Manhattan Prep: Our #1 GRE Test Prep for High GRE Test Scores

Manhattan Prep provides interesting and enjoyable yet high-quality GRE test prep. GRE exam study packages from Manhattan Prep include GRE books, video lessons, practice GRE questions, live classes, and several GRE practice tests. However, with all the choices for GRE prep available today, is Manhattan Prep the best GRE course for you? And does it have the best GRE practice questions? Well, in this comprehensive review, I’ll examine these questions and the pros and cons of the Manhattan Prep GRE course.

Why You Should Pick Manhattan Prep

  • Manhattan Prep is our #1-rated GRE course.
  • More practice questions are available in the Manhattan Prep GRE test bank than in any other GRE prep company.
  • Manhattan Prep’s online GRE courses use adaptive technology that works to optimize your study strategy and content.
  • You’ll be able to take realistic computer adaptive GRE practice exams.
  • Other Manhattan Prep perks include a vocabulary workbook, flashcards, daily vocabulary emails, and a progress tracker.

Manhattan prep gre kaplanManhattan Prep Course Features

Manhattan Prep is our #1 best GRE test prep for many reasons. First of all, Manhattan Prep prepares you not just to score high on the GRE exam but to develop problem-solving skills that will carry throughout your career. Plus, Manhattan Prep has several GRE test prep packages to choose from, including GRE tutoring packages and specific MBA tracks for students applying to business schools.

Therefore, I’ll review the features you’ll find with Manhattan Prep GRE.

1. GRE Books

You might think that all GRE courses include a GRE prep book. However, even some of the best GRE test prep companies have stopped producing GRE books. Manhattan Prep, though, still has packages that include a GRE book. In fact, they have one of the best GRE prep books on the market.

Specifically, if you sign up for the GRE for MBA course, you’ll receive a copy of Manhattan Prep’s renowned “5 lb.” GRE practice question books. (If you choose the online-only GRE Interact course, you won’t receive a hardcopy GRE book.)

I think Manhattan Prep’s GRE books are a big value addition in terms of content. These books support the in-person coursework for the live GRE classes and provide excellent study material not available through the online test prep Interact course alone.

2. Lots of GRE Practice Questions + Realistic GRE Practice Tests

Manhattan Prep gives you an insane number of GRE practice questions. In fact, the company offers its users a much greater quantity of practice questions than other GRE test prep provides. With more than 100,000 practice questions, Manhattan Prep provides more than 20 times as many as its nearest rival! (Check out our post about the best GRE test prep to see a comparison.)

You will never run out of study material thanks to Manhattan Prep’s huge GRE practice question test bank!

3. GRE Videos: Good for GRE Prep

Let’s face it: it’s hard to make the content of the GRE exam exciting. Regardless, if you’re striving for the highest GRE Analytical Writing or GRE Quantitative scores, you need to learn how to correctly answer all of the different types of exam questions. And many students find it helpful to watch instructional videos that teach you how to solve GRE sample questions; it’s a great way to learn.

Therefore, I appreciate that Manhattan Prep goes out of the way to make its GRE videos interesting. Although the instructors’ jokes and cartoons might seem a little silly initially, they engage you and keep your attention on the content. Plus, the interactive elements and quizzes in Manhattan’s online video classes are carefully thought out and retain your interest from start to finish.

4. Options to Attend Live GRE Classes

While the Manhattan Prep GRE prep course’s online material is unquestionably well-designed and helpful, you could also benefit from their classroom courses, depending on what type of learner you are.

The live GRE classes may be right for you if you need to commit to sticking with your studying or if you learn better in a group setting. And, of course, you’ll also benefit from the individualized attention that comes with live classes.

Moreover, Manhattan Prep’s live classes are kept small and have a workshop-like feel. So if you’re reluctant to participate in large lecture settings, don’t worry; you’ll have plenty of chances to interact with your instructor and other classmates.

5. GRE Exam Tutoring Packages Are Available

If you need one-on-one GRE tutoring, Manhattan Prep gives you that option. You can either buy a package that includes 10 to 30 hours of private coaching, or you can pay by the hour (with a 2-hour minimum).

