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Yaeger Is the Clear Choice

It’s impossible to state which CPA review course is the best for every aspiring CPA because of its various price tags and learning styles. Finding the right balance between your family and job can be difficult. Choosing the CPA review course that fits your schedule and learning preference is even more difficult.

Yaeger CPA Review is the clear choice for those who prefer the “personalized” classroom learning between the instructor and only you. Each concept is explained through lecture and then reinforces your understanding by working the multiple choice questions and simulations with you. This method of teaching and Yaeger CPA Review is also favorably reviewed and endorsed by Stephanie Ng, a renowned professional in the CPA arena.

Yaeger price tag of $1,787.00 for the Home Study Complete Course includes 136-hour teaching video lectures, instructor-authored handout, set of four 2012 Wiley CPA Review textbooks, Wiley Test Bank Software, access to Yaeger CPA Review Instructor Hotline, and unlimited use of the course. This price is 46% discount to a competitive, CPA review course that starts with the letter B for their four-part bundle. It is undoubtedly one of the best values for money among the many CPA review courses available. Not forgetting the overall 88% pass rate for Yaeger first-time students as against the overall CPA exam pass rate of 49%.

Nine years have passed since I last attended college, and I still think classroom learning is the best form of teaching. This is because you could focus on the task at hand and eliminate distraction; you could evaluate and understand as you listen, and make notes for the important points; and ask clarifying questions. As a working mother aspiring to be a CPA, and with a four-year old toddler; my schedule will not permit me to stay focus on CPA exam preparation for 2 hours at a stretch on any one day. I have to break up my studying time in blocks of 15 minutes or less. Just scheduling this kind of “absurdity” is mind boggling, let alone being able to concentrate.
Yaeger CPA Review with clearly explained concepts, and step-by-step workings on the simulations are excellent teaching methods for those who could only allot short time span for each topic. Hence Yaeger CPA Review will suit me best. My kid once said the darndest things to me: “mom, why you go to school anytime of the day? I go to school only in the morning.”

Yaeger CPA Review was started in 1977 by Dr. Phil Yaeger, CPA; a family-run, face-front business, where your success is closely linked to their business success. The fact that they have been in their 35th year speaks volume on the integrity of their product. The teaching philosophy is WHAT to do, and HOW to do it, but also, WHY to do it. Teaching WHY you are doing what you are doing to get the right answer. Yaeger CPA Review emphasis is on understanding the concepts behind the answers. Yaeger high pass rate is a force to be reckoned with.

Three unique features of Yaeger CPA Review are: 1) the classroom learning style where the instructor goes through the concepts, multiple choice questions, and step-by-step workings on the simulations; 2) the use of renowned industry-leading Wiley’s CPA Exam Review books and software as teaching material; and 3) the direct access to any of the instructors, namely Cindy Simpson, Phil Yaeger – the founder himself, and Gary to answer your questions. An associate of mine, who has signed up the Yaeger CPA Review, also confirmed with me that the “student hotline” is true to their promise. It is usually Dr. Phil Yaeger on the other end answering my associate’s questions. Yaeger personal commitment to every student’s success is unique in the industry. Additionally, Yaeger motivating instructors are knowledgeable and able to “cut to the chase” for you, so you will not waste much time on less important topics not tested in the exam.

The emotional preparation for the CPA exam is akin to the athletes and coaches preparing for the Olympic Games. The “magnitude” of the CPA exam is hard to prepare for because of its attractiveness in aiding your career prospect in terms of higher salary, promotion and opportunity in other related jobs. The CPA experience is craved by many and experienced by a handful. You must be able to walk away knowing that you have given your best shot and rejoiced in the opportunity to test yourself in one of the most prestigious examination environments in the accounting arena.

The above-mentioned features of Yaeger CPA Review could provide the emotional preparation, practice, and management to ensure that you can come closer to the CPA situational potential. It is undoubtedly a good CPA tool dictating enough quality exam preparation for confidence and concentration to pass the exam.

