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How to Become a CPA in the USA (in 12 Months): My Complete Guide

Are you ready to become a CPA? If so, that’s awesome! Accountancy is one of the most secure, stable jobs in any economic cycle, which is important to consider as you plan your future. Therefore, I’m happy to help you along this path. To do so, I’ll tell you the 10 steps you must take. […]

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CPA Exam FAQ: 50 Best Questions and Answers from Readers

Here are answers to readers’ most common CPA Exam FAQ. If you have a question that you cannot find an answer to, drop a note on my Facebook page and I’ll do my best to respond as soon as I can. CPA Exam FAQ I Collected Since January 2010 General Questions on Accountancy and CPA 5 […]

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CPA Exam Schedule: Take BEC before New Exam in April 2017

A proper planning of your CPA exam schedule and testing dates will make your life much easier, and greatly increase your chance to pass the CPA exam. I am going to walk you through my recommended CPA exam schedule and explain the reasoning behind it. Here is additional information in text format. Did You Know… […]

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How to Understand the CPA Exam Grading System (Is It Curved)?

Candidates are intrigued by how the CPA Exam grading is done. Here is my understanding of the CPA exam scoring mechanism: Here is the text version for those who prefer to read: A Score of 75 Doesn’t Mean 75% Correct First of all, you should know that the score you get is not equal to […]

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Prometric CPA: How to Schedule (and Reschedule) Your Exam Online

From CPA application to the actual exam, the process is complicated and stressful. One of the many tasks is scheduling your CPA exam at the so-called “prometric center”. What is it, and how does it work? Prometric CPA Overview This is a 5-minute video that summarizes what you need to know about the Prometric for […]

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How Many Hours do You Need to Study for CPA Exam?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Studying time largely depends on how discipline you are, and whether you have commitments (e.g. full time job, family, health) other than the CPA exam. Rough Estimate: 330-440 Hours As a general rule, you’ll need 80-150 hours to study for each session of the exams, assuming […]

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CPA Exam Application Process in 10 Steps: Beginners’ Guide

Here is a quick overview of the CPA exam application process, and what to do after your application is approved. I have comprehensive guides on how to become a CPA and how to apply for the CPA exam for international candidates if you need more details on each step. Below is the text version from […]

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CPA Application Process for International Candidates

If you are an international candidate preparing to complete the CPA application or someone who lives outside of the U.S. planning to earn the CPA title, you’ve come to the right place. I was an international student myself who got my CPA while working in Hong Kong. So I’ve been there, done that, and I’d love […]

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Aspiring CPA without Social Security Number (SSN): Is there a Way Out?

International CPA exam candidates often need to overcome several obstacles in order to get qualified for the exam. One such obstacle is the social security number (SSN). Rest assured that, in most cases, you can still sit for the CPA exam without the SSN. What is Social Security Number? A social security number is a […]

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CPA Exam Testing Windows and Blackout Months

I talk about CPA testing windows on various pages in this site, but I thought it would be nice to have a quick post to explain how it works: Here is the text version from your reference. CPA Testing Windows Starting the CPA journey is never easy. You need to figure out whether the CPA […]

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