The private tutoring options offered by Manhattan Prep are not the cheapest we have seen, to be honest. To that end, the professionals at Manhattan Prep tutors can also provide you with top-notch personalized GRE instruction that might make the difference between an OK and a good GRE score. So that’s something to consider when you’re deciding about GRE tutoring.

Manhattan Prep Course Options

Manhattan Prep has three GRE course options available, and they differ greatly in terms of cost, availability of GRE prep resources, and format.

  • GRE Interact (online course): $299+
  • GRE for MBA course with live classes: $1,850 – $2,150
  • Private GRE Tutoring: $2,900+

The cost of Manhattan Prep’s basic, self-study GRE Interact course and their courses with live teaching and tutoring clearly differs significantly. The price difference between the Interact course and GRE for MBA course, assuming you need more than just math prep to get into business school (which most students do), is close to $1,000. This is a significant difference, and whether it is worthwhile will entirely depend on your needs as a student.

The Best Parts of Manhattan GRE Prep

1. Structured Learning Environment in Interact for GRE

If you sign up for the online GRE prep option, you’ll access your course via Manhattan Prep’s Interact for GRE platform. Simply put, Interact for GRE combines adaptive learning tools with an interactive process that leads to better memory retention. Basically, Manhattan Prep’s online GRE platform leads you through a repeating series of learning materials, drills, and GRE practice tests to improve your exam performance.

Manhattan GRE Dashboard IPasstheCPAExam

Manhattan Prep refers to this process as the “Learn It, Drill It, Prove It” methodology, and it unquestionably works. You receive an interactive video lesson that covers all the information you need to know for that specific topic in the “Learn It” section of each module.

Then, to make the information you just learned stick, you are given sets of problems to complete in the “Drill It” portion. You are given a quiz on the material in the module’s “Prove It” section, and in order to continue on, you must receive a passing grade. This efficient organization makes sure that you understand and remember the information.

2. Manhattan Prep’s GRE practice tests mimic what you’ll encounter on exam day

Whichever course choice you choose, Manhattan Prep gives you access to 6 computer-based, adaptive practice exams that are designed to closely resemble the GRE test.

Because the GRE is adaptive and changes its level of difficulty in response to your performance, you need to take several GRE practice tests before exam day. And Manhattan Prep does a good job with its GRE practice questions and mock exams.

First of all, the adaptive nature of the GRE practice exams seems extremely similar to the difficulty level you encounter with the genuine GRE. And the online simulated GRE test program behaves and feels like the real thing. All things considered, I was pleased with Manhattan Prep’s GRE practice test functionality. Plus, I like that you receive a thorough score report with some useful performance metrics after each GRE practice exam.

The Worst Parts of Manhattan Prep

1. No Refunds (but Manhattan Prep has a free GRE test prep trial)

Despite the higher cost of some of their GRE courses, Manhattan Prep does not offer refunds. Period. So make sure you are confident in your purchase decision before enrolling in Manhattan Prep.

Thankfully, Manhattan Prep provides a great 7-day free trial, so you may test out their GRE test prep materials before purchasing. During the trial period, you have excellent access to the majority of the GRE online course features, providing you with a clear picture of what your GRE study plan will feel like.

2. Manhattan Prep does not offer a score guarantee

Some of the other best GRE test prep companies offer some sort of guarantee that their users will see a higher GRE score. Unfortunately, though, Manhattan Prep does not offer any form of money-back guarantee in the unfortunate event that your GRE score does not improve.

This is rather disappointing, but I guess you have to take the good with the bad. Manhattan Prep does offer discounted pricing if you need to repeat a GRR course due to a subpar GRE score, but that is about the best they can do.

My Conclusion about Manhattan Prep GRE

Except for the two minor issues (no refunds and no money-back guarantee), this GRE prep course is great all around. It offers a contemporary online environment, hardcopy books, plenty of GRE practice questions, realistic mock GRE practice tests, video lessons, live instruction, tutoring, and other tools you need for the GRE exam. This makes Manhattan Prep’s GRE course one of the most comprehensive prep courses available. As a result, Manhattan Prep easily qualifies for our ranking as the #1 GRE test prep program available.

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