Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Study Material: Using Gleim to beat the IIA Challenge

The Gleim CIA Challenge Exam course could help you reach your goal of becoming a CIA faster. After all, the IIA Challenge Exam is tough for a reason. But using the right CIA Challenge Exam study material will make your journey to your CIA credential much easier. Gleim CIA, for example, has developed an adaptive learning course that specifically addresses the IIA Challenge Exam syllabus. Therefore, this article will go over some tips for studying with Gleim.

Why the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review System Could Be Right for You:

  • The course was developed around IPass’s top-rated CIA review course, Gleim’s Premium CIA Review System.
  • Gleim’s adaptive learning system, SmartAdapt Technology, takes you step-by-step through the concepts you must master.
  • The course includes a timed, simulated exam miming the IIA Challenge Exam.
  • Gleim includes explanations for the right and wrong answers with every practice question.
  • The Gleim book, more like a detailed outline, addresses the entire CIA Challenge Exam syllabus.
  • You’ll also receive supplemental videos demonstrating how to break apart and answer the exam’s toughest questions.
  • And finally, every Gleim user can access a Personal Counselor, a mentor who can help you create a study plan you can stick to.

Gleim CIA ReviewBackground of Gleim CIA

In the accounting industry, Gleim is known for its reviews of the CIA, CPA, CMA, and Enrolled Agent exams. However, Dr. Irvin Gleim, Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida, initially created Gleim’s exam prep courses over 40 years ago. As an accountant and an avid aviator, he saw a need to help students conquer professional licensing exams. Consequently, he developed his Knowledge Transfer System, a learning method that goes beyond strict rote memorization.

As a result, Gleim really works to increase your true knowledge and understanding of critical concepts instead of just teaching you to pass a test.

Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Course Overview

To be brief, the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review System basically follows another CIA course from Gleim, the Premium CIA Review System. And that makes sense because the ACCA CIA Challenge Exam is an expedited way of passing the traditional CIA exam that most candidates take.

Still, only certain candidates are even eligible to take the CIA Challenge Exam in the first place. Therefore, here’s a review of the qualifications you must meet first.

IIA CIA Challenge Exam

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) awards the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation. But the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the IIA offers a special path to passing the CIA exam. In short, this option is only available for accountants who already hold another accounting certification, like the US CPA.

Basically, the IIA assumes that as an accounting professional, you have a basic understanding of the topics on the CIA exam, too. That is, you’ve already proven that you know certain auditing topics by passing another credential exam. As a result, there’s no need to test you on these topics a second time. Therefore, the CIA Challenge Exam only addresses the content that doesn’t appear on your accounting body’s certification exam.

Major Course Features

Through Gleim’s CIA Challenge Exam course, you can access everything you need to pass this unique opportunity to become a CIA.

1. Uses SmartAdapt Technology

Gleim’s courses use an adaptive learning platform called SmartAdapt Technology. This software makes studying more effective by leading you through each topic logically. For example, learning units start with practice questions and diagnostic quizzes. After receiving your feedback, you’ll be prompted to read passages from the Gleim CIA books. But before moving on from your readings, the platform will ask you to take a 5-question true/false quiz. This way, you can ensure you understand the information before moving on. Basically, Gleim’s SmartAdapt Technology shows you want to study and when.

2. Digital Gleim CIA books

Gleim’s Challenge Exam course includes a digital version of the CIA books used in other Gleim courses. However, most users would probably consider them detailed outlines instead of traditional books. Nonetheless, the books are well-organized, informative, and easy to read. And because of the outline format, you don’t have to read anything that isn’t directly related to the topic.

Plus, the notes function inside the digital books allows you to take notes while you read and access them later.

Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Study Outline

3. Gleim Instruct videos supplement your learning

The Gleim CIA Challenge Exam course also includes a series of short videos called the “Gleim Instruct” series. Each video covers a specific question or topic and lasts only a few minutes. Plus, they feature Gleim’s team of instructors, who are all accomplished content experts in their own right. The instructors show you how to break down exam questions, especially the tough ones that are tricky to answer.

However, keep in mind that these videos are for supplemental learning. Don’t rely on them for your primary learning—that’s what the Gleim CIA books are for.

4. Gleim CIA practice questions and test bank

Gleim’s CIA Challenge Exam course includes thousands of practice questions in the test bank. Just as importantly, they all include explanations for both the correct and incorrect answers. So when you tackle a question, you can read through every explanation, even if you got it right. After all, reading all of the explanations will further strengthen your understanding of the concepts and deepen your overall comprehension.

Gleim CIA Challenge Exam

5. Exam Rehearsal mode + Challenge Exam mock exam

The best way to ensure you’re ready for the CIA Challenge Exam is first to take a mock exam. For this reason, the Gleim course has an “Exam Rehearsal” mode that simulates the real testing environment. In this mode, you can take a mock exam replicating the functionality and pacing of the actual Challenge Exam.

And if you’ve already passed another accounting exam like the CPA Exam, you already understand the importance of these timed mock exams. After all, in addition to knowing the material on the CIA Challenge Exam syllabus, you also have to be able to answer every question in the allotted timeframe. And for that reason, it’s crucial to practice with at least one timed mock exam. You know you’re ready for the real thing if you pass it.

