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AnalystPrep CFA Review

The path to becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst is much smoother when you have the right CFA study material, like AnalystPrep CFA. With a CFA course, you can make studying more efficient and potentially reduce your study time. Plus, with the right CFA prep, you can increase your chances of passing the exam on the first try.

If you’re looking for quality but affordable CFA exam study materials, consider AnalystPrep. The biggest CFA bundle has 3,000 questions and 40+ video hours. Many candidates have found that with AnalystPrep CFA review and their modern CFA curriculum, their path to becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst was a little easier.

In this article, I’ll give my review of AnalystPrep. At the end, you’ll find links to other articles about becoming a CFA and how to sign up for my free CFA newsletter.

The CFA Exam

You probably already know that the CFA Institute, or CFAI, grants the CFA certification. If you want to become a CFA, you’ll have to jump through a few hoops. First, you must become a member of the CFAI and pay your annual fees.

Next, you need to fulfill the requirements to take the CFA exam, which are lower than other accounting credentials like the CPA. You just need a bachelor’s degree in any subject. And if you don’t have that, you need at least 4 years of experience.

But don’t let that low barrier fool you. The CFA exam has a reputation for being a hard exam. Just how hard? Well, only about 40-43% of candidates pass the Level I exam. And according to the CFA Institute, successful candidates usually study at least 300 hours for each part of the CFA exam. Since there are three parts, that means an incredible 900 hours of study time. So be prepared to devote a fair amount of time to passing the CFA exam.

Thankfully, there’s a wide range of study materials available. After reading my review of AnalystPrep, you might decide that this is the right review provider to help you pass the exam and become a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Is the CFA worth it?

I know that the mention of 900 hours of study time can be intimidating. But still, if you want to build a career in investment and portfolio management, you should consider it. Check out my post, Is the CFA worth it: The surprise answer with 5 reasons to get more insight.

Background of AnalystPrep

AnalystPrep has only been around since 2014. But even though they haven’t been in the market for decades, they’ve already proven themselves through their students’ success. They started with a question bank that covered Level 1 of the 3-part CFA exam. It was such a hit that they went on to develop full courses for the CFA exam. Over time, they’ve added AnalystPrep review for FRM and actuarial exam candidates.

AnalystPrep takes a user-driven approach to online self-study exam prep. They combine modern technology with the expertise of their instructors to create high-quality study products. But they also believe that study materials should be affordable, so they strive to keep their costs below the rest of the market.

Overview of AnalystPrep CFA Review

The AnalystPrep packages offer several CFA review products:

  • Video Lessons
  • Study Notes
  • Question Bank
  • Customizable Quizzes
  • Mock Exams
  • Performance Analysis Tools
  • Ask-a-Tutor Sessions

However, not all packages include all learning tools. Check out the chart below to pick the package with everything you need. Also, note that the AnalystPrep platform is entirely online.

Video Lessons

AnalystPrep has developed video lessons that go over each CFA Level 1 exam LOS, or Learning Outcome Statements as outlined by the CFA Institute. The AnalystPrep CFA videos include professionals like Professor James Forjan, who has both his CFA and a PhD. When viewing the lessons, students see a split screen. One side displays a video of the instructor speaking on various topics. The other side displays slides with written text that accompanies the instructor’s lectures. In this way, students both see and hear information, which helps reinforce content.

From time to time, AnalystPrep revises the videos to reflect new exam content. In addition, these updates feature new examples explaining the most challenging concepts.

Study Notes

The study notes are like textbooks, in a sense. They go over each LOS that is covered on the CFA exam, but they break it down into manageable chunks. For example, in the Level 1 packages, you could use the study notes as a CFA Level 1 study guide. Plus, a handy function in the study notes lets you create your own flashcards as you go.

Question Bank

AnalystPrep claims that its question bank is the highest-rated question bank among CFA candidates. They use high-quality questions that are similar in difficulty to the ones on the CFA Exam. AnalystPrep’s team, who are all CFA holders, FRM holders, PhDs, or PhD candidates, writes the questions.

Customizable Quizzes

The platform includes the option to customize your quizzes. So you can quiz yourself on multiple topics at once. Or, you can focus on the content that you still find challenging.

Mock Exams

AnalystPrep has 8 mock exams, each with 120 questions. Explanations are given for the correct answers. Plus, you can print the exam and answer explanations so you can study offline, too. Therefore, if you’re looking for a CFA level 1 mock exam, the AnalystPrep bundles have several for you to practice.

Performance Analysis Tools

The AnalystPrep platform includes a performance analyzer that compares your performance on quizzes and mock exams against other students. For instance, let’s say that on Level 1, you’ve been doing 90% better than the other students using AnalystPrep. If the CFA Level 1 pass rate hovers around 40%, there is a good chance that you’re ready to take that level of the real exam.