S. Jia

Worst Program Ever

Worst program ever. When they say it’s up to date, they mean as of recording date which can be a year ago. They don’t continuously up date. Just was doing Sub S module. They didn’t bother with the proper Sub S tax form, they show you a partnership form. How lazy can you be. i knew they had an 18 month time limit (most reviews have done away with that), I didn’t know there was a no refund policy till two weeks in i told Sonny there are too many problems with this program to have confidence it will assist my knowledge to pass.. They don’t really put that anywhere you can see it if it is posted. I can even live with that. But it’s the worst program I’ve ever purchased. I have a rule, don’t buy all 4 sections no matter how good the price. i broke that rule and I regret it. The test bank is terrible. I’ve gone through the Reg program and have complained to them on numerous occasions. it is not up to date. The questions that sync to the classes many times are not the question the instructor is talking about. Sometimes you can find the question if you can hit the “previous” or “next” button. Lots of times they are missing those buttons. They are even missing the “submit button sometimes. Sometimes you’ll get a question (too many times) that ask you to choose between options and they don’t have options. In reg they pretty much read the book to you. I can read. I need shortcuts, ways to remember the material and to see them actually work and explain questions. The test bank is lousy. There is no way to get automatic feed back, even homework questions have no automatic feedback… And lastly the big sell “adaptapass” doesn’t work well. Save your money. Concept is great but doesn’t deliver. I’m going to supplement with a Wiley testbank and see if that helps. Otherwise, eat the loss and try another review course.


Switched from Becker to Yaeger

I didnt pass on my first try, using Becker and I decided to do some more research and try a new plan of action. Based on your article, Failed to Pass the CPA Exam, I decided to go away from Becker and try Yaeger.


Switched from Wiley to Yaeger

Lets face it. There is an increasing trend of CPA aspirants across the globe out of which many are already members of one or more professional bodies. Still, why CPA? You know the answer. That’s why you are now going through my post. So what can go wrong in CPA Exam preparation? Our Plans, methods of study, time we put in for understanding the contents and practice.
I bought Wiley Review course( paperback)( the cheapest review course available) and started with BEC and pushed myself to read each word by word and prepare notes. After finishing first module in BEC, I understood this would not work as easy as I thought. Gosh! its full packed theory.. Who is going to remember this stuff after 2 days unless we keep on revising the notes. By the way, Don’t start with Auditing if we don’t have prior experience with the subject.

Then I started looking for easier methods. God knows what all came in bits and pieces… At this point I got confused which were better, whether focus notes would cover all I needed, which are the areas required focus more than just focus notes bullets etc. Finally I got the answer I was looking for after spending hours researching.
Out of many review courses, why Yaeger is apt for me
1. Cost effective, of course,
2. In one shot, we get everything we are looking for. They know, from their many years’ experience, what candidates want and in which form. They are veterans. Just watch the demos.
3. Regarding Old school teaching style, imagine we are attending a Classroom crash course just weeks before the exam. We are still far ahead of completing the material. What would we try to do? We give ourselves 100% to the course and try to memorise the lectures and points discussed in the class. Just apply this method for CPA preparation a little early with Yaeger and see the result. Yes.. that’s what I was talking about.
4. The best part is that we can watch video lectures over and over again.
5. We should believe in what Yaeger has to offer and they have ‘helpdesk’ facility which we need to explore. Give it a shot! my fellow aspirants and see the outcome. The pass rate is as high as 88%. Imagine we are one among 88… It feels great, right? Oh Yeah… me too… Lets make an effort to increase the pass percentage to even higher. Kudos to their quality of lectures, notes and expert advise. I will update this post with my results. My best wishes to all CPA Aspirants.


Used Roger But Considering Yaeger

I’ve used Roger CPA Review on all my other sections of the CPA exam and I’m just not jiving with him on FAR. I need more conceptual info on the topic. I noticed Yaeger has over 51 hours and a lot of walk through multiple choice questions… Rog, although I love his style, only has 33 FAR lecture hours and I’m just lost with everything I watch. I need either more video time or some 1-on-1 phone time with a live person to guide me through!


I DO NOT Recommend Yaeger

I DO NOT recommend Yaeger. I failed it horribly. I have been using Roger and lets put it this way – he knows his stuff. Even after spending rigorous amount of time memorizing the tactics by Yaeger – I did horrible. DONT skip the questions Yaeger tells you too unless you like surprises.


