CPA Exam Testing Windows 2015

cpa exam testing windowsI talk about CPA Exam testing windows on various pages in this site but I thought it would be nice to have a quick post to explain how it works.

The CPA Exam Testing Windows are the Same Every Year!

Starting the CPA journey is never easy. You need to figure out whether the CPA title is worth it, how to apply, where to apply… before we start thinking about how to study.

The good news is that in terms of when you can take the exam, it is very flexible. Since the test became 100% computerized in April 2004, candidates have been allowed to take the exam anytime during the first two months of each quarter.

CPA Exam Testing Windows 2015

In other words, the testing windows are:

  • 1st Quarter: January to February
  • 2nd Quarter: April to May
  • 3rd Quarter: July to August
  • 4th Quarter: October to November

During this period candidates can pick any time during exam site (i.e. the prometric center) opening hours from Monday to Friday, and sometimes Monday to Saturday for some sites.

As a candidate you can choose to take one or more part of the exam in each testing window as long as you do not take the same part more than once.

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