NOW is a good time to become a CPA – The exam changes in 2024

Hello, Future CPA!

I wanted to remind you of a few things before the week of the month.

First of all, here’s a gentle reminder that the CPA Exam is changing in 2024. Therefore, if you’ve already been studying for the exam, it might be easier to complete your studies this year and pass all four sections before the exam changes. To that end, I’ve updated some posts to help you get registered and pass the CPA Exam in 2023:

Plus, Becker CPA recently let me know about a big sale that starts on February 20 and runs through February 28. During that time, you can save $1,500 on Becker CPA Pro, $900 on CPA Premium, and $500 on CPA Advantage. Those savings are deeper than Becker’s normal sales, so February is a great time to purchase Becker. Until then, you can also find more Becker CPA discounts on the I Pass site.

Happy studying,


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