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Reviews of Wiley CPA Review

Wiley CPAexcel review

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Whether you went all in with the Wiley CPAexcel Platinum, Gold, or Silver course or simply supplemented with the Wiley Test Bank to prepare for the CPA Exam, your fellow CPA candidates and I would love to know what you think about Wiley. Please leave a review that explains your experience with Wiley and whether or not you would recommend it.

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Why did you choose to study with Wiley CPA Review?
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Do you believe Wiley effectively prepared you to pass the CPA Exam?
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Wiley CPA Review Testimonials

Switching from Becker to Wiley

I believe Wiley CPA Review software is a necessary tool in passing the CPA. As I studied and prepared with the Becker on the exam date I felt that I lacked knowledge and didn’t have enough practice with Simulations. I took one section so far – FAR and I don’t know if I passed it, but I have Wiley FAR CPA review (just the book) and after reviewing Wiley Simulations after I took exam I realized this was exactly what I needed. Their problems and simulations are very similar to what you see on your exam date and give you that extra points you might need to successfully pass the CPA.


Wiley Test Bank

I have struggled the most with simulations and I have tried several review courses, to no avail. The Wiley Test Bank can help me pass the exam because it has, by far, the best practice simulations. The Wiley Test Bank also features a nicely replicated exam experience, which is helpful when you want to feel as if you are practicing for the real thing. I know that the Wiley Test Bank will finally get me over this hump. If you are reading this and you are struggling, know that the test bank can get you over that hump as well. Happy Studying! And Good Luck!

Shantelle Turner

Wiley CPA Review

Its been awhile since i last took my CPA exam in my home country and i have always been using Wiley. It was not a successful one on the first try coz i maybe over confident and i was already accepted in my dream company. I have taken some other Certificate Programs using Gleims and enrolling in review courses offered locally. But still, Wiley gives the wide range of review materials. Few years back i bought my bible-WIley IFRS Policies and Procedures by Epstein, and they always praise me for all the information I am sharing during our meetings. Thanks to Wiley.Very informative and simple to understand. I still remember back then we just have the paperbacks, but now i get more excited using it because it offers wide range of media to use the reviewer.


Wiley Is the Way to Go

In my quest to obtain the coveted CPA I have reviewed numerous products for the exam review. I am a firm believer in getting feedback from thise who actually use or have used a product. Consequently, I interviewed a number of CPAs in my area (Boston metro area). Of the 10 from whom I obtained feedback 7 had used Wiley to study. (All had taken and passed the CPA exams within the past 5 years). With a 70% user rate and from my own comparisons, Wiley is the way to go.

Charles Pilyer

Wiley CPAexcel Is Great

Just wanted to drop a quick note about CPAexcel. My story isn’t entirely unique, but somewhat different. I’ve worked as an accountant for 40 years – I’m 58 years old. I’m actually working part time and could retire.

As a personal goal, I decided in late April (2010) to sit for the CPA exam. It’s, obviously, tough for someone with an MBA which was received 10 years ago.

Using CPAexcel and the Wiley software, I passed BEC the first try, taken July 1, 2010 – Score 86.

I’m so excited I can’t believe it!! CPAexcel is absolutely great. Wiley was a supplemental study tool only. The folks behind CPAexcel are intelligent and always there to help.

Noreen Dratch

Disappointed in Wiley

Make sure to test drive the new Wiley CPAExcel test bank before you buy. I’m not satisfied with the updates and changes they have done for April 2017.

No way to pause while you’re answering questions (which I don’t really mind since you can’t pause on the actual exam either) but I thought it was a great tool, I could start a practice session at home and continue at work during lunch.

The task based simulations can only be taken in groups, you can’t take them individually like before.

And the worst change to me it’s that there are no metrics to track your progress by section. They have a metrics section but it only lists all the practice sessions you have completed. You need something that shows the areas that need more attention.



Good reviews.