You Won't Regret Using Yaeger

I highly recommend Yaeger to anyone who is trying to choose between the different review courses. Yaeger is a great value and will help you pass the exam. I have had some questions along the way and the customer service they give is tremendous. When Phil Yaeger calls and leaves you a voice mail, it makes you feel good about your purchase, to say the least!
After 8 years in banking, I was ready for a change. I was not an accounting major so I went back and took extra college classes and started at a public accounting firm in December. I started studying for the exam after my first tax season.
I took and passed BEC on the first try with the help of Yaeger. I’m finishing up studying for REG now and anticipate passing it as well. The videos are great! I also recommend investing in the CRAM courses they offer. If you choose Yaeger for your review course, you won’t regret it!


Yaeger CPA Review

I have been on your site and read the reviews of the CPA courses. I love the Yaeger CPA review because it teaches using the old school method which I personally like.. I do well and understand more when there is a professor writing on the board. After reading their review page I liked the fact that they use best materials available (like Wiley, Gleim) in the market so you get value for money. Also listened to the demo lecture by Cindy she sounds awesome! I was impressed at the ease with which she explains such complicated topics. So Yaeger has the best materials, awesome instructors, terrific passing rate, wonderful customer service and to top it all a decent price. I did try Becker back in 2007 but this is way better. Looking to pass the CPA exam in 2013!!


Why I Recommend Yaeger

I would recommend Yeager because it is affordable by everybody. In addition to that, Yeager uses the very detailed books from Wiley review course. People can even buy Wiley’s books from Amazon, which is again cheaper from other book stores like Barnes & Noble. You don’t have to buy the whole course again for the newer version you only buy the new books for $35/ea and get the updates. Yeager videos don’t have any expiration, which you can use any time you want, and can go back and forth quickly topic by topic. I am recommending Yeager of being a CPA candidate and unlike lot other candidates I was able to spend money on most of well recommended course and ended up using Yeager to have better understanding on the complicated concepts to achieve my goal CPA Certification. Best of luck to all CPA candidates.

Mohammed Nabil

Good Lectures; Bad Customer Service

I’ve started learning with Yaeger homestudy for several modules, the presentation of Cynthia is really good, I can learn something after her lectures.

However, the customer service is terrible, a staff called Bonni Yaeger who has bad temper, be careful.


Switched from Becker to Yaeger

I have been on your site and read the reviews of the CPA courses. I love the Yaeger CPA review because it teaches using the old school method which I personally like.. I do well and understand more when there is a professor writing on the board. After reading their review page I liked the fact that they use best materials available (like Wiley, Gleim) in the market so you get value for money. Also listened to the demo lecture by Cindy she sounds awesome! I was impressed at the ease with which she explains such complicated topics. So Yaeger has the best materials, awesome instructors, terrific passing rate, wonderful customer service and to top it all a decent price. I did try Becker back in 2007 but this is way better. Looking to pass the CPA exam in 2013!!


Yager Cram Course

I’ve taken one of Yaeger’s CRAM courses. I found it thoroughly helpful and it definitely enabled me to pass my exam.

The video lectures are user friendly with options to start from the beginning or from where I left of. Yaeger gives clear direction and instruction on what to expect on the exam on a particular subject or topic. Problem areas to focus on and homework problems to spend extra time in.

Many times I’ve found myself learning the “back story” of a law or a calculation and that helps tremendously with my understanding.

Yaeger is a proven method of study that will produce successful results!


One Good Lecturer; One Bad Lecturer

I took your recommendation and have been using Yaeger since the end of August. I’m in the middle of studying for FAR.

I believe there are 3 teachers for this course. Cindy (who mainly teaches FAR) is excellent. She has a great sense of humor and she hammers points home so you won’t forget. On a multiple choice problem, she will go over the wrong choices and explain why they are wrong. She will also tell you for said MC question, what other questions the CPA could ask based on the topic. She really knows her stuff backwards and forwards and tries her bast to get you to her level of understanding accounting.

HOWEVER, the other teachers SUCK. Phil is so monotone and boring. And it’s more than that. He doesn’t go into nearly the detail that Cindy does. Not only is Cindy more entertaining, but she’s a better teacher: plain and simple. Phil does not go over the wrong MC questions, which really bothers me because on the CPA exam there are often at least 2 answers that seem reasonably correct. Phil also say “all right” every 5 seconds. It’s like when a teenager says “like” all the time. Maybe not that bad but almost. He probably says “all right” as much as one of those dumb athletes say “you know” before every sentence.

