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Reviews of Becker CPA Review

becker cpa review

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Whether you bought the Becker Self-Study Course or attended a Becker live class either online or in the classroom to prepare for the CPA Exam, your fellow CPA candidates and I would love to hear your opinions about Becker. Please leave a review that explains your experience with Becker and whether or not you would recommend it.

Your feedback would be very helpful to all of us! 

Becker CPA Review Feedback Form

Why did you choose to study with Becker CPA Review?
What was your favorite part about Becker CPA Review?
What was your least favorite part of Becker CPA Review?
Do you believe Becker effectively prepared you to pass the CPA Exam?
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Becker CPA Review Testimonials

Moving on from Becker to Wiley

I failed all parts of the exam with Becker. Part of the reason was because I did not study enough and when busy season hit averaging 70-75 hrs a week I was just not studying at all. When I thought I studied well I did better but did not pass. So now that my Becker material is expiring I am moving to CPAExcel. I think it will work better with my schedule. I am past the point of being sad about failing because I want this. Thanks for the reviews it really helped in my decision.


Failed with Becker

I tried Becker self study for FAR and was unable to get through the all of material before my exam. I took the exam any way and failed. Although Becker is comprehensive it was time consuming and very detailed.


Have Not Passed with Becker

Since beginning my journey to become a CPA, I have used only Becker and unfortunately I have not been successful as I have yet to pass apart despite putting in a lot of time and effort.


Passed All 4 Sections with Becker

I passed my exam in the late 80’s using Becker, all 4 parts at one sitting.
His comment on the instructor just playing the DVD struck home. In my class they just played a reel to reel tape machine with not that much in the way of instructor intervenrion. There was never a lot of time for questions.
My instructor though was invaluable. Becker loved mnemonics but the instructor said to tape ourselves asking the question, pausing for the answer so your brain would answer silently then record the answer. Then play it often. It really reinforced the memorization part of the course. Repetition is key as he said. How many of you know the lyrics to Yesterday by heart or pick another song. You are using hearing and speaking so your brain gets two reinforcements.

I don’t know if current course does the below.
1 Becker’s reliance of memorization of mnemonics and formats really worked. As he said on the reel to reel, an ounce of memory is worth a pound of theory.
2 However with the homework being turned
in to get credit in case you wanted another round of free help does motivate you more to keep at it.

Good luck with whichever class you take.


Switching from Becker to Yaeger

I graduated with a B.S.- not in accounting. Then, I went back to school specifically to get the credentials to sit for the CPA exam. Now that I have them, Becker is not cutting it. I chose Becker to get it done the first time… it would be worth the money. My entire savings went to Becker (yes, I paid the full price to get the payment plan), so I’m stuck with it. I need something else that can explain this to me and Yeager is the only one who can do it! I need a classroom setting, on my own time. Just watching the sample videos helped me on those topics!


Passed BEC on 2nd Try with Becker

I passed BEC exam on my second try using Becker. First time I scored 67 so I knew I have to put a little bit more effort the second time. Second time I did not leave a single topic and got a 76. Still close but every single point helps. Leave nothing.
Good luck.

Naveen Chawla

My Favorite Things about Becker

So far, I have used Becker for BEC and AUD and have passed both the first time around with scores in the 80’s.

Anyway, two things I really appreciate about Becker (which I feel have been significant to my success so far) are the following:

1) the Becker MC questions are timed so you can practice solving them and track your improvement by your timed results

2) the simulations are dead on very realistic representations of what you will see on the real exam – so again, you can really get the feel of the functionalities and will have few surprises.


Switched from Becker to Gleim

I started in a Becker CPA review course, but found it moved much too quickly through what I didn’t know well, and much too slowly through what I did know well. I think this is called “wasted time”. ? I think switched to Gleim, and pretty much did exactly as I was instructed to do in the manuals, and I passed all exam parts except one on the first sitting. I was shocked and amazed (and very happy too, naturally). Gleim is excellent if you have the self-discipline to do as instructed, I think. Cheers, John


I Want a Refund

I have recently joined Becker’s live lecture in India. I have just attended 1 lecture and I am already getting negative vibes as its just “circle this.. underline that..” But now I have invested so much I don’t have an option to back out. However, I asked for refund, they are declining saying that becker’s done give refund.
I feel that I should have done some more research before paying to Becker and I am feeling very bad about it now. I am already feeling demotivated thinking that I have made a bad decision and my money is wasted.


Moving on from Becker to Surgent

I’m planning to study for the CPA again, I used Becker previously and I find it very good but the lectures are boring and very long. So I decided to switch to another provider and I found your review on Surgent is great and decided to give it a try.

Switched from Becker to Yaeger

I didn't pass on my first try, using Becker and I decided to do some more research and try a new plan of action. Based on your article, Failed to Pass the CPA Exam, I decided to go away from Becker and try Yaeger.