Test Bank questions




Tyler Fuller

Thoughts on Wiley Book

I have purchased the Wiley CPA Exam Review 2012 Auditing and Attestation E-Book for I-pad. It has been great so far. I love to read so i dont find it over whelming and the questions are sectioned off to make sure you understand the part of the chapter that you have read…

Marlene Harvey

My Reasons for Using Wiley

I like the Wiley Testbank mostly because of the ability to do cumulative review of my material and during that process review questions that I have not yet reviewed. It helps me keep what I have studied in past weeks still fresh in my mind and also I can work on weak areas. The new website features are also great. I like that during my last few weeks of review I can do the questions in sets of 30 and be able to get through the whole testbank questions. Also the report provided after taking the cumulative review tests allows me to focus on weak areas. Another reason I use Wiley is that the testbank is because it is reasonably priced.

Beverly Munodawafa

Using the Wiley Test Bank as a Single Mom

I believe there is a direct correlation to the number of MCQs one subjects themselves to, and the score they earn on score release day.

Repetition is the key to success. I find the Wiley test bank study option to be the most useful. By referencing the material, right then and there, it really makes my study time efficient. This is especially important as a single mom trying to pass the CPA 8 years after finishing college.


Wiley CPAexcel Is the Gold Standard

I’ve used Wiley. I think it is the gold standard. My only complaint is that it is not adaptive like the Prometric exam.

Alex Randolph

Full Confidence in Wiley

My determination to get the CPA professional certification is stronger now than ever before because during times of economic difficulties, most job advertisements for a decent paying Accounting post ask for CPA designation besides the usual college Accounting degree, and work experience.

This is a catch-22 because you are in a dilemma. You will have difficulties looking for an accounting job because you lack the CPA designation even you are an Accounting graduate; then you will also not able to have the work experience.

The Wiley CPA Review Online Test Bank has the following features that will make your preparation for the CPA exam, a less stressful experience:
• PIN-activated, Hassle-free, User-friendly, Instant Access upon Subscription
• Replicates Actual Testing Environment
• 4314 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
• 163 Simulation Questions (SIMs)
• Can Be Used Offline, and Downloaded to Use after the One-Year Subscription Term
• Can download questions in packs for offline use
• PC and Mac Compatible
• Access to Online Features on a One-year Subscription Term
• New Questions are Added Quarterly on a One-year Subscription Term
• Pause/Resume Practice Sessions on Different Computers
• Incorrect Questions Report
• Score by Module or Topic Report
• Bookmarked Question Report
• Progress Report Tracks Your Strengths & Weaknesses
• Forms & Formats for the Most Current Exam
• Refunds Only Granted for Unactivated Subscriptions

The Wiley CPA Review Online Test Bank’s Practice Session, Pop Quiz, and Take a Test are customized to suit your learning style based on your study criteria for any session. You could select the number of modules or topics, MCQs, SIMs, and the times you’ve seen specific questions.

The Take a Test functionality simulates an actual exam – the computer format and the time you have taken to do the test. This feature is a confidence builder that helps me (and others) in the actual exam because I have literally walk-through the exam process countless times depending on the number of times I have “Take a Test”.

The Wiley CPA Review Online Test Bank uses actual exam questions released by the AICPA and a unique method to match question strength and topic frequency to ensure what you practice correlates closely to what’s on the exam. If questions are too hard, you could over-practice and lose confidence. Too easy, and you would be unprepared. This is matching practice sessions to CPA exams!

The Wiley CPA Review Online Test Bank is also backed by the reputable Wiley CPA Exam Review which is the #1 selling preparatory book, and other Wiley CPA books. Roger, and Yaeger CPA Review Courses use Wiley CPA books too.

As of June 2012 a new Offline Player has been added via a “Download Center” in to facilitate updated, online content plus the ability to use the Test Bank on your PC or Mac offline without an internet connection. This is excellent because you could study whenever, wherever, whichever depending on your time schedule.

Your learning progress is tracked by topic, and which topics have reached passing threshold. Students can customize reports by including/excluding saved sessions. Progress reports can be filtered by subject, viewed as raw score or percentages and correct/incorrect answers.

Other features that are helpful for your learning process are creating unlimited custom practice sessions and tests; question order is randomized to prevent memorization so that you must understand the concept to get the correct answer each time; text Links and hint buttons on every MCQ to give you a better understanding of the concept; and explanation of correct answers on every MCQ, even the incorrect answers will be explained as to why they are incorrect.