The 3rd guy I haven’t taken instruction from yet but I saw the beginning of one of his lectures and he seems worse than Phil.

So, not having taken the other courses yet, I would recommend only taking Yaeger for FAR (Cindy mostly teaches FAR but occasionally you will get the brutal Phil and the other guy).


Bad Customer Service

After reading your site, I was set for Yaeger but after visiting and calling Yaeger, I realized you did not mention some key weaknesses for Yaeger. If the candidate does not pass, and they want to try out next 2 years for example, if CPA exams stays the same next year, you can use the same exact thing, but if you happen to take a long break for2- 3 years, you have to buy everything again. Customer service from the Yaeger sucks, they get frustrated very easily if you don’t jump and choose their programs. Hope you will post this so everyone can read it .


Went from Wiley and Becker to Yaeger

I am married with two kids, work full time, and take online classes for my MBA. I have become thoroughly acquainted with studying on my own through taking most of my undergraduate and all of my graduate courses online. I felt the CPA Exam should be similar and I should be able to study on my own and pass the first time around. I bought the Wiley books and found a study schedule from the Becker review course and started towards my goal of having all four sections of the exam passed by the end of November 2012. I have just completed my first week of 36 hours of studying, probably more if you add in the miscellaneous times of studying flash cards, and I feel there is something missing. The key to me passing the exam is out there and I don’t have it yet. That is when I decided to search online for supplemental materials or anything that would give me the confidence I need to know that in four months I will pass all four sections and all of this sacrificing will be worth it.

I found Yaeger CPA Review and watched the sample videos and I knew this is it! As I was watching the FAR section sample video I was excited to hear the simulation explained in a way that I could thoroughly understand it! I enjoyed the fact that I felt like I was in class again watching the instruction explain the problem on the board, discussing information from previous problems and text that would help answer the current problem, and explaining every detail clearly on how to solve the problem. After watching, I sat back and felt extremely confident that I understood the problem, what it was asking, and how to solve it. There is also customer service available and unlimited viewing which is a great component and is rare to find! I know if I use this review program I will surely reach my goal and pass the exam!

I have four months! This is highly ambitious and some say impossible, but I know that through determination, the right materials, and utilizing every spare moment I have to study, I will reach my goal. The Yaeger CPA Review is the key for me and will ensure that these next four months are spent wisely and PASSING the CPA Exam!


Trying Yaeger After Becker

I believe Yaeger CPA Review can help anyone pass the CPA Exam! I have taken the CPA Exam twice with other review courses to no avail (Becker). I was so disappointed and discouraged.


Perfect Approach to Studying

I went after my MPA 12 years after graduating with my BS. The MPA was just a stepping stone towards the CPA exam. When looking at all the CPA study materials, I was overwhelmed by the choices. I knew that reading and memorization were not the study method for me. To me understanding the concepts was more important so I wanted CPA study material that would show me the “whys” behind the theory. I’m currently using Yaeger to study for the FAR section. I love being able to stop and rewind a class over a part I may have trouble understanding. I like how the instructors use the white board to explain concepts with T-accounts and journal entries instead of just telling which parts to highlight in the book. I like using the forum for help on a question or for support and encouragement. I also like the fact that the instructors are readily available through email or phone for any questions you may have. For someone who has been out of school for awhile and needs a refresher, Yaeger’s approach to studying is perfect.

Heather Tolbert

Friends Approve Yaeger

Friends that were just points away swear by yaeger. The teaching technique is true old school spoonfeeding.

craig cheser

Appreciate Yaeger 10 Years Out of School

Easy to understand and lot of examples. I have never done any other reviews but Yaeger has done very good job especially for me who have been out of school for almost a decade.

Kismet Argopradipto

Yaeger + Wiley


Your CPA exams make your stomach shrink and your hair stand on end the very moment you think of them – those are typical symptoms of CPA exams fever, but don’t fear as Yaeger is your solution.
We all know that passing all four parts of CPA exams is not a piece of cake, but Yaeger Team will definitely help you get one!