All of the AnalystPrep bundles come with access to personalized help via “Ask-a-Tutor” sessions. Depending on your package, you get as few as 5 sessions or unlimited support. All tutors are CFA holders, so you can trust their advice.

Costs of AnalystPrep

AnalystPrep study packages start as low as $149 per year, but the costs increase depending on the access level you need. All packages include the Question Bank, printable mock exams, and performance tools. However, you should note that some of the features that make AnalystPrep a strong review provider are not included in all packages. So if you want materials like video lessons and their detailed study notes, make sure you select the right bundle.

Here’s a summary of their packages. In the chart below, you should note that AnalystPrep also offers bundles with just Level 1 material, Level II + Level III material, or an unlimited bundle that gives you access to all of their best CFA study material. And some of them have lifetime access, but others only have access for 12 months.

Level 1 of the CFA Exam: Practice Package

Although this is the most basic and affordable package, it still gives you what you need to pass the CFA Exam. It includes the Question Bank, printable mock exams, performance tools, and 5 ask-a-tutor sessions. Note that this package does not include the video lessons, study notes, or the Level I essential review summary.

The cost is $149 per year.

Level I of the CFA Exam: Learn + Practice Package

If you’re looking for a package with video lessons, you’ll want to step up to the Learn + Practice Package. It includes everything from the Practice Package plus videos and study notes. The CFA Level 1 study material also comes with the printable AnalystPrep CFA level 1 formulas and ratios sheets.

And, you get the Level 1 “essential review summary,” which is a CFA Level 1 study plan that goes over the most essential content. You can also use this summary as a last-minute cram review before your test date.

The cost is $249 per year.

Level II of the CFA Exam: Practice Package

If you only need review material for Level II, you could consider one of the Level II packages. The Level II question bank includes 200 sample cases, each with 6 practice questions. The Practice Package consists of the test bank, several CFA Level 2 mock exams, performance tools, and 5 ask-a-tutor sessions.

The cost is $129 per year.

Level III of the CFA Exam: Practice Package

The content in the CFA Level 3 packages focus on wealth planning and the skills needed to help clients make sound financial decisions. The Practice Package includes a question bank, sample essay questions, and mock CFA exams, and 5 ask-a-tutor sessions.

The cost is just $99 per year.

CFA Exam Unlimited – Levels II and III

If you only need a CFA study guide for Levels II and III, AnalystPrep has a bundle for that. With an unlimited package, you get access to all of the material for those levels. Plus, you can have an unlimited number of ask-a-tutor sessions. And you can even log into the platform for life.

The cost for lifetime access and updates is $199.

CFA Exam Unlimited – Levels I, II, and III

The CFA Exam Unlimited Package is definitely the best buy. You’ll get all of the AnalystPrep study tools (question bank, mock exams, performance tools, video lessons, and study notes) for all three levels of the CFA Exam. And even better, you have lifetime access. So if it takes you longer than planned to pass the exam, you don’t have to worry about purchasing another review package. Plus, with the lifetime package, you’ll always have access to updated curriculum. And you get unlimited ask-a-tutor questions.

The cost is $449 for a lifetime of access. In my opinion, this price is below the industry standard for this amount of study material and personal support. And it’s definitely the most cost-effective to purchase the 3-level bundle instead of one level at a time.

Expanding Your Access

If you pick one of the Practice or Learn + Practice packages, you can use the ask-a-tutor function 5 times. That is, 5 times during your 12-month access, a tutor will help you with a question or problem via live chat. But for an extra $30, you can bump that up to unlimited ask-a-tutor questions. If this additional charge fits your budget, I would definitely consider it. You don’t want to add obstacles for yourself when you don’t have someone to help you with a problem.

I’ve already mentioned that the Practice and Learn + Practice packages only have 12-month’s of access. However, for an extra $40, you can get unlimited access. And, your curriculum will be updated whenever the CFA exam changes. Again, this is an add-on that I would recommend. There’s no sense in adding the extra pressure of squeezing in all of your studying in 12 months if you can fit this fee in your budget.


Level I Practice Level I Learn + Practice Level II Practice Level III Practice Unlimited – Levels II & III Unlimited – Levels I, II, & III
Level I Question Bank level I question bank level I learn and practice level II practice level III practice level II practice unlimited levels II and III
Level I Mock Exams analystprep level 1 mock exam analystprep level 1 mock exam analystprep level 1 mock exam analystprep level 1 mock exam analystprep level 1 mock exam analystprep level 1 mock examk
Level I Video Lessons level 1 video lessons level 1 video lessons level 1 video lessons level 1 video lessons level 1 video lessons level 1 video lessons
Level I Study Notes study notes study notes study notes study notes study notes study notes
Level I Essential Review Summary essential review summary essential review summary essential review summary essential review summary essential review summary essential review summary
Level II Question Bank qbank qbank qbank qbank qbank qbank
Level II Mock Exams cfa mock cfa mock cfa mock cfa mock cfa mock cfa mock
Level III Question Bank questions questions questions questions questions questions
Level III Essay Questions essay questions essay questions essay questions essay questions essay questions essay questions
Level III Mock Exams practice test practice test practice test lpractice test practice test practice test
Performance Tools performance tools performance tools performance tools performance tools performance tools performance tools
5 Ask-a-Tutor Questions cfa tutor cfa tutor cfa tutor cfa tutor cfa tutor cfa tutor
Unlimited Ask-a-Tutor Questions unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
12-Month Access access length access length access length access length access length access length
Lifetime Access + Curriculum Updates Curriculum Updates Curriculum Updates Curriculum Updates Curriculum Updates Curriculum Updates Curriculum Updates
Price $149/year $249/year $129/year $99/year $199/lifetime $449/lifetime


 Strengths of AnalystPrep

  • Ask-a-Tutor Sessions. I suggest going with a package that includes unlimited ask-a-tutor sessions. Some of the CFA exam questions, like the CFA Level 1 questions and CFA finance problems, are tough. It’s nice to know that you’ll have someone to assist you when you get stuck.
  • Ease of Use. The online AnalystPrep platform is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. I tried it out myself and located the study notes, videos, qbank, and mock exams right away. Plus, from the online platform, you can directly download a lot of the content as PDFs on your computer to access when you’re offline. You can download the questions and the mock exams, including explanations of the correct answers.
  • Affordability. AnalystPrep is one of the most affordable CFA study plans on the market. Especially when you choose one of the CFA Exam Unlimited bundles, you get access to enough CFA sample questions and other study materials to be prepared for the CFA test.

Weaknesses of AnalystPrep

  • No Mobile App. AnalystPrep does not offer a mobile app. However, the web platform works well on tablets. I even tried it out on my smartphone, and it worked just fine as long as I had a good Wi-Fi connection. Plus, you can download the question banks, study notes, and mock exams and study with them anywhere with or without internet access.


How to study for CFA exams with AnalystPrep?

If you choose AnalystPrep as your CFA review provider, I would start by reading all of the study notes and creating your own flashcards as you go. Watch the videos and work through the problems in the question bank. Follow up with quizzes and go back to the study notes to re-learn the concepts you missed. Finally, take the mock exams and compare your progress to other AnalystPrep students.

What’s the AnalystPrep Pass Rate?

AnalystPrep doesn’t publicly announce their pass rate. However, they do claim that 84% of their students don’t request their pass guarantee. This implies that about 84% of their students pass the CFA Exam. Of course, we don’t know how many of their candidates failed the exam and didn’t request the guarantee.

Does AnalystPrep have a free trial?

Yes, AnalystPrep offers a free but limited trial to its test bank. You get access to 150 “exam-style” questions. If you like what you see, you can upgrade to a full membership.

On their website, they have also posted some sample study notes. The notes include sample questions, too, with explanations for the correct answers.

Does AnalystPrep have CFA Level 1 Books?

Instead of textbooks, AnalystPrep has study notes. The content is similar to a textbook, but the topics are broken down into small, digestible chunks of information. I prefer this parceled approach, as with so much material to study, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

Which AnalystPrep package is the best?

Honestly, because their prices are so much less other competitors, I would go ahead and get the CFA Exam Unlimited package. It comes with all of the great tools like the study notes, videos, CFA mock exams, and unlimited ask-a-tutor sessions. Plus, you get lifetime access to the content. That means that even after you pass the CFA exam, you can go back to AnalystPrep when you need to brush up on your skills.

How hard is the CFA Exam? Do I really need a review course?

Based on my experience, yes—you should study with a review course. The format of the CFA exam is different than other credential exams. The CFA exam parts are referred to as “levels,” and you must pass the first level before moving on to the second. However, the CFA pass rates for Level 1 are only about 40-43%. That means that over half of the candidates who think they are prepared for the exam aren’t. Don’t get stuck with the group that fails their first attempt. Make the most of your study time and review with a course like AnalystPrep.

Can I Pass the CFA Exam with AnalystPrep?

Yes, I believe that if you read all study notes, actively watch the video lessons, take the quizzes and CFA practice exams, and follow-up with the tutors when you have a question, you could pass the CFA exam.

Where can I find more information about the CFA requirements?

My blog is packed full of articles about how to become a CFA, a typical CFA salary, CFA exam dates, and more.

My Recommendation

If you’re looking for an online self-study CFA prep course at an affordable price, AnalystPrep could be right for you. The course emphasizes the test bank, customizable quizzes, and mock exams, which could be a significant benefit for CFA candidates who learn best by drilling questions. And if you go with a package with unlimited ask-a-tutor sessions, professionals are just a click away when you need help. If you’re diligent with your studies and take full advantage of their products, AnalystPrep could help you pass the CFA exam on your first try.

Best Price on AnalystPrep CFA!

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