The Wiley CPA Review Online Test Bank’s SIMs provide a detailed step-by-step approach on how to go about solving the SIMS. SIMs need lots of practice to get the confidence to handle the problem solving, otherwise it’s pretty intimidating! There are different tabs – the “Depreciation Schedule” tab is where you need to input the answers, in the highlighted boxes; next, the “Authoritative Literature” tab contains the reference material that you will be getting in the actual exam, and follows by the “Help” tab to show you how the simulation tabs work. And the last “Resource” tab is any extra information that you may need. As this is a question on Present Value, a PV table is provided.

Though there is a minor hiccup in that there isn’t any copy-and-paste feature for the text document which could be quite inconvenient; however, a work-around method is to use the little red flag on the screen for easy identification when you need to get back for further practice.

The richly-packed features of Wiley CPA Review Online Test Bank, retailing at $299.00 are indeed good value for money. Other competitive CPA Review Test Banks are retailed at higher prices; and do not allow download after the subscription expired, in fact you will have to top-up the subscription fees should you want to use them again.

The Wiley CPA Review Online Test Bank is a concise test bank that has the required information, not too much of an over-load or too little to render it worthless, cleverly targeted for successful attempt of the CPA exam!

Jacey Li

I Love Wiley CPA Review

Wiley CPA review is easy to read and follow each concept. The practice questions give instant feedback that guide you on why the answer was right or wrong. This is a great tool to write study notes down in an effort to review key concepts verbatim to help you retain the information better. Wiley takes you through the subject module by module in an organized, methodical, and simplified way so you are not overwhelmed with the text and the complexity of the subject. The practice questions reinforce what you have practiced and studied. A feature that I especially like about Wiley is the ability to focus your practice questions or practice quizzes to a specific module so your learning is laser focused and specific. This insures optimal learning capabilities and reinforces each section for the student to feel comfortable before moving on. I love Wiley CPA review and I am glad that I already have AUD and FAR in my library. It is a high quality learning tool and affordable!

Laura Caballero

Wiley FAR Book

I believe Wiley CPA Review software is a necessary tool in passing the CPA. As I studied and prepared with the Becker on the exam date I felt that I lacked knowledge and didn’t have enough practice with Simulations. I took one section so far – FAR and I don’t know if I passed it, but I have Wiley FAR CPA review (just the book) and after reviewing Wiley Simulations after I took exam I realized this was exactly what I needed. Their problems and simulations are very similar to what you see on your exam date and give you that extra points you might need to successfully pass the CPA.


Moving on from Becker to Wiley

I failed all parts of the exam with Becker. Part of the reason was because I did not study enough and when busy season hit averaging 70-75 hrs a week I was just not studying at all. When I thought I studied well I did better but did not pass. So now that my Becker material is expiring I am moving to CPAExcel. I think it will work better with my schedule. I am past the point of being sad about failing because I want this. Thanks for the reviews it really helped in my decision.


Like What I've Used from Wiley So Far

I was not successful when I first took the CPA exam despite the amount of money I spent on other review courses. One of my biggest challenges is overcoming my nerves at the beginning of the exam. I like the fact that the Wiley CPA Test Bank offers features that are similar to what I would see at the Prometric Testing Center. Honestly, I am terrified of the simulations and appreciate that there are a 164 for me to practice in this test bank.

I have used other Wiley Review products and found them very helpful when explaining concepts. I learn by practicing and understanding why a question is wrong. The screen shots look very user-friendly opposed to intimidating. I like that fact that I can use it both online and offline. I am an avid user of technical support when things are a little quirky – so this feautre is another plus.

However, one of my favorite features is the customization! I love the fact that with a simple click I can tailor the practice sessions based on topic an and the number of questions. I can use the performance analysis to focus in on weakness when I create my own practice sessions based on my needs. As a mother of a very active 3 year old, saving time and money is mandatory. The more efficient I can accomplish something, the better. I see myself quickly creating practice sessions on certain topic areas around his schedule and answering questions during tae kwon do classes.

