark, CPA tutor? What are his qualifications to teach this course? Most importantly, why does he feel justified in calling himself a “kingmaker”?

While there’s no specific reason to doubt his claims, most other review courses are taught by experts with clearly labeled credentials. However, Clark does not devote space on his website to listing any degrees or awards. Similarly, he does not appear to have any formal teaching qualifications. Therefore, you must take him and his claims – like the 91% passing rate – at their word.

  1. Lack of independent customer reviews

Most sites that review popular CPA Exam courses don’t feature any Darius Clark CPA tutor reviews. Likewise, the i-75 CPA tutoring company, which seems to consist of Clark himself, is not listed on Yelp or with the Better Business Bureau. Even reviews on Reddit are sparse and short. All of the glowing reviews for the course are on Clark’s own website. In short, you must trust Clark that these reviews are accurate.

  1. No cancellation policy or money-back guarantee

If you purchase Darius Clark’s CPA classes and are unhappy with them, you won’t get your money back.

  1. Video lectures are PowerPoint-based

Although Clark takes a different educational tack with the narrated questions, they are nonetheless limited to his voice over a series of PowerPoint slides. Thus, students looking for a more dynamic visual presentation of the material should keep this in mind.

Darius Clark CPA Review FAQs

How does the course work?

Once you’ve paid for the course, you receive a password to Darius Clark’s CPA classes on Braincert. After that, you can choose to watch the narrated question lectures in order. Alternatively, you can pick topics that you struggle with and concentrate on those. At the end of each part, you will have the opportunity to review your knowledge with the final review testlets.

How much is Darius Clark CPA review?

Prices range from a monthly access pass for $109 to the full bundle with tutoring sessions for $1,599.

Are there discounts?

Our subscribers can save 12%. Use the code ipasscpa.

Does Darius Clark CPA review expire?

Access for the full bundle and tutoring bundle do not expire. But the monthly access pass and skinny bundle have time limits.

Is Darius Clark CPA review enough to pass the CPA Exam?

On the one hand, Darius Clark explicitly claims that his course is enough to pass the exam. On the other hand, it lacks the depth of materials of some other CPA Exam review courses.

What is the Darius Clark CPA Exam pass rate?

Darius Clark boasts a 91% passing rate. However, this is difficult, if not impossible, to verify independently.

My Darius Clark CPA Review Recommendation

In conclusion, I would recommend not using this as your only study material. In doing so, you put a great deal of faith in Darius Clark and his claims. Consequently, the i-75 CPA review course may be best used to supplement more established courses that include materials like textbooks, flashcards, and sample task-based simulations.

Luckily, Darius Clark’s CPA classes can be previewed through the i-75 website. Therefore, you can take a look at what he has to offer before committing to a purchase. If you like how he explains the material, you might consider the monthly access pass or a larger commitment.

Darius Clark CPA Review Discount

Use the code ipasscpa to grab my Darius Clark CPA review discounts that can save you up to 12% off the purchase of a bundle.

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