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CPA Exam Pass Rates [Updated for 2020]

cpa exam pass rates

The CPA Exam pass rates, which average about 50%, are one of the most intriguing aspects of the CPA certification process. The AICPA releases the pass rate for each exam section once a quarter. These percentages reveal how well candidates who sat for the CPA Exam during the previous exam testing window performed. Historically, the […]

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CPA Exam in Middle East: Pass Rates, Eligibility and Rules

US CPA exam centers are currently available in 4 countries in the Middle East. This convenience allow citizens as well as those in adjacent countries to take the exam without incurring additional time, stress and cost to travel to the US exam sites. We go through the candidates profile, pass rates, eligibility and what to […]

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US CPA in China: Exam Performance + Pass Rate Trend

In 2013, there were 1,007 applicants applied directly from China. As the CPA title gradually gains reputation in the country, the increase of Chinese applicants was impressive with a 3-year growth rate of 207%. (This post will be updated with 2015 data once from NASBA is available) US CPA in China: Growth Rate and Pass […]

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CPA India: Pass Rate + Performance of Indian AICPA Candidates

There has always been numerous requests on statistics related to CPA India: be it the pass rates, number of candidates, number of retakers, trends and so on. I’ve finally got hold of the 2013 data from NASBA, and will be able to get the latest 2015 version shortly. Basic CPA India Statistics Number and Profile […]

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CPA Exam in Japan: Pass Rate Trend and How to Apply

Did you know that Japan has the largest number of CPA exam candidates after the US? Let’s take a look at the typical profile of a Japanese candidate, the overall pass rate, and how to apply for the exam. The following analysis is based on the 2013 data from NASBA. NASBA has not released any […]

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