Reviews of Gleim CPA Review: What CPA Candidates Say About Gleim
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Reviews of Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA review

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Whether you put your trust in the Gleim Premium or Traditional CPA Review Course or simply supplemented with the Gleim CPA Mega Test Bank to prepare for the CPA Exam, your fellow CPA candidates and I would love to get your take on Gleim. Please leave a review that explains your experience with Gleim and whether or not you would recommend it.

Your feedback would be very helpful to all of us! 

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Do you believe Gleim effectively prepared you to pass the CPA Exam?
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Gleim CPA Review Testimonials

Gleim CPA Book

I have used the Gleim study book for exam prep, and I really like their self-study materials. I know their more intensive packages have even more features, and I hope to use them during my own CPA preparation.

Ron Hancock

Gleim Demo

After reviewing the Gleim demo, there are several elements that make Gleim a quality review course. First, Gleim breaks out the material into 20 study units along with an video/audio overview of each unit. Secondly, the questions reinforce the text and further enhance the study time, allowing the student to gain a proficiency of each unit.

Philip Salerno

Combined Gleim with Ninja

To mix things up, I purchased the Ninja MCQ ($47) from Jeff at, great buy. I actually think this put me over the top with the adaptive learning, where the program starts to pick your weak areas and give you those questions.

I have BEC left and I am using Gleim and Ninja MCQ again

Bottom Line: Gleim works, it’s cheap(Buy the traditional as the videos are pretty much them reading the notes). Material can be overwhelming at times. I also recommend checking out the Ninja MCQ.


Used Gleim for Auditing Class

I am currently using Gleim for my online classes (Auditing). Although sometimes the sections seem long, I found they were thorough in what is covered. I expect the CPA to be the same way. The online study MC questions explain the concept if you get it wrong and also indicate why the other answers are not valid. I found doing the study questions until comfortable made a great difference in the MC test results. I am leaning heavily towards Gleim and would recommend it. My only issue was two of my books did not have the correct access codes but Licensing letters.

Lavern Kelley

Gleim CPA Test Bank

Thank you Stephanie for sharing the Gleim CPA Review Test Prep overview!

What I like most about Gleim Software is the ease of use. Knowing that time is of the essence, the reviewee will be able to access it in his own pace. I agree with you that True/False section is good way of testing the reviewee’s knowledge. Also, the bookmark and sticky notes/notepad features are interesting – things that I cannot find from CPAExcel. Last but not the least, its affordability is the top priority.


Passed AUD with Gleim CPA Review

I used Gleim CPA Auditing review to pass my Auditing exam during Grad school. Now that I am studying for the CPA exam, I spoke to a friend of mine who passed the exam recently and she recommend Gleims as the absolute best.

I have found that Gleim is very detailed and helps you with all materials needed to pass the exam. It also prepares you mentally to take the exam which can be very stressful. Gleim is great!


Gleim CPA Review

I believe that the Gleim CPA review software will most benefit me because I am very accustomed to a disciplined, self-study environment as opposed to a guided study program. I began working in an accounting firm my junior year of college and had to take online courses to keep my job and acquire my degree (lots of self dicipline required). I planned to continue studying for my CPA exam using the Gleim software available through the college but was unable to after my husband lost his job and we abruptly relocated. I very much enjoyed the multiple choice questions. I found them very organized and it helped me build a realistic picture of what to expect on the exam. In addition, one of my professors let me take the Gleim FAR 2010 Edition book on the road to get a head start before I purchased the program myself. I find the book challenging, but I believe that only the best comes out of hard work. The detailed format helps me to really understand the “why” factor in financial accounting.

Kimberly Luay

Switched from Becker to Gleim

I started in a Becker CPA review course, but found it moved much too quickly through what I didn’t know well, and much too slowly through what I did know well. I think this is called “wasted time”. ? I think switched to Gleim, and pretty much did exactly as I was instructed to do in the manuals, and I passed all exam parts except one on the first sitting. I was shocked and amazed (and very happy too, naturally). Gleim is excellent if you have the self-discipline to do as instructed, I think. Cheers, John


Traditional Gleim CPA Review and Ninja

I used Gleim with all the three sections I have passed so far. It is very comprehensive, but that is what I needed, as I had been out of school for over 10 years. It is very good in terms of scheduling the study time. I go through the 20 sections using the recommended Gleim method, then once I am done, I do non-stop multiple choice questions daily of (sets of 20) of each topic/subset. I only do the study sessions as they provide immediate feedback on why the questions are correct or incorrect. They have a great simulation bank that mimics the actual exam, I suggest you practice those also. After a while you get sick of the multiple choice questions and you may start to memorize them. To mix things up, I purchased the Ninja MCQ ($47) from Jeff at, great buy. I actually think this put me over the top with the adaptive learning, where the program starts to pick your weak areas and give you those questions.

