6 Reasons to Earn the EA Credential: The Benefits of Becoming an Enrolled Agent

becoming an enrolled agent

Are you a tax preparer looking to advance your career? Or, are you planning to break into the tax profession? In either scenario, the best thing you can do is earn the enrolled agent (EA) credential. The EA designation offers numerous advantages and is valuable to tax professionals at all career stages. So, learn about […]

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How to Become an Enrolled Agent: 10 Steps to Earning Your Enrolled Agent Designation

how to become an enrolled agent

For those specializing in tax, enrolled agent (EA) is a distinctive title that brings significant rewards. As an EA, you have seemingly endless opportunities to grow your career and, as a result, your bank account. So, if you’re thinking about pursuing the EA designation, then you can use this 10-step guide to learn everything you […]

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Enrolled Agent Requirements: Meeting the EA Qualifications

enrolled agent requirements

You may already know about the benefits of becoming an Enrolled Agent (EA). For example, you may know that EAs have unlimited representation rights before the IRS. Or, that EAs have impressive flexibility over how, when, and where they work. The benefits of earning the EA license are clear. However, some aspects of the designation may […]

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How to Become a Chartered Financial Analyst: A Complete Guide to the CFA®

how to become a chartered financial analyst

If you’re thinking of pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation, then you need to know everything that completing this process will involve. Thankfully, you’ll find all of the details about how to become a Chartered Financial Analyst in this guide. From understanding the benefits of the designation to creating an effective study plan, this […]

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CFA Requirements in 2024: 4 Steps to Earning the CFA® Charter

cfa requirements

Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA®) are among the most admired professionals in the investment management field. They have unsurpassed knowledge and experience that makes them highly desirable among employers. Furthermore, the CFA designation is globally recognized, bringing charterholders even more opportunities. To say the least, the CFA designation is prestigious. But in full transparency, earning the […]

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Is Surgent CPA Good?

is surgent cpa good

Is Surgent CPA good for studying for the CPA Exam? Are the Surgent CPA Review reviews from users positive? And most importantly, what’s the Surgent CPA pass rate compared to the Becker CPA pass rate and other companies? Read on to learn more about the Surgent CPA Review ratings. Some CPA review course providers have […]

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Surgent CPA Questions: Get the Details on Surgent CPA with These FAQs

surgent cpa course

Are you a CPA candidate considering Surgent CPA Review as your main CPA review course? If so, getting additional information about how to study with Surgent CPA can help you make your decision. You may have some specific questions about Surgent, like the Surgent CPA pass rate and how it compares to the Becker passing […]

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Gleim CIA Review 2024: Save $100+ with the Biggest Gleim CIA Discount Available

Gleim CIA Review IPasstheCPAExam.com

You must invest in a CIA review prep course to pass the CIA exam and earn the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification. A prep course is non-negotiable because it greatly influences your ability to pass the CIA exam on your first attempt. However, not all CIA review prep courses are created equal. So, how do […]

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How to Become a Certified Internal Auditor: 10 Steps to Earning the CIA Certification

how to become a certified internal auditor CIA

Do you know just how beneficial the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation is and how to become a CIA? The career advantages of being a CIA are numerous, as this certification enables you to stand out in your field. The CIA also garners great financial gains. For example, the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) reports […]

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CIA Exam Pass Rate: How Difficult Is the CIA Exam?

cia exam pass rate

You must complete several CIA requirements to earn the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification. And one of the most significant requirements you must meet is passing the CIA exam. Consequently, you may be wondering just how difficult passing the exam is. How many people actually earn a passing score on the CIA exam every year? […]

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