CPA Exam Gifts: 10 Awesome Ideas

Fancy some CPA Exam gifts?

Studying for the CPA Exam can be a daunting task. So, you might want to have little things around the house to cheer you up. Or, you may be shopping for gifts for someone who passed the CPA Exam. Either way, I have ideas for unique and practical CPA gifts.

Gifts for Finishing the CPA Exam

Do you need present ideas for passing exams like the CPA Exam? If so, I’ve gathered some thoughts from my colleagues. Here’s my top 10 list in no particular order. Plus, I’ve elaborated on all of these ideas in my article below.

  1. Coffee mugs for working late nights as a CPA – I like these Aim and Achieve mugs
  2. T-shirts, mugs, office magnets, etc. are fun gifts; find some on Zazzle
  3. Anything with the CPA: Can Pass Attitude logo – I’m especially fond of this functional yet affordable tote bag
  4. Framed college degree and/or CPA certificate– These CPA certificate frames will look great in your office
  5. Massage or spa day to relieve the stress of passing the CPA Exam – Or treat yourself at home with a neck massager, like this one from FIVE S that made Oprah’s Favorite Things list for 2020
  6. Accounting computer software – If you need some advice on what to buy, check out this article from Investopedia
  7. Professional suit, shoes, or other business attire – A classic brand like Brooks Brothers might be appropriate. Or, I have more brand suggestions for women in this article
  8. A class watch in a timeless style – Department stores like Nordstrom, Saks, and Bloomingdale’s will have a wide selection
  9. Nice briefcase, bag, or tote – You can find some nice leather ones at
  10. Flowers, cakes, and cards are always appreciated – Café Press has some funny accountant greeting cards that you can order online

Gift Ideas for Passing the CPA Exam

If you need gifts for passing the CPA Exam, ExamGifts has a cool and affordable collection of mugs, mousepads, fridge magnets, tote bags, and tees that will serve this exact purpose. I created the designs in my spare time for my friends and study buddies. I hope you like them, too!

Here are some other good ideas:

  • CPAs tend to carry a lot of folders and documents with them to client meetings, so a briefcase or tote is essential. They make good gifts, too.
  • If the new CPA in your life is particularly stressed after the exam process, a massage or spa day might be welcomed.
  • Many CPAs work for firms that purchase all of their computer software. However, if they are independent, they might need some accounting software updates. This might not be a flashy gift, but it will be greatly appreciated.
  • A lot of my CPA friends received cakes, flowers, and cards from friends and family after passing their exams. CPA Exam gifts don’t have to be expensive to show you care and appreciate your friends’ hard work.

Motivational CPA Exam Gifts


motivational cpa exam gifts

One of my favorites gifts is anything with the CPA: Can Pass Attitude logo, which is also the logo of this site. The simplistic design carries a loud and clear message — you can pass the CPA Exam with the right attitude!

This stainless steel travel/commuter mug is a spill-proof and has a removable plastic top.

Coffee mugs, tote bags, clothes, and accessories with the same designs are also available.

Get up early for my CPA exam study and 75: Aim and Achieve are also popular designs for exam candidates.

Motivational Exam Quotes Gifts

motivational exam quotes gifts

If you like my collection of motivational exam quotes, you might be interested in gifts of wisdom from Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, and Edward Young. has a lot of accounting-themed motivational quotes to choose from.

CPA Exam Survival Gifts

survival cpa exam gifts

Some of my accountant friends give out “CPA Exam Survival Kits” to their friends who are studying for the exam. They’re a really fun way to support the special person in your life who is on the CPA journey.

What should you include in your survival kit? Coffee mugs for late-night studying are a must. And nice pens and notebooks make studying a little more fun. You can find companies online that will customize notebook covers. Something like “Stephanie—Future CPA” would be nice!

T-shirts with fun sayings are always popular. People love this Balanced Diet… is a Cookie in Each Hand T-shirt — and the tees are available in many colors for men, women, kids, and even babies.  Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, check out the designs for a laugh!

Powered by Donuts and I am Freaking Poor have some good choices, too.

Gifts for Yourself

After you pass the CPA Exam, don’t forget to reward yourself! After all, you put in a lot of hard work, and you deserve to treat yourself. If you’re looking for some practical ideas, here are some suggestions:

  • Now that you’re a CPA, there’s a chance that you’ll be up for a promotion. Or, you might start applying for higher-level positions. Either way, if you don’t have a great suit, now is the time to invest in one. Check out this article about professional business dress codes for some suggestions. Or, read this article devoted to women in the accounting and finance fields.
  • Along the same lines, a comfortable pair of business dress shoes to match that new suit will come in handy in your new role as a CPA. There’s a good chance you’ll be going to more meet and greets or business functions with clients. So, a classic pair of high-quality shoes will get you through those long days to come.
  • A classic watch is always a good investment, even if you check the time on your smartphone. A watch says, “I’m reliable and prompt; you can trust me.”
  • You could have your college degrees and your ceremonial CPA certificate professionally framed. There is something really satisfying about seeing your achievements displayed on your office wall.

Gift Ideas for Accountants

In the end, the perfect gift for passing the CPA Exam is something thoughtful. Most accountants don’t expect a lavish present. Really, when it comes to gifts for the CPA Exam, it’s the thought that counts.


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