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The CPA journey could be long — very long. It is best that you can get prepared and avoid all the pitfalls.

After running this site for 6 years, I found that the best way to help candidates out is to send you all a series of e-newsletter for 10 days, each day with a tip that you must know to plan, prepare for and pass this exam.

The e-course is just a way to make sure you can go through all the important articles in an efficient, effective and coherent manner.

(If you are a US candidate i.e. graduate of US college and living/working in the US, please check out this mini-series for domestic candidates)

Why Free?

Actually, most (but not all) of the information I am sending you can be found in this site, but since there are hundreds of pages here, chances are that you’ll miss something important.

This arrangement does benefit me in a way because it cuts down the number of emails I got from readers every day.

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Apart from Getting It Free, How Do I Benefit from this Mini Series?

You’ll learn:

Free CPA exam preparationHow Exactly Do I Get Started As A Candidate With An International Background

pass-the-cpa-exam-tactics-tick5 Important Facts That You Should Know As A “Unconventional” Candidate

pass-the-cpa-exam-tactics-tickWhich State Is Best For Me If I Have A 3-Year Bachelor Degree Or A Non-US Degree

pass-the-cpa-exam-tactics-tickHow Difficult The CPA Exam Can Get, And Why It’s Excellent News For You

pass-the-cpa-exam-tactics-tickSecret To Double Your Chance Of Passing Success From 49% to 88%

pass-the-cpa-exam-tactics-tickIt’s All About Planning: How Much Time You Need to Study And How Exactly to Customize Your Study Plan

pass-the-cpa-exam-tactics-tickThe Critical Reason Why You Should Take FAR As Your 1st Exam

pass-the-cpa-exam-tactics-tickThe #1 Study Tactics To Pass AUD

pass-the-cpa-exam-tactics-tick3 Great And Proven Strategies To Beat The REG Beast

pass-the-cpa-exam-tactics-tickThe Best Way To Overcome Your Fear In Simulations

pass-the-cpa-exam-tactics-tickWhy BEC Can Come As A Nasty Surprise And How You Can Avoid Others’ Mistakes

pass-the-cpa-exam-tactics-tick… And Much, Much More!

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Kitty, A Big 4 Accountant from Hong Kong:

“I’m to glad to hear your reply. I learnt about your site by just searching keyword, “pass CPA”. Then I was so impressed by the content of your site and your CPA results, so I keep reading…. I found your site to be very informative and helpful, that’s why I signed up to your mini-course as well.”

Michael from the Philippines:

“Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your surgical assessment of this qualification of high profile ( CPA). Your notes and treatment of each of the four parts made understanding of different parts of those papers quite understandable, and would go a long way in helping to create successful plan of study. I really appreciate the time and effort you spent on putting this together. It is great people like you who give people like me needed inspiration and support to move forward.”

Teena, an Indian H4 Visa Holder Living in Delaware:

“Hi Stephnie very good morning. I think “thank you” is not enough the way you are helping me and solving my questions. I am so glad you are replying back for all my questions.”

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