Switching from Becker to Wiley

I believe Wiley CPA Review software is a necessary tool in passing the CPA. As I studied and prepared with the Becker on the exam date I felt that I lacked knowledge and didn’t have enough practice with Simulations. I took one section so far – FAR and I don’t know if I passed it, but I have Wiley FAR CPA review (just the book) and after reviewing Wiley Simulations after I took exam I realized this was exactly what I needed. Their problems and simulations are very similar to what you see on your exam date and give you that extra points you might need to successfully pass the CPA.


Becker Wasted My Time, So I Moved on to Gleim

I started in a Becker CPA review course, but found it moved much too quickly through what I didn’t know well, and much too slowly through what I did know well. I think this is called “wasted time”. ? I think switched to Gleim, and pretty much did exactly as I was instructed to do in the manuals, and I passed all exam parts except one on the first sitting. I was shocked and amazed (and very happy too, naturally). Gleim is excellent if you have the self-discipline to do as instructed, I think.


Becker CPA Review Is Not Working for Me

I have used Becker for my review and Becker’s Final Review and I have not been successful at passing. I am hoping to get a thorough review of the material that is easy to follow and understand. I would also like to try a program with practice exams that mirrors the real exam, especially on the simulations. I just want to be more prepared and be more successful at passing.

Juanita Vazquez

Becker/Roger Combo

Becker has included some pages of their lecture notes in their site (which is quite impressive) not Roger’s but in Roger’s video the relevant content discussed in the video is shown on their sideslide.

The best combo I see is Becker notes + Roger videos . Haha an expensive option though! ?

CPA Student

Trying Yaeger After Becker

I believe Yaeger CPA Review can help anyone pass the CPA Exam! I have taken the CPA Exam twice with other review courses to no avail (Becker). I was so disappointed and discouraged.


Becker Is Not Working for Me

I would love to receive the giveaway for the Yeager exam because I have already tried Becker and did not pass! I have taken the classes and self-study. Even when I took the class with the instructor they just skimped through. They did not give real tips and why a question is tricky. I need the old school approach where someone can hold my hand giving me step-by-step. I used Becker so I have paid A LOT of money for the exams preps plus the actual exam. Yeager is affordable. I love that Yeager has the customer service line so that I can call even after hours. Yeager also have the unlimited viewing of the software. Using Becker you have the restricted time frame. I work as an auditor, I am a mother, and my husband is also in school. Knowing that I have to hurry up and review and learn by the expiration date was overwhelming. Before researching Yeager I researched Wiley, and after reading the reviews I believe that Yeager is the best of both worlds. Wiley will provide the in-depth information and Yeager’s lectures will give me the guided instruction that I feel like I missed from Becker. I really want to pass the exam and I know that I have to take a different approach and even a different exam review because Becker is obviously not cutting it for me!


Unhappy with Becker Pricing

I am an African American first generation college graduate earning my B.S. in 1996 [U.M.E.S.], M.B.A. in 2002 [Morgan State University], and a Graduate Certificate in Accounting in 2010 from DeVry’s Keller Graduate School of Management. I started studying for the CPA exam during my time at Keller using the Becker format. I went through all four sections and due to life events was unable to sit for the CPA exam. After getting settled with a career relocation, I decided to start back studying with Becker. I was unhappy that after paying the expenses for taking Becker, to retake the course or reuse the software, it was just as expensive as it was when I first enrolled in the course. I felt that if I paid for the course once, I should still have unlimited access to the course CD’s and the content that I purchased. However, this was not the case.


Hard Pass on Becker

Their courses are definitely overpriced! The only reason they are number one is that the Big Four use them and they are getting the benefit of self-selection. In other words, people at the Big 4 are mostly type A personalities who will study and probably did study during college and therefore will do well on the exam. Becker is just benefiting from this, it’s not that their material is better, simply that the people who use Becker (not always by choice since the Big 4 pay only for this course) usually better equipped to do well on the exams…Personally I was not impressed by Becker at all. I self studied so essentially I paid 3K for their notes. Their customer service was also awful. Had to submit numerous emails and calls before I would get a response. If I had to choose, I would use Roger CPA. The material was presented in a more interactive manner and it’s almost a third of the price. Let’s be honest the material is all the same and if you are self studying why ever pay 3K plus?? If you study, you will pass. If you use other material besides Becker, you will have a few extra grand in your pocket.

All-in-all I would say it’s a hard pass on Becker.



Becker was overpriced and not to my way of thinking.

Kathy Anderson

Failed BEC with Becker

Currently, I use Becker for review. However, I failed BEC with a 74 and will be retaking in January. The Becker software doesn’t seem friendly for exam retakers.


Decided I Need Something Other Than Becker

I have been using Becker. After the test, I felt like Becker review goes over a many little details (on lecture) and the MCQ is much complex than in the test. It ends up that I spent too much time on all the difficult questions when I studied and I forgot the simple questions which I had in the real test.
I felt like I already study really hard but I still can’t pass (very discourage and not giving up). I need another material to help me to pass the tests. With my working hour and family, I need something can go to the point and I still remember the previous chapter when I move to the next chapter.