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CPA Review Course Testimonials

Lambers Is the Best

Lambers is easily the best CPA Review Course you can find. The Text Books are so lucid and explanations are so easy to understand that one can be sure of passing if one follows the schedule recommended. Their DVD course is also great to say the least. Would strongly recommend Lambers to anyone who is aspiring to become a CPA.

Ganesh Vaideeswaran

Switching from Lambers to Gleim

I chose Lambers and did take the FAR section, however, I did not pass and was very disgusted to the point where I considered not trying again. After a short break, I am willing to try the Gleim review materials in the hopes that I will gain the necessary tips I need to score the additional 5-10 points to pass. Although Lambers covered the material with good explanations, not a lot of tips were given on strategies of answering those edgy questions on topics that I may not be as familiar with. I spent a lot of time with the DVD’s and if Gleim can get right to the point, that would help me out tremendously. Also, allowing me to practice the actual test format will be beneficial. Now that I have taken the test, I can see where I may have lost time, thus points.

Tisho Arline

Not Loving Lambers

Lambers called me for several months, rather aggressively. I decided to give them a shot, specifically the test prep software. I’m not impressed.

The adaptive drill (where you spend most of your time) lacks a way to do calculations without having a separate spreadsheet or calculator running. It wasn’t a huge deal on audit, but for BEC, its exclusion sticks out like a sore thumb.

The software doesn’t allow you to practice sims (or the written portion of BEC) unless you take the whole mock exam.

The software doesn’t allow you to review prior sessions except for right after taking them.

The references aren’t comprehensive enough. They have just a few pages on corporate governance, which composes 16-20% of BEC, for example.

The references aren’t put consistently put together properly. On the aud section, I already knew where my weaknesses were, so I was seeking out some additional material to reference. The first chapter I found that mentioned OMB 133 referenced the old version with the lower threshold, not the 750k threshold currently. When I emailed them about it, I was told it was left there for comparative purposes. Problem is, that section didn’t mention anything about an update to the standard, it was in another chapter.

Keep in mind my experience isn’t with the full program, it’s only the test prep software. Not the videos or full course or anything.

Tracy Ayers