I have BEC left and I am using Gleim and Ninja MCQ again

Bottom Line: Gleim works, it’s cheap(Buy the traditional as the videos are pretty much them reading the notes). Material can be overwhelming at times. I also recommend checking out the Ninja MCQ.


Switching from Lambers to Gleim

I chose Lambers and did take the FAR section, however, I did not pass and was very disgusted to the point where I considered not trying again. After a short break, I am willing to try the Gleim review materials in the hopes that I will gain the necessary tips I need to score the additional 5-10 points to pass. Although Lambers covered the material with good explanations, not a lot of tips were given on strategies of answering those edgy questions on topics that I may not be as familiar with. I spent a lot of time with the DVD’s and if Gleim can get right to the point, that would help me out tremendously. Also, allowing me to practice the actual test format will be beneficial. Now that I have taken the test, I can see where I may have lost time, thus points.

Tisho Arline

Gleim CPA Review

The Gleim CPA System will work for any CPA candidateworldwide, because the lessons are put into bite size for easy learning. Also, the CD’s can take advantage in the car or while doing routine tasks. The software gives a chance to practise alot of mulitiple choice questions that are similiar set up as in the real CPA exam. Gleim’s counselors will assist with any questions or concerns. The books provide all the information to pass the CPA exam. Also lots of simulations to practise to be ready for exam day. Gleim’s CPA materials are sold at some university book stores for the students to pass the CPA exam. To have Gleim’s books put in the university’s bookstore as per the accounting professors. Gleim caters to different CPA candidates learning styles by providing the books, software, audio, support, etc.

Sheila Patel

Working Mom on Gleim CPA Review

The Gleim CPA Review, retailed at less than US$1,000 is indeed an excellent price compared to other competitive CPA Reviews. It is the different teaching approaches and prices adopted by the different CPA Reviews that make difficult decisions on which CPA Review to buy. I am confident that the Gleim CPA Review at half the price of its competitors is good after being endorsed by Ms. Stephanie Ng who has undoubtedly earned her credentials in the CPA field.

Being an aspiring CPA, working mother with a three-year-old, I find it extremely hard to find time to study. The Gleim CPA Online is my best option to study while attending to household chores and the toddler temper tantrums / attention. This is because its personal classroom, and study unit are not too intimidating. The concise explanation provided in the personal classroom, and study unit facilitates rote learning when a half hour study is a luxury if you have a toddler who is never tired of your attention. I am sure most working mothers with toddler(s) can easily identify themselves with this defying scenario.

The educated guessing which is “picking the best answer before you know everything” is another helpful skill taught by Dr. Gleim to pass the arduous CPA Exam. I can keep track of my study progress with performance scores features in the personal classroom: true/false; multiple choices #1; multiple choices #2; simulation; and average score. The true/false feature is extremely useful in answering difficult questions with concise explanations for correct/incorrect answers which will further help your score in the CPA Exam. Of course there are also concise explanations for correct/incorrect answers for all multiple-choice questions. The simulation is the real exam environment where you could get yourself acquainted to it, and will not be intimidated on the actual test date! The knowledge transfer outline is excellent. This is detailed lecture notes, ideal for studying, and will definitely keep you well prepared for the Exam.

The Gleim CPA Test Prep gives me utmost confidence to take the Exam. The test session simulates the real exam environment. The study session with detailed explanations for the correct/incorrect answers to each question has the following features: blue ticks for correct answers at first attempt; green ticks for incorrect answers at first attempt; mark for review to enable further understanding; pause for non-recording of time spent; time spent on each question; and print for offline study. The strategy for successful exam preparation should obviously be spent more time on questions with green ticks. There is an analysis / calculator on the time spent for each question / section, total time spent, and also a graphical presentation of the analysis. Other features are the test prep tools for updates; and help and support for FAQ, technical support, and content support to answer your questions on accounting topics that baffled you.

S.L. Ng

Passed FAR and AUD with Gleim

I used Gleim for the two CPA exams that I took – FAR and AUD. I passed them the first time. I especially like the way the lectures are written, easy to read, with a good flow. It’s a lot of read but I like reading so I did not have a problem. On my third exam, BEC, I used Wiley and became attracted to the thinness of the book with only 300+ pages. Seemed like I underestimated the exam, I missed by a point. So I went back to Gleim and retook the exam, still waiting for the result.
Overall, I would highly recommend Gleim. They have a great test prep software – really great.


Gleim Software

I like Gleim software, true/false questions and simulations of online course. There are 20 units and each units have some subunits. I first read one subunit from the book, make short notes and then do the multiple choice questions of that subunit from the software. In the software they gave good explanation of each answers(why the right answer is right and why the wrong answers are wrong).

I will definitely recommend Gleim to other CPA candidates.

Sonia Mohanty