Become a CPA This Summer + Becker Offers (CPA & CPE!)

Hi, future CPA!

I want to take a few moments to check in with you today. How are your studies going? Can I answer any questions or offer any advice to keep you on track?

If your goal is to become a CPA before the summer is over, I can help! Check out these recently updated posts to make your journey toward the CPA license a little easier!

Plus, I want to share some news about a big Becker CPA offer that is going on until the end of June. Right now, Becker CPA has $1,000 off the new Concierge Package and $1,500 off Pro, which considerably decreases your CPA costs. Becker is even adding extras worth $700 to your purchase of the Pro package, including the BEC Deep Dive Workshops (a $299 value) and the ExamSolver Video Bundle (a $399 value). So if you’ve been considering Becker to study for the CPA Exam (I used Becker to pass!), then now is a good time to buy it.

Also – if you’re already passed the CPA Exam or if you’re looking for CPE courses for another accounting certification, you should definitely know about Becker’s CPE offer. Until the end of June, you can save 30% on Becker’s renowned CPE courses. You’ll find the promo code in my list of Becker discounts.

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