This Wiley CPA Test Bank is a far cry from flashcards and I think that this can really ease my emotions when taking the CPA exam.


Why I Recommend Wiley

As a candidate that have tried and not passed a couple of the sections after spending a decent amount of money in the big names I believe the Wiley Test bank is a great tool in helping to pass the CPA exam.
After failing a few times I came across your web site. I read your study tips and great reviews of the study materials. I would like to say that Becker is a great review course however, it is overpriced, to my opinion, and is not fair that expire and you have to repay full price.
From my experience the secret is to put the necessary time and make time for your #1 priority. As Stephanie has stressed out several times the CPA exam is waste but not deep. To this extend and from my experience I think any candidate should spend time in reviewing the materials, text books and do a lot of practice question. The critical thinking is one of the most important points of the CPA. I believe that CPA should be able to make the right decision with the documentation available in the shortest amount of time. I think that is key on what CPA exam board looking for in preparing the test and what makes the practice test so important. At this degree, the Wiley Test Bank is a great tool, if not The Great. The price, ability to use on line and the idea that you could buy one section at the time (one year expiration) are only points to enforce the validity and value of the product. As far for the text books I will say go with the one it does suit your study style best. However, spend some time on reading reviews (Stephanie’s review is a great tool) and go through the books, you can find them in some public libraries or can borrow from friends and family that have them. To look through a review book even it is an old edition will still give you the idea if is a good fit for you. I know people that has passed in the first try studding only on public library review books and on all kind of the review brand names. The material is almost the same, and again the secret is PRACTICE TEST. Whatever you decide to go with get the WILEY TEST BANK. I hope you win it for free from Stephanie’s giveaway. For the rest of us (not so lucky) just buy it. It will be the best investment on your CPA exam preparation. You do not have to be smart to pass CPA exam,but you do have to be a effortless and efficient student, Remember “Practice makes perfect”.
Good luck to everyone in the future CPA Exam.

Gerti Ikonomi

Approval of Wiley Test Bank and Books

Personally I like the Wiley test bank as it differs greatly from that of Becker given the depth and variety of questions asked all of which are very similar to the type you find in the ‘real’ exam. The same goes with the simulations. Wiley has gone out of its way to incorporate a higher number of simulations addressing the topics covered. The books serve as a ‘stand alone’ course or an important supplement to other highly prized courses.


Passed with Wiley

I am a CPA in the Philippines, and have read the Wiley test bank book before way back when I passed the board exam in 2000. Our reviewers highly recommended reading it and true enough, I passed! I am trying to get my license here in CA and hopefully, this book will work its same magic as it did before.


Wiley Test Bank

The Wiley Test Bank would help me pass the CPA exam because of the flexibility of allowing students to study on or offline. I normally work full time so I have to study every spare minute and I don’t always have internet access, but I have a laptop. I frequently take my laptop on vacations and places where I have to wait like the doctor’s office. I can load the Wiley Test Bank on my laptop and study while I wait. I also like the fact that there is live chat on Wiley and you can actually ask a person a question. I used Gleim to pass Audit and you can send them questions and wait for a response but I love the fact that you can ask Wiley online while everything is fresh in your mind. You can interact with someone to make sure they understand your question, rather than simply sending them a question in writing and hoping that they understand what you are asking. Wiley tracks your strengths and weaknesses and you can focus in the areas that you are weak so you use your study time efficiently.

I am studying for BEC but I just lost my job and I am not sure how I am going to afford the next review, so getting this free test bank would be wonderful! If I do temporary work I can take my laptop to work and study at lunch-love that flexibility.


Coming Back to the Wiley Test Bank

I consider myself a determined CPA candidate. I have tried various states and unfortunately was found delinquent in my educational requirements, one of which changed the requirements while I was already registered and preparing to sit exams.

During this time, I found myself in quite a dilemna. I had to sit all four sections of the CPA exams in order to still meet the educational requirements by July 31, 2012. I had only four months in which to accomplish this mountain of a task. Needless to say, I was not able to complete this because of life’s obstacles. I decided to sit one exam with the hope of obtaining a transfer to another state.

