Rules of Networking: Book Review

Rules of networkingI was introduced to The Rules of Networking when I worked in strategic planning at a North American bank. My boss attended a talk by Rob Yeung (author of the book) and he was so impressed that he ordered hundreds of books for the private bankers.

I have since taken a different role as the publisher of this website. As I flip through this book for some networking ideas for my readers, I am pleasantly surprised that these ideas work not only for the sales and people in the front line, but also for everyone, including accountants and professionals looking for a job.

Why “Rules of Networking” When There are Dozens of Similar Publications?

There are many books out there preaching you how to network using academic theories and confusing jargons, and written in hundreds of pages that drown the very ideas the authors are promoting for. I am surprised that anyone can remember the core ideas after ploughing through that many pages.

“When I read one of those books, I start to flick through the chapters and pages with increasing impatience – wanting to shout, “come on, get to the point!”

Rob Yeung keeps the book small and light because he wants the book to be truly useful for his readers. The Rules of Networking measures and weighs similar to a Samsung Galaxy Tab. It is a delightful read with lots of examples that you can put into practice tomorrow.

But Isn’t Networking Only Useful For Sales People?

Sales people must understanding networking to survive; accounting and financial professional can learn about networking to differentiate yourself from the crowd. In fact, you are a salesperson selling yourself when you are looking for a job, for business partners, or customers for your CPA firm. Networking is an important and integral part of your everyday life.

But I Am An Introvert. Networking Never Works For Me.

This is precisely why you need to read this book because it dispel many myths commonly related to networking. Introverts may not feel comfortable cold-calling someone, but introverts can learn how to present themselves better among familiar contacts and improve your odds of finding a great job or opportunity. At the same time, introverts are good listeners and this is a critical part of a networking process.

You don’t know anybody important? Rob has an answer for you. You don’t know how to start? Rob will tell you that networking is a learnable skill and he will show you step-by-step process, starting by how you introduce yourself. (If your answer is “I am an accountant”, then you MUST read the book and make some drastic change in your own introduction).

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