Reviews of Roger CPA Review: What CPA Candidates Say about Roger
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Reviews of Roger CPA Review

roger cpa review

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Whether you relied solely on the Roger Elite or Premier Review Course or simply supplemented with other Roger study materials to prepare for the CPA Exam, your fellow CPA candidates and I would love to get your opinion on Roger. Please leave a review that explains your experience with Roger and whether or not you would recommend it.

Your feedback would be very helpful to all of us! 

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Roger CPA Review Testimonials

Becker/Roger Combo

Becker has included some pages of their lecture notes in their site (which is quite impressive) not Roger’s but in Roger’s video the relevant content discussed in the video is shown on their side slide.

The best combo I see is Becker notes + Roger videos . Haha an expensive option though! ?

CPA Student

Used Roger But Considering Yaeger

I’ve used Roger CPA Review on all my other sections of the CPA exam and I’m just not jiving with him on FAR. I need more conceptual info on the topic. I noticed Yaeger has over 51 hours and a lot of walk through multiple choice questions… Rog, although I love his style, only has 33 FAR lecture hours and I’m just lost with everything I watch. I need either more video time or some 1-on-1 phone time with a live person to guide me through!


Used Roger for AUD, Not FAR

I have taken audit using Roger’s and passed. I found the lectures helpful on some of the more boring topics. On the additional audits (Governmental etc.) it was a little too short, but I passed, so no complaining.
For FAR I started with Roger and found it to be too unorganized (Besides that, in the ifrs videos even the lecturer doesn’t understand what he is saying). I wanted a course that would neatly package the concepts, the journal entries etc.. I purchase Bisk and I am quite pleased. I think the under-prepared rap that it gets, comes from people understanding that the videos will teach it all. However that is not the case. The textbook teaches it all and the videos are there to work through the difficult concepts.