Are You Ready for the CPA Exam Evolution?

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Are you aware that the CPA Exam is getting a major overhaul in 2024? That’s right! In less than a year, the CPA Exam will be revamped – some sections will remain but will be revised, while others will be replaced with completely new sections!

So if you’re planning on passing the CPA Exam in the coming year, it’s very important that you understand the transition from the old CPA Exam to the new one. To help you understand the updates, I’ve explained everything in my post about the CPA Exam changes. If you still have questions, send me a message!

Since the CPA Exam is changing next year, a lot of CPA candidates are trying to pass the exam in 2023. And to help with those goals, several of the best CPA Exam review providers—including Becker—are having major sales. For instance, during the month of May, Becker CPA is having a big promo with $1,000 off the new Concierge Package and $1,500 off Pro, which is the biggest discount Becker gives during the year. And for just a limited time, Becker CPA Pro also includes Becker’s ExamSolver videos, BEC Deep Dive session, and access to Office Hours, a new feature that directly connects you to veteran CPA Exam instructors. So if you’ve been thinking about studying with Becker, now is your best chance.

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