There are many CPA preparation courses on the market, but Yaeger stands out from the crowd. The overall course features are numerous as
Y – Yaeger has:
A – accurate & up-to-date information-packed materials
E – excellent and friendly teaching instructors
G – great preparation content at a competitive price (if compared with other available courses)
E – easy live phone customer support if you need help
R – record is impressive (pass rate at a 88%)

Believe it or not, but these features will make your CPA studying struggle easier and hopefully more enjoyable. Moreover, the instructors who present the accounting concepts are learner-oriented and professional. They indeed know how to put their ideas across. And I appreciate their sense of humor and friendliness.

Yaeger & Wiley Unique combination

I am an old-school learning approach follower. Maybe this is because through all the years of my education I was used to taking notes and attending the lectures. I love it when everything is just explained in detail with relevant examples. Graphs, charts, tables presented in Yaeger handouts are particularly helpful for me as I am very fond of visuals. And Wiley textbooks plus testing software are part and parcel of the Yaeger lectures. Honestly, there couldn’t be a better match as the lectures help you understand the most difficult concepts and the Wiley books will be a great source of reference for every single part of the CPA exam.

And just last but not least, with Yaeger you will go FAR, BECause it is the best CPA preparation course ever and you will remember all REGulations and AUDiting concepts forever!


Yaeger CPA Review

The first time I got to touch Yaeger CPA was when I prepared my CPA ethics exam. I tried to see how to do the exam. Yaeger has provided detail but not awkward information on it. This really caught my attention.

In my opinion, the CPA test takers are all adults who have the control of themselves. The expensive test fee of nearly 1,000 bucks also made sure that every test taker studies hard for the exam. However, there are still people who pass and not. Why? The answer is simple. People all read similar materials, but what matters is whether you understand the materials you have read.

I think the most important figure is to let the test takers understand the material and utilize it. For example, the awkward codification of GAAP and IFRS gives many books a survival space. It doesn’t matter how “accurate” the material is, but how “understandable” the material is. I love one part of Yaeger CPA that it does not try to create its own text books while Wiley already has perfect preparation books. Yaeger CPA focuses on letting people fully understand the materials and apply the knowledge in the test. The process of familiarity is more important than how professional the material is. BTW, the Wiley review book is already the most professional one.

All in all, the meaning of Yaeger CPA is to let you fully absorb the material necessary for the CPA exam. Tell yourself: I can pass the CPA exam! That’s why the name of this website exist.


Good Teaching Style

I like Yaeger teaching method, they are very detailed and they go over the multiple choice questions explaining all details. I’ve used FAR; unfortunately I did not pass it yet (I failed by one point 74). I just tried second time and waiting for my score. Wiley test bank and Yaeger need to pay more attention to simulations, because simulations in the actual exam are much harder and much longer than in the test bank, that’s were I have problems. I’m also using Roger for AUD and this is more entertaining bur also very good. Yaeger pays much more attention to MCQ and they are very detailed. I love Cindy she is a very good teacher ( You can be very smart but not be able to teach). I will good luck to each and every one of you and myself also. It is not an easy journey, it’s extremely stressful.


Switching from Becker to Yaeger

I graduated with a B.S.- not in accounting. Then, I went back to school specifically to get the credentials to sit for the CPA exam. Now that I have them, Becker is not cutting it. I chose Becker to get it done the first time… it would be worth the money. My entire savings went to Becker (yes, I paid the full price to get the payment plan), so I’m stuck with it. I need something else that can explain this to me and Yeager is the only one who can do it! I need a classroom setting, on my own time. Just watching the sample videos helped me on those topics!


Yaeger Is Like Your Favorite Professor

Hello I’m an Asian currently located in the Kingdom of Bahrain. When I first heard that US CPA is being offered here, i really would like to take the shot. I started researching for an affordable and best online review that would help me pass the exam. So far, i found YAEGER the best among of all the online review. Since i have graduated 4 years back I would like to have a fresh start , something that will walk me through again step by step with all my accounting & business subjects, to have a better chance of passing the exam. Only YAEGER has a good online classroom style of teaching, the same style i had back in college to learn accounting for the first time. It is so detailed and convenient it has a program that helps you to easily digest the lessons. The lessons are prepared in a format that will make you to easily grasp the concept of the subject unlike the other review courses that will make you feel overwhelmed of the materials, books and the kind of teaching that is so rigid/inflexible that will cause you getting bored or much confused. YAEGER is like your favorite professor in college, that you could just understand and relate to everything that is being thought.