6. Analysis and feedback in real-time

You’ll receive real-time feedback about your strengths and weaknesses as you answer quizzes and practice exams in the Gleim course. In addition to a straight diagnostic score, Gleim will also show you what topics you’ve mastered and still need to study. This way, you can focus your study time on the concepts you still miss on your quizzes.

Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Grade Report

Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Study Material

Gleim includes all the study materials you need to pass the CIA Challenge Exam. Plus, the package is more affordable than the traditional route to becoming a CIA.

Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Course

Price (before discounts) $499
Video lectures
Audio lectures
Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) Thousands
Adaptive learning technology
Textbook Digital
Unlimited practice exams
Full-length mock exam

What is the price of the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam course?

The Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review System costs $499 before discounts or coupon codes. But you can save on the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Course using our links. The discount will be reflected in your shopping cart.

Save with Our Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Discount

Strengths of the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Study Material

1. Good for CIA Challenge Exam ACCA self-study

Gleim’s SmartAdapt Technology makes self-study for the IIA Challenge Exam easy. To illustrate, let’s assume that you try to study by just reviewing the Challenge Exam syllabus. By going it alone, you’re likely to get frustrated and overwhelmed. Plus, it’s easy to get into a rut or study the concepts you already know and avoid the tough ones.

But with software like SmartAdapt, you’re using adaptive learning tools that guide you step by step through the exam content. In other words, you never have to worry about what to study next or even how to study it. Instead, you simply need to work through the Gleim course and follow the prompts to read from the book, watch videos, or practice questions. If you stay on track, Gleim will take you through all of the topics on the entire IIA CIA Challenge Exam syllabus. And in conclusion, that makes Gleim a good choice for self-studiers.

2. Stay on track with the Gleim Study Plan

The Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review System includes a personalized study planer that is very handy. First, at the start of your course, the Gleim platform will prompt you to fill out your study planner. You’ll begin by inputting the anticipated date of your IIA Challenge Exam. Then, you can input the days of the week you’re available for studying, plus any blackout dates. Finally, with this information, your Gleim study planner calculates how many study units you must tackle each week to stay on track.

Accordingly, you’ll see some self-imposed “due dates” for each study unit. However, if you start to get behind on your study progress, Gleim will even send you reminders. That is, you can set up email, phone, or text notices to encourage you to return to your studies.

acca cia challenge exam study plan

Weaknesses of Gleim’s Challenge Exam Course

1. Gleim CIA books might be a little overwhelming for some users

The Gleim books are very detailed, and some users might find them a bit overwhelming. And although the outline form is very easy to read, not all users learn best from outlines in comparison to traditional textbooks.

Still, the information contained within the Gleim books is valuable. And don’t forget about the ability to take notes inside the digital books as you read. So, you can make notes to synthesize any complex concepts.

2. Videos are more like slide presentations

The Gleim Instruct videos are not captures of live lectures. Instead, they are short slide presentations. Basically, through these slides, instructors explain detailed topics or how to answer specific questions.

Still, you should only use the videos for supplemental learning. Therefore, this slide format doesn’t distract from the overall learning value of the entire Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review System.


Where can I learn more about the ACCA CIA Challenge Exam?

Before you take the IIA Challenge Exam, you should double-check that you meet all the requirements. Therefore, our sister site,, has an entire article devoted to the specifics of the IIA CIA Challenge Exam.

Is the Gleim Challenge Exam course online?

Just like Gleim’s other CIA courses, the Challenge Exam Review System is offered totally online. So keep in mind that you’ll need an internet connection on the days you want to study.

How much does the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam course cost?

The cost of the Gleim course is $499. Of course, that’s before you apply any discounts you might find on the IPass site.

Is There a Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Discount?

Yes! And it’s exclusive for our readers. Head to Gleim using this link and the discount will appear in your shopping cart. Hooray!

Can I just use the CIA Challenge Exam Study Guide to pass the exam?

In my opinion, probably not. After you sign up for the CIA Challenge Exam program, the IIA will send you some study materials. However, this study guide is really just a lot of concepts that the exam will test. It doesn’t, by contrast, teach you the actual concepts. And that’s why you need a review course if you plan to pass the first time.

What’s more, studying for the IIA Challenge Exam can feel overwhelming if you try to do it alone. Instead, with a guided review like the one from Gleim, you can rest assured that you’ll review all the content logically. Plus, you can use the mock exam in your Gleim CIA Challenge Exam course to ensure you’re ready to pass. And that means no big surprises on exam day!

Can Gleim help you pass the CIA Challenge Exam?

And finally, is Gleim alone enough to help you reach a passing score on the ACCA CIA Challenge Exam? Yes! In fact, Gleim has been educating accountants for more than 40 years. The Gleim team knows how to put together effective study materials, as demonstrated by the number of CIAs who have studied with Gleim and passed their exams.

My Final Thoughts

If you’re considering becoming a CIA and already have another accounting credential like the CPA, the CIA Challenge Exam is the fastest way to reach your goals. However, since the pass rates of the Challenge Exam are so low, I definitely recommend using the right study material to prep. Depending on your learning style and budget, the Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review System could fit the bill. After all, Gleim has become the #1 CIA exam review provider in the industry for a reason.

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