The particular section in which I decided to take was one I was least familiar and less prepared….Regulations. I had 3 weeks in which to prepare for this exam but I had a great assistant….Wiley Test Bank 2011. I resorted to completing specific topic exams and reviewing the incorrect answers to help me in preparing for Regulations. Although I failed the exam because of lack of preparation, I scored 63% which I thought was great because being an International candidate, I knew nothing of US taxation but with the help of Wiley Test Bank, I received a grading that was unexpected. The results showed that the areas I failed in were those areas I paid little attention to while using the test bank, i.e., I did not complete testing in these thoughts are that, if I had, using Wiley, I would have scored the required 75%.

Wiley Test Bank offers the opportunity to become familiar with the examination, it replicates the actual examination which I believe lessens the anxiety when you actually sit the exam because you become accustomed to using the system.

The test bank includes both mulitple choice and simulation questions which allows you to test yourself to identify your weak areas and then work on them. Specifically, you can make a test for a specific topic to help strengthen your abilities on that area.

The system is user friendly and easy to operate. You are able to check your progress because your previous test results are stored and viewable on the home screen.

When in study mode, you can immediately see the correct response to an incorrect answer and it provides the explanation which helps greatly in your study sessions.

Being CPA determined, I will definately continue to use the Wiley Test Bank, however outdated…it helped. Wiley is not as expensive as other products and it offers value for money. Living in Jamaica this is an important aspect when considering the rate of exchange. I would definately recommend this product to all my CPA colleagues and indeed I have.

I am now registered with another state and preparing to take Regulations again in February 2013, but have decided to allow Wiley to select the questions and I am certain this is my ticket to success.

Antoinette Haughton

Passed FAR with Wiley; On to AUD

I used the Wiley system to study for my first section of the CPA exam, FAR. The online test bank was especially helpful in getting me prepared for the computer based exam. You can do pencil and paper multiple choice and simulations all day but without the functionality of the online test bank it is difficult to be successful on test day. It really helps to prepare you for the arduous task of sitting at a computer for a four hour exam.

My favorite feature of the online test bank is the “My Reports” tab where you can review practice sessions that you have completed. It enables you to look back at questions that you answered incorrectly and understand why you got it wrong. You can also bookmark questions during practice sessions that you are not familiar with, much like the functionality of the exam, and return to it at a later time. The progress report feature is also very helpful because you are able to look at your performance in every topic that was practiced and it helps you to analyze the areas that you need work on.

I am currently studying for the Auditing section of the CPA exam and I hope to continue to use the online test back as it was an integral part in helping me pass the FAR section of the CPA exam.

Haili Debus

PS: Just a little note to students who will be using the Wiley system. When using the textbook use gel highlighters to mark up the text as these will not bleed onto other pages. It helped me review the material easily and efficiently. Best of luck…aloha

Haili Debus

My Experience Using the Wiley Test Bank

Hi Readers

Sharing my thoughts and experience using the Wiley test bank. I am using Yaeger and Wiley test bank for the preparation. I found Wiley to be effective and useful in the following ways
1. As soon as I complete a module from the review books, I work out the MCQ in the review. Then I move to Wiley test bank and take all the MCQ and track my score…. This helps us understand how much we were able to absorb after the first reading
2. I tend to redo the same after two days and track the score. This helps understand how much I retained after reading different modules
3. Module wise break down helps attacking a topic with lot of confidence
4. Popup quiz is very useful when you wish to take at random on multiple modules…
5. Set a time of 2 Hours and take as many pop up quiz as possible as revision on daily basis with incremental modules.
6. Since the test bank is more like the actual format of CPA exam, there was no surprise during the exam.
7. When I have attempted all the MCQ from different modules. I can take the aggregate for all modules and see performance and look at areas of improvement.
8. The CSO/SSO outlines the various testing % on different modules, I look at performance on the heavy weight topic with the Wiley test bank
9. I strongly believe, Wiley Test bank makes a lot of difference to you regular preparation as it builds confidence for taking exams
10. Amazing MCQ and SIMS. Ofcourse a LOT of MCQ’s ☺

These are my thoughts and experience about using Wiley’s test bank

Balaji Balachandran