Wiley and CPAexcel have Joined Hands – How does It Benefit You?

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January 2, 2013

Many of you are aware of the recent acquisition of CPAexcel by Wiley. Rahul Srivastava, President of CPAexcel, is kind enough to address my questions on the impact and on the future of the company.

Conversation with the President on the New Wiley CPAexcel

1. Rahul, thank you very much for your time. Could you tell us more about the Wiley CPAexcel acquisition?

I am pleased to announce that CPAexcel and Wiley have joined hands. Wiley acquired 100% of Efficient Learning Systems, Inc., the parent company of CPAexcel.

Now, as part of the Wiley team, we are not just looking to help you pass the CPA Exam — we are here to support your entire career arc. Through a solid foundation in accounting with textbooks such as Kieso’s Intermediate Accounting, to getting recruited by a top public accounting firm, to securing your CPA credential and beyond, we will stay with you.  You now have one source.

For students across the globe wondering, what is the best way to pass the CPA exam, you now have one logical choice: Wiley CPAexcel.

2. Many of my readers love the CPAexcel CPA review course. Will it change after the acquisition?

Wiley has the industry-leading textbooks and a large Test Bank with thousands of past exam questions and enhanced simulations.

CPAexcel has a full learning platform with synchronization for anywhere, anytime learning and personalized metrics which allow you to manage your study, and review and practice tests in a time-frame based on your personal schedule.

Wiley CPAexcel will combine all of these products and features to give our customers the “best of breed” anywhere in the marketplace.  Wiley CPAexcel is all you will need to pass the CPA Exam and what’s more, we will still have our Free Continuing Access Guarantee, the best in the industry.

3. Will the CPAexcel package include the Wiley Test Bank?

The Wiley Test Bank will be a supplement to the CPAexcel course. It’s a powerful study tool that replicates the Prometric testing environment with  4,300 CPA Exam Questions and  164 Simulations. It may be purchased in addition to CPAexcel’s Core Study Materials, which include 5,000 CPA Exam Questions, 6,200 Proficiency Questions and 250 Simulations.

Our theory is that the more you practice and drill on CPA Exam questions, the more confident and at ease you will be on test day.  So, we are encouraging CPAexcel customers who want this insurance to supplement with Test Bank.

Stephanie’s note: you can learn about the Wiley Test Bank here.

4. In the future, will the new Wiley CPAexcel’s video lecturers be teaching with Wiley’s materials or will they still be using their own notes?

Full integration of the Wiley CPAexcel content will take place over a period of time. It will start with a peer review by Wiley and CPAexcel authors to make sure best practices are followed for continuous improvement of content and to ensure that our candidates are benefiting from the best content available in the market, bar none.

5. Will Wiley CPAexcel provide new products or services to differentiate itself from its competitors?

Now that we have joined forces, customers who purchase our combined product suite will have additional CPA Exam questions and simulations – more than any other review course in the industry. We will continue to differentiate ourselves as the complete CPA Exam review solution with bite-sized lessons, a free continuing access guarantee, access to the top professors and the industry’s leading content.

6. What are the terms of the Free Continuing Access Guarantee?

We will continue to provide unlimited content updates and software upgrades until 1 year after you pass the CPA Exam.

7. Can I still purchase the Wiley CPA Exam Review material via WileyCPA.com and the CPAexcel course on CPAexcel.com?

Yes, for now. In the future, we will have one Wiley CPAexcel website to make ordering all of our products easier for our customers.

8. Will CPAexcel continue to offer the free exam qualification service to its international customers?

Yes, definitely. To learn more and use this service, visit this page dedicated for international candidates.

9. Are you going to raise/lower the price of the material?

Wiley CPAexcel is constantly evaluating the cost of production. We will give you sufficient lead time and let you know if and when the prices are likely to change.

Do You Have Any Questions and Comments?

I would like to thank Rahul again for sharing this exciting development of CPAexcel with us.

With this new information I have put Wiley CPAexcel back to my recommended list.

I highly recommend Wiley CPAexcel if:

  • You prefer a learning tool that allows studying any time, anywhere, and fully utilizes down time;
  • You appreciate a highly customized study planner that tracks your progress and weaker areas, and sends reminders by email;
  • You like no-gimmick free trials and unlimited access until you pass the exam.
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