IPasstheCPAExam Testimonials since January 2010

I would like to thank each and every one of you who have personally thanked me for my hard work on this website. I created it to help people like yourself, and it’s your kind words that inspire me and keep me updating the website every chance I have for others – even long after I earned my own CPA qualification.

I decided to place this testimonial page here not only as a thank you to those who have put in their hard work and thanked me for mine, but also for those of you who have yet to take your CPA Exam and may need some inspiration and/or confirmation that since you are here visiting IPassTheCPAExam.com, you’ve come to the right place.

” Thank you sooooooooooo much for this wonderful website, really i got all the answer of questions which i looked for it a lot .. thanks you again , wish you all the best” – Marwan

“Excellent source of information. Thanks for pulling the information together.” – Vinayak

“Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your email. I have a Bachelor’s in Accounting but I graduated in 1995 in a foreign but accredited university. I am planning to take BEC because I still don’t have the motivation to study. It just bores me to death! I can’t even finish Chapter one of the first review book.  I have postponed taking the test since I graduated because I just don’t have the interest to study some more.  I may be working in accounting all this time but I concentrated in one area and one type of industry… I am not so motivated but then I realized that I will never get paid well if I don’t have my CPA especially now that I am working in an environment of people who have CPA or Masters in Accounting. I feel so little compared to this people. So I want to prove to myself I can be like them and also the review will serve as my refresher course in Accounting.

Thanks for your time. You’re now my inspiration!”   – Melody (via email)

“I’m very interested in becoming a CPA to enhance my credentials. Your site was so informative and well laid out and has answered so many questions that I have been desperately searching for!”  – Dave

“Dear Stephanie: Thanks for mails, really I am getting lot of input from your side.”  – Ramkesh (email)

“Thank you for your 10 days tips for CPA exam preparation and the notes. It is really worth [it].” – George (email)

“Thanks, your recommendations are very helpful.” – Joelle

“Thank you so much for sending the tips. I just found your website the other day and it is really inspiring. I took the FAR exam one year ago and miserably failed… I thought that I understood the concept. It was really devastating to find out the score…  One week ago, I purchased the DVD again. I am not sure how long it will take… but I just want to keep trying. I just started studying again from scratch… I am already having so much trouble focusing on the dvd.. but I really do hope that I will be a CPA one day. Thanks again!!” – Mutsuko (email)

“Thanks a lot for these notes. I truly and greatly appreciate all your time and generosity.” – Marie (email)

“Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your surgical assessment of this qualification of high profile ( CPA). Your notes and treatment of each of the four parts made understanding of different parts of those papers quite understandable, and would go a long way in helping to create successful plan of study. I really appreciate the time and effort you spent on putting this together. It is great people like you who give people like me needed inspiration and support to move forward.” – Michael

“Dear Stephanie,

Thank you so much for the effort you have taken to help me out! It was fabulous!I have found it very useful since I could compare the different course providers, their way of teaching and like you mentioned Yaeger CPA is the best. Moreover I am able to plan out in which order I could take my exams.” — Judie J. (email)

“Thanks  for all your  motivational quotes. It really helps especially when you are preparing for a difficult
exam like CPA.” — Karthik (email)

“I found your site to be very informative and helpful, that’s why I signed up to your mini-course as well.” — Kitty (email)

“I’m to glad to hear your reply. I learnt about your site by just searching keyword, “pass CPA”. Then I was so impressed by the content of your site and your CPA results, so I keep reading….” — Kitty (followup email)

“Hi Stephanie, just found your website and thanks so much for the useful information on CPA, it helps a lot.” — Kelvin

“Thank you so much Stephanie, I really don’t know what to say to appreciate your help…” — Kelvin (followup comment)

“Hi Stephanie, I have not yet begun studying for the exam. I plan on taking BEC in the July 2010 window. I would like to take this time to thank you for the book you wrote as well as these study notes.  I found the tips and study plan options particularly helpful. Thank you for all you do!” — Angela (email)

“Very helpful! Thank you for the outlines,…this is just the information I was looking for!” — Carrie

“Thank you for all your hard work on the website, it is really amazing to say the least.” — Sami

“Hi Stephnie very good morning. I think “thank you” is not enough the way you are helping me and solving my questions. I am so glad you are replying back for all my questions.” — Teena

“This is exactly what I was looking for!! I wish I read this article before I started studying. But lucky for me I didn’t purchase all 4 courses. Thank you very much!” — Emma

” Hi Stephanie, while browsing through various CPA stuff, I came across your very informative and helpful site. Its really a good effort put in by you for the candidates seeking CPA.” — MSMG

“Thanks Stephanie for creating this wonderful source of CPA information. I really wonder the way you have gathered all the information and put it in a very user friendly manner. This e-course has helped me to have general as well as specific lookout at the CPA exam. I really appreciate the efforts taken by you. Keep up the great work.” — MSMG (email followup)

“Thank you so much for your reviews on the CPA review courses. It’s been nearly a year and a half since my last accounting course, and I was very tentative about which review to choose. Your advice makes me feel beyond relieved about investing thousands of my very hard earned dollars on the right study material. Thanks again.” — Frank

“Thanks a lot for your 10 day mini e-course. You have explained each subject in such a simple language. Also, this website is of great help for the people like us who are actually confused and have no idea of how to become a CPA. Thanks a ton Stephanie.” – Mita

“Your mini course was very useful and I am sad to see it end. I looked forward to reading your daily emails and getting a lot of useful info about the exam and how to study for it. I think your site/emails inspire me more and because of that, I’ve become a lot more focused and organized. I’ve even create a spreadsheet to help manage my time with my studies. You make learning about the CPA an easy and pleasant experience, and I actually LIKE reading about it. Keep up the great work!!” – J (email)

“Hi Stephanie,

Thank you so much for your thorough response! Your interpersonal site could really encourage and comfort the people like me. I feel you do care. Thank you!” – Sab

“Hi Stephanie,

With the help of this site and a little bit of luck, I’m now a certified CPA in IL. Woohoo!!

THANK YOU, STEPHANIE! Keep up the good work, what you are doing in here is awesome.” – David

“Hi Stephanie,

You have been an absolute great help so far and I feel so lucky to have your support, I truly appreciate it. Your detailed insight of 4 sections are really useful in determining what to sit first so we dont face any disappointment as these little decisions does make a difference in the end.

I am truly very grateful to you, you are absolutely wonderful.

Thanks heaps once again and god bless you.”  – Neha (via email)

“I just want to thank you for all the great help that you and your site provide me with. If i had know your site at the beginning, I would not have to google multiple sites to gather all the information that I need. I especially like the article where you compare different CPA review courses. I am also impressed of how quickly you response to my questions and comments.

Thank you again for your help. You are a very nice person and I wish you and your family all the best!”  – Sincerely, Nguyen

Hi Stephanie,
I haven’t taken the test yet, but everything looks good so far. You have helped me to know what to expect.
I know I’ll take a prep course, and you helped me to pick out the one I want.
You also helped me with picking the test order. I was going to let FAR wait, but since it has the most material, I know to do that first. BEC includes some IT questions (I hate it), so I know to get that out of the way early. I’m also relieved to know that REG is mostly tax, since that’s where I’m already working.
However it goes, I know you’ve pointed me